Hadoken without Punch


Not sure why.

Press and hold punch button.
Do Hadoken motion.
Depress hold on punch button.




It’s a technique refered to as “negative edge”. It can be useful, but really I think (keywords “I think”) it’s just play style. I am no Daigo or Justin Wong, but I only use it in combos (rarely) and when the move that follows involves hold the same button I pressed. For example: cr. mp (hold mp), qcf plus let go of mp for hadoken. Even then though I don’t use it alot.


It has a couple uses as option selects (I only remember a couple in ST for honda and fei long), but for just a normal combo, its just a lazy way to do the combo.




it gives you extra chances to get your moves out so make sure you let go of your button whenever you do a special, pretty much
that’s its most useful application.

grats on finding it yourself though!


negative edge has been in every sf for the last decade and a half. here’s how it can be useful using an ST example w/ thawk (via SRK wiki):


I wouldnt really know much about it. I think its more character based. I heard that it is prefered to be proficient at this if you play Viper!!!


Yeah I can’t do things like FFF with viper and RSF with fuerte without negative edge. I mean, I can only do them once in a blue moon but still, I negative edge them. I regularly use this for any hard punch cancel into srk or hado too.


In IV, shotos can use it as ambiguous cross-up defense against meaty aerial attacks that aren’t overheads (eg. Rufus dive kick)

Hold :p:, :db::d::db:, release :p:. If the attack crosses up, you get DP. If not, you block.

It works because the motion is only valid if the opponent is on the “cross-up” side, so releasing :p: gives a DP. If it doesn’t cross-up, you’ll block instead. You can do it without neg-edge, but blocking cancels 1 or 2 wake up frames and allows normal moves to start up, and this will result in getting counter-hit. If you use negative edge you won’t get an accidental punch if the opponent doesn’t cross-up.


how funny that you know how to block jump in attacks with a cr.block.


Don’t tell me you didn’t know Rufus DK is not an overhead…


That doesn’t make any sense to me. You’re getting 1 input instead of 2 by doing that.


Should be: :hp:(press), :dp::hp:(release) = 2 inputs, though the training mode input view doesn’t show releases of buttons so it will look like:

Even though st.fp xx srk will come out.


I used to use negative edge a lot when I used to play on pad.
Now that I use a stick I only really use negative edge for Abel’s standing fierce into COD and Viper’s FFF


It can also get in your way. For example, when I used to play Blanka in ST, sometimes if I wanted to do crossup j.lk, cr.mk, cr.mk, Blanka Ball, sometimes the Backstep Roll would come out, because I let go of the kick button.
I simply got around it by keeping mk pressed down when going for the Ball at the end. Knowing that negative edge existed helped in figuring out the problem I was having with the combo though.


i know what you mean. It always screws me up with Akuma going for cr.mk->lk.tatsu. I tend to get mk tatsu due to negative edging.


In SF4, negetive edge is often just a liability thanks to the long input memory.


Hmmm, I’m just learning about Negative Edge for the first time here.
Is it actually beneficial to learn or not?
The only Shoto I use in SSFIV is Sakura.

That’s cool that it’s been in previous SF games though, I’m sure I’ll have several friends whom won’t have heard of this that will enjoy the random knowledge of this.


im not sure what you mean… the punch is held down, it connects and then after the required motion the srk or hado comes on release of the punch button using negative edge.