Hagerstown 11/23 2 man team marathon tourney results


Hagerstown 11/23 - 2 man team marathon tourney results

Here are the results of the 2 man team Hagerstown tourney results. All tourney points were calculated for 14 players (7 teams)

Before I get started, I think that everyone should know that even though Shawn and Tommy officially won this tournament, they decided to donate their winnings PLUS 3 mas-sticks to the out of town players who travelled up for the tournament. Shawn and Tommy gave away a $150 arcade style table to James Paige and a $60 mas-stick to Will Martin for the great competition. The remainder of the out-of-town players THAT STAYED for the whole tournament each received a custom made mas-stick for the great competiton as well. (Hey Eric, I want that blue tinted mas-stick back. Kidding) Over $300+ in sticks were given out free of charge by Shawn and Tom. I hope all the generousity and hard work we put into these sticks is appreciated.

If you left the tournament early, you missed out on a free $60 surprise mas-stick just for entering.

Due to a large number of players being caught in a traffic jam, we delayed the tournament a few hours until most of the players arrived. If 12-16 players had already been there, we would have started the tourney on time. We didn’t want to start the tourney at 1:00 with only 6-8 players there at the time.

Team results
1st - Shawn Johnson/Tommy Newlin - 8650
2nd - James Paige/Will Martin - 8300
3rd - Eric Lee/Marc Pointer - 6200 (missed GGX):bluu:
4th - Dane Zacot/Toby Wantz - 5800
5th - Anthony Gilbert/Anthony - 4950 (missed GGX):bluu:
6th - Joe/Josh - 4050
7th - Corey/Matt - 3050

Individual results overall
1st - Shawn Johnson - 4450
2nd - James Paige - 4350
3rd - Tommy Newlin - 4200
4th - Eric Lee - 3950
4th - Will Martin - 3950
6th - Marc Pointer - 3250
7th - Dane Zacot - 3100
8th - Anthony Gilbert - 3000
9th - Toby Wantz - 2700
10th - Josh - 2400
11th - Anthony - 1950
12th - Joe - 1650
13th - Corey - 1600
14th - Matt - 1450

Note - Guilty Gear originally had 16 players but 2 players decided not to play so will changed the results from 16 players to 14 players upon James Paiges request. 3rd Strike was changed from the 10 players to 14 players since 14 players were officially paid. Only 10 players played. see Notes below for details.

Guilty Gear X
1st - Shawn Johnson - 1350 - (Axl, Potemkin, Sol, Venom)
1st - Tommy Newlin - 1350 - (Johnny)
3rd - Dane Zacot - 1150 - (Zato)
3rd - Toby Wantz - 1150 - (Millia, May)
5th - Josh “Ultratech X” - 1000 - (Johnny, Ky, Chipp, Sol)
6th - Corey - 900 - (Millia)
7th - James Paige - 750 (Sol)
7th - Matt - 750 - (Sol)
9th - Will Martin - 550 - (Sol)
9th - Joe - 550 - (Sol)
11th - Eric Lee - 250
11th - Anthony Gilbert - 250
11th - Marc Pointer - 250
11th - Anthony - 250

Note - Eric Lee’s team and Anthony Gilbert’s team arrived late and did not perticipate in the Guilty Gear tourney so they were forced to split the bottom 4 positions 11th-14th.

Highlights - Hagerstown swept the top 4 positions.

1st - James Paige - 1350 - (Hibiki, Blanka, Sagat)
1st - Will Martin - 1350 - (Rugal, Blanka, Sagat)
3rd - Eric Lee - 1200 - (Kim, …)
4th - Marc Pointer - 1050
4th - Anthony Gilbert - 1050 - (Terry, …)
6th - Shawn Johnson - 900 - (Vega, Eagle)
7th - Toby Wantz - 800
8th - Tommy Newlin - 700
9th - Anthony - 550
9th - Josh - 550
11th - Dane Zacot - 250
11th - Joe - 250
11th - Corey - 250
11th - Matt - 250

Highlights - I didn’t get to see much of the CVS2 tourney but I saw ALOT of Blankas and Sagats. I’ll let the top place players talk about this tourney. If you send me your team, I’ll list it in the brackets next to your name. (sorry, I can’t remember all the teams)

Alpha 3
1st - James Paige - 1350 - (A-Chun)
1st - Will Martin - 1350 - (V-Akuma, V-Gief)
3rd - Tommy Newlin - 1150 - (A-Birdie, V-Dhalsim)
3rd - Eric Lee - 1150 - (V-Akuma, V-Ryu)
5th - Shawn Johnson - 1000 - (A-Charlie)
6th - Anthony Gilbert - 900 - (A-shotos)
7th - Dane Zacot - 600 - (A-Blanka, V-Akuma, Rolento)
7th - Anthony - 600 - (Ryu, Ken)
7th - Marc Pointer - 600 - (A-Chun)
7th - Joe - 600
7th - Josh - 600
12th - Toby Wantz - 200 (X-Ken, A,Sagat)
12th - Corey - 200
12th - Matt - 200

Highlights - The match between Will (V-Akuma) and Tommy (V-Dhalsim) went to the final match with Will edging it out. Tommy got drunk by the end of the Alpha tourney. Damn you Tommy, why!!! Eric Lee pushed Will Martins (V-Gief) to the final round with his (V-Ryu) and just barely lost. Whew, real good match!

