HADOUKEN?! BlinkPool?


The BlinkPool mini-game requires you to be thinking about the character match ups, rush down potential, zoning, footsies and spacing in order to be successful.

** The type of questions include: **
Outright winner
Number of stuns per game
Time remaining at the end of the round
Game to end in a Critical Art (CA)
And more!

** How does it work? **

  • Questions are asked before each game and between the rounds
  • It’s your job to predict the outcome
  • Use your points to redeem steam prizes

** WTF is BlinkPool? **
Blinkpool asks hyper-contextual questions that are asked in real-time while the game is being played. Prove your knowledge and understanding of the game to beat the community.
Originally a platform for Dota 2, we are now testing Street Fighter V. Come grow the scene and see how much you can win!

All feedback, positive or negative is welcome.

See you at http://www.BlinkPool.com