Is there any good reason not to followup my cr.MP or cr.MK with a hadouken? I just realized that some high level players are not doing it all the time.


It can sometimes be punished by a reversal ultra or super.


c. mk xx hadouken isn’t a perfect block string if you hit at the tip of c. mk range.

If you telegraph it too much, some characters can catch you with a reversal after the c. mk. For example, Boxer can do a reversal headbutt and hit you while you’re throwing your fireball.


Ahhh now I understand!

I always thought it was a perfect blockstring.

Thanks! Especially to rainscape.

Is the same true for cr.MP?


I believe its also better to use c.mk xx Fp Hadouken for a true block string because it will travel farther faster.


There isn’t much you can’t reversal or focus besides chained lp and lk, if it’s too predictable. Even if you do the jabs slower as links (needs pause timing) and not fast chains (can be mashed) you can reversal them.

You should notice that when you play against one of the many shoryu_KEN_ players online :wink:


To add to what’s been said already: being predictable isn’t really a good thing, in general. So while it’s not in any way bad to xx into a hado, it’s good to mix that up from time to time and NOT throw one out. You’d be surprised how often you can bait an SRK or something from the opponent just because they expected you to do the hado but you didn’t; it’s one of the most basic ways of conditioning your opponent.


I don’t play online. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I didn’t know that links can be reversaled.

Are you saying that if I use cr.lp chain cr.lp link cr.lp/cr.mp as a blockstring, the opponent can do a reversal shoryuken between the link?


It depends on what character your using…you just gotta check the frame data. If you use a jab and its +2 frames on block, then theres not much you can do to keep that blockstring a true blockstring because no moves start in less than 3 frames(that are applicable to this discussion). If someone is mashing srk then if you continue that blockstring you’re going to get punished, unless you cancel the jab into another jab, but thats about it.
I play ken and my general blockstring, i guess, is c.lp,c.lp,c.mk,f.hadouken. If my opponent is blocking then they will come out of blockstun after the last c.lp and after the c.mk for an instant, so if they’re mashing srk then I’m eating it, which happens a lot :crybaby:
But yeah…in regards to your first post, if your c.mk is hitting them at max range then the combo lets them out of blockstun or like 1 or 2 frames which would let them reversal shoryu or FA>dash>whatever. Doesn’t really happen too much, but at high level play people will punish you for little stuff like that.


because if you do it too many times, your opponent will catch on and FA absorb the fireball and punish.


One reason I don’t always do it is to catch my opponent slipping. Maybe he blocked the c.mp and I’ll go in for a throw. Maybe he blocked the c.mp, I expect him to throw out a poke, so I walk forward for a frame and throw out another c.mp or a c.mk. Maybe I expect my opponent to try and jump away, so I throw a quick c.mk or a s.hk to catch him in his jumping frames.


We’re all just assuming op’s talking about ryu fighter 4 then?


what about sagat?


That’s the point, no one knows what character he’s talking about (presumably in sf4) so you can give vague advice back but people asking for help shouldn’t just assume we instantly know everything about them.


context clues!


I understand its not described, but Sagat doesn’t do Hadokens. even I’m presuming its a Shoto or Shotoesque character.


regardless of which shoto, the concept is the same. cr mp has better stop and shorter range with every shoto so i’m pretty sure it always combos fine. (hadoken still starts on top of enemy from cr mp max push range, unless it’s sakura, i think)


Really, really sorry. It slipped my mind. I’m using Akuma!

I was actually typing this in the Akuma forums but decided to just post here so I copied the post without mentioning Akuma.


I don’t know about that. I think the primary reason its not a true block string is start up time, not travel speed, but I may be wrong.


cause if you keep on doing it you’re opponent can FA the fireball and fuck you up.