Haey guyz i gots a question on ken11!1!

how do u fire shuryukin 3 timez ina row?!?!!?!!

Fuck, you trollin.

You, fuck trollin.

back in my day trolling meant something dot jpeg

to the op, you need to pray to odin in order to do it

You trollin fuck.

The input for a shoryuken is :r::d::df:+:p:

To do it consecutively you simply perform the motion again after he has recovered from the first one.

I am aware you are trolling but, I do not understand why you would do such a thing. People here don’t even really get that upset, especially in the newbie forum.

IDG this thread, and why is it still open?

Threads like this only stay open if they are a sure bet to turn awesome.

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You son of a bitch!