Hadouken Motion

Hey does anyone have a picture of the hadouken motion (down, down diagonol forward, forward, punch)

I want to turn it into a vinyl and put it on my car :slight_smile:

LOL you posted this in two places?

i just posted on the the other to close it. i wasnt thinking and totally forgot about image mishmash :slight_smile:

:qcf::p:…or you can image search it.

ive tried image searching it but didnt come up with anything. i guess ill use that

Someone posted a similar request months ago, I think they wanted the 360 motions but I did the dragon punches aswell. Do a search here in imagemishmash

hmm i cant seem to find it. can you still upload it?

Actually this probably isnt exactly what you were looking for :wonder:

I knocked this one up, hope it helps

sorry for the triple post but don’t want non SRK members nabbing these for free :arazz:

i used the one geee posted as a guide and told the guy at the shop to make it like that with the arrows and put a circle with a P instead of a fist. it looks great. ill post pics soon

Found this in about 10 seconds of searching through Google images.


Its amazing what you can find if you actually look. And to think, all I had to type was “hadouken”.

All I got was several pages of some music band :wasted:

i saw that but wasnt what i ws looking fort. i wanted plain looking pictures.

thanks “The Furious One”, exactly what I was looking for