3rd Strike
1st - Eric Lee - 1350 - (Ken, Ryu)
1st - Marc Pointer - 1350 - (Ryu, Chun Li)
3rd - Shawn Johnson - 1200 - (Necro, Alex)
4th - Dane Zacot - 1100 - (Dudley, Akuma)
5th - Tommy Newlin - 1000 - (Hugo, Ryu)
6th - James Paige - 900 - (Chun Li)
7th - Anthony Gilbert - 800 - (Ryu, Ken)
8th - Will Martin - 700 - (Chun Li, Alex)
9th - Anthony - 550 - (Ken, Ryu)
9th - Toby Wantz - 550 - (Dudley)
11th - Joe - 250
11th - Corey - 250
11th - Matt - 250
11th - Josh - 250

Note: Joe/Corey/Matt/Josh left early due to the fact that there was no way they could catch up and win so they had to share the 11th-14th place points.

Highlights - Eric Lee’s team dominated 3rd Stike placing 1st and 2nd. Shawn Johnson’s (Necro) and Marc Pointer’s (Chun Li) went to the final round and inch of life with Marc Pointer winning the match. Anthony and Eric had some classic Ryu on Ryu matches with all the matches flip flopping back and forth. Shawn Johnson’s (Necro) defeated Will Martin’s (Chun Li and Alex). Will was one round up with Alex and had 3/4 life on the second round and Shawn’s Necro had no life left and Shawn’s Necro pulled a win out of his ass by coming all the way back and winning this round and the next for the victory. Marc Pointer and James Paige’s match went to the final round with James squeaking out the win. Note: Marc uncharacteristically uses Ryu the first match which may have cost him the victory?

Note 1: Tommy Newlin and James Paige were drunk at this point and were off their game. You guys crack me up.

Note 2: We switched Will Martin’s match against Eric Lee with a match with Dane Zacot upon will Martin’s request to make things more even. Shawn ended up having to defeat Will Martin twice and James Paige to secure the overall point lead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You guys from out of town better start practicing Guilty Gear. It’s going to be a big part of future tourneys. Hey Drew, you have to get your butt up here next time and lay the smack-down on us with some of that vicitious Jam FDC.

Again, I want to thank everyone for coming and hope to see you again next time.


Great tourny! It went from 1pm till 3am haha can’t wait till the next one… I’ll get you next time Charlie-God!! :mad:


Hagerstown 11/23 - 2 man team marathon tourney results

The fact that players weren’t able to use their own controllers during tournament play was the reason why some players played poorly.

While we were having GGX practice rounds before the actual tournament I was able to play on my controller and won majority of the rounds against all players that played me.



Shawn, Toby, Tomass, etc all of you guys did a great job for the tourney, thanks. Maybe I will be ready for the other games next time, that is if there is a next time. Also I would also like to say that James did whip me bad in CvS2 and A3. I think that I will be ready next time though, good game BmoreChun and infamous Will Martin. As long as I didn’t get destroyed. We stayed up so late last night and we had fun.



Re: Hagerstown 11/23 - 2 man team marathon tourney results

I know, I hate the no controller rule sometimes but there has just been so much conserversy and arguments over control pads in the past that we had to ban them for life. Most players do do better on pads. The moves are quicker and your opponent can’t listen for joystick fakes, etc. so the controllers have an advantage in my opion but I really could care less either way.

The rule however will stay enforced and never be changed for any reason.

You did do well, but make sure you take into account that ( the hagerstown guys) didn’t use their best characters or show you their best stuff in practice. They never go all out until tourney time.



Thanks Eric. I’m glad to see you guys made it home safely. I got home and couldn’t sleep for another hour or so until my energy wore off. I had fighting games on the brain.

I can already see alot of improvement in your Guilty Gear game. I know you might not think so, but I can tell your grasping the game alot better. You’ll be learning the game engine for another good month or so at least. I thought I understood the game real well and realized how little I knew about the actually physics of it until a month or 2 later. Practice the game hardcore for a month or so and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m still learning new things. It’s crazy.

I was talking with Tomass today and he said that he might just start having BIG PRIZE Guilty Gear X tourneys from here on out for awhile. We are thinking about importing the Guilty Gear XX for the PS2 so we can all play. Tom said he is having a hard time going back and playing other fighting games after playing GGX. He said other fighting games just seem way to simplified and slow after playing GGX. I agree 100% with him. It’s a hard concept to grasp, but after you play GGX for a few months and get real good at it, you’ll know exactly how we feel. I never thought I’d hear Tom say that he can’t stand A3 anymore. Damn.

It just kinda sucks the game is so deep since we have alot of friends that like the game but claim it’s just to much for them to handle. I know that this game will be right up your alley. You definately have the reflexes and smarts for it. You would get real good if you put you mind to it. LMK if you have any questions about it and I’ll help you the best I can.

Here’s a link to a website that ranks the new characters in Japanese play. It shows which characters are good against who, etc. REMEMBER: this chart is for GGXX and not GGX. Some characters were chaged drastically so you can’t abide by this chart for GGX but it gives you a rough idea.


Here’s the Arcadia magazine ranking for GGX (remember that FDC is incorporated into the rankings) Some characters drop drastically in the ranking if you can’t consistantly FDC well.

  1. Millia
  2. Johnny(with mist trap)
  3. Dizzy
    4/5. Sol/Jam
  4. Chipp
  5. Venom
  6. May
  7. Zato(definately should be higher)
  8. Faust
  9. Anji?
  10. Baiken?
  11. Testament
  12. Ky
  13. Axl?
  14. Potemkin (last overall against whole group but can be extremely deadly in the right hands)

? - may be reversed.

Get Anthony and Marc to practice with you and then you guys can come up and kick some butt when we have our next GGX tourney. I’ll let you know if and when we decide to do our next tourney. With the holidays coming up and bad weather, we just aren’t sure when the next good time will be.

Oh, Tom wanted me to mention to everyone that CVS2 is officially dead in tournaments up here. He said he’s so sick of seeing Sagat and Blanka that he’s going to trade his CVS2 game in for GGX for the PS2. He wants tournaments to be Guilty Gear only from now on. I’m sure we will throw in 3rd Strike and another fighting game (probably A3) but I know he said CVS2 is out. I don’t know what to say, but he really hates that game with a passion. (I’m not crazy about it either) If all you guys came up, I’m sure we could have a CVS2 tournament just for you guys but you will have to bring your copy of the game.

I never thought I’d see the day when Tomass would like Guilty Gear as much as me. It’s the same deal with everyone I know, they all assume the game isn’t that good and after they play it enough, they swear by it. Fighting games are all about the competition and that’s why Guilty Gear isn’t as popular right now but with GGXX making a strong statement, I think it’s going to be a big part of the future. You’ll definately have a good 5-6 players up here that will be into it die hard.

P.S. - Thanks for the 3rd Strike ass whoopin’ Poor little Necro…la la la la laaaaaa…


Re: Hagerstown 11/23 - 2 man team marathon tourney results

I told you that you could not use the controller when I was collecting your money, if this was Josh a.k.a. little smart ass… (it sounds like it is.) and that was like 30 to 45 mins before the tourny if you can remember that… Pads are for pussy’s anyway…:lol:


Well due to work I am not going to be able to get off next month for the weekends so it will be very hard for me to get into the action of tourneys. I wish that I went to N-cubed this weekend for the 3S competition. On another note I think that I will be practicing 3rd Strike more now. I stopped playing for a month and don’t feel up to par like I usually do. I want to play 3S in the South to see how I would fair down there.

Well talk to you guys later


Why don’t you let go of your moms tit? :wink:


Why do you ack like an ass hole at some ones house. Who you don’t even know… Joe was cool so was the what dude… But you where just like an ass hole to me and my friends thats all… The reason I flame is because I don’t wanna hear your friend crying about shit… Oh and sorry you can’t drive past 12am kid…:lol: :lol:



now i see why Tommykid never came back to that wack ass torurney. you fucking pussies set up the brackets, tried to make side deals, and had fucked up adding skills:mad:

please tell what the fuck was random about the brackets…then again i don’t care



Will this is Toby… They used some cards with the team names on it… It was all random no joke… TommyKid did not come back because I made him mad by calling him a pussie for not showing up at the next tourny whan he even told us he was on his way and said he would be there in like a couple hours… I do not run the tourny don’t get me wrong but my friends don’t set up the brackets… peace!



Damn…what a sore loser. If I would have known you were such a dick, I wouldn’t have left you have a mas-stick. I guess crybaby isn’t used to losing to some good ole’ Hagerstown players, huh?

The funny thing is…

  1. I gave both you and James byes in the GGX tourney so you placed fairly high for not even winning a single round. There’s your first gift. Advantage: your team

  2. I had to fight Eric in alpha 3 right off the bat and got beat and fought James in the final 8 slot (not the finals) and got beat. Yeah, the brackets were set up alright.

  3. CVS2 - I had to fight you my 2nd match and Anthony right away. You didn’t have to fight Eric in CVS2 until the end. Yep, we set the brackets up for an ass-whoopin’ there on purpose alright. Whatever. Advantage: your team.

  4. And finally, to put icing on the cake. I beat your ass 2 straight times in 3rd Strike (with Necro of all people)(pathetic) and beat james right after you. And don’t even give me the excuse that you don’t play that game because i can already see that excuse coming a mile away. I even let you trade spots 3, count them 3 fucking times because you cry babied about your opponent and I went ahead and let you switch. If it wasn’t for my generousity, your team wouldn’t have even placed close to ours. You didn’t see me crying to switch my matches against Eric, etc. I play what’s dealt to me and don’t bitch about it. Sore losers always have an excuse. Advantage: you

  5. I even took away 400 of out points from GGX because James complained that 2 of the players should not have counted. (both players placed above you both so my team took the lose.

I still have all the bracket papers that I will proudly display at the next tourney to show anyone who is interested what the matchups were.

That’s pretty bad, when you get beat and we still gave your team a free table and mas-stick. So why are you bitchin’? I heard alot of shit about you and how you were a complainer and an asshole and nobody likes you. Now I believe it and see why. Try using a character other than A3 - V-Akuma, V-Gief, or Sagat and Blanka in CVS2 and see how well you do. Tom even called you out and asked you to fight Eric with someone other than Sagat and Blanka and you wouldn’t do it. I’ve seen Eric win with a large variety or teams so there’s no question in my mind who is the best.

Oh, and you forgot to mention how bad Tomass was beating your ass down with Dhalsim after the tourney game after game after game. The sad thing was he was drunk. If we actually practiced that game, you would not have squeaked by Tom in the first place, and I do mean squeaked.

And from what I heard from 2 different players, you and James were begging eric and marc to let you win your 3rd strike matches against them so you could win. That’s fucked up. That’s the only reason I told Eric what I did. But Eric didn’t listen and whooped both our asses anyway. Wait a minute, he only whooped my ass since you weaseled your way out of that match and fought Dane instead. Even if Eric would have let me win, we still would have had more points than you. The tournament was all in your hands. You and James controlled your own destiny. It wasn’t my probalem you couldn’t beat a Hagerstown player using Necro of all people and I hardly ever touch that game. Hmmm…

Don’t bother coming to anymore of our tournaments. You are offically banned for being an arogant asshole who can’t take a lose like a real man.

Why can’t you be cool like James and Eric’s group. I guess when your not used to losing, you will come up with any excuse. I wish I would have gotten to play you in Alpha so I could give you a good ole’ Sonic Boom backfist in the face. I guess I’ll save that embarrassement for another day. Hagerstown!! Hagerstown!!! Hagerstown!!!


once I get good with an arcade stick and once I get a car. You may just see me around…Till then, gotta get a stick and a ps2 to practice CvS2 and I’m still going at the alpha 3 now. :smiley:


Hey sounds good to me :slight_smile: I lik to play A3 also. I have been working on my Rog skills today. Don’t know if I should use A rog or X rog :frowning: oh well. Peace!


Sounds like I missed quite a show.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Were any of the games taped? I’d like to watch the CvS2 matches and maybe a little of the Alpha 3 stuff.


I’m glad I didn’t make it

C-God: I too would like to know if any matches were taped, I’d like to see Necro kickin some sore losers ass. I want a copy!!! I’ll try to make it to the next one as long as its more than GGX alone.

Will Martin( crybaby puss): Nice excuses, could’ve been a little more creative and slapped another coat of bullshit on it. I come to most of these tourneys and none of the matches/ brackets are set up. They use cards, write your name/ team on them, jumble them up, pull each card and just write them down the bracket. I’m glad I didn’t make it to this tourney, you sound like a total puss and a whiner, I put up with enough of that shit at work. Have a nice day!!:smiley:


Re: WTf

It’s little things like this which offset the balance of a tournament system, eliminating the entire purpose of having such a system. The point of scoring is to distribute points according to a set scheme… Be more strict with the way you judge things, and have a neutral party not involved in the tournament set up the brackets to avoid any suspicion. I mean, if it’s allready completely random, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Also… from the original post regarding the tournament, the scoring specifications posted stated:

However, this was not stuck to as the highest player in a game did not recieve 2000 points nor did the lowest player recieve 100 points. Now, this is understandable because 20 players did not show up.
But where did these numbers come from? If you followed your original plan, with 1350 for first place, then according to the scheme of things, a player to come in at 14th place would recieve 50 points… Observe:

1st - 1350
2nd - 1250
3rd - 1150
13th - 150
14th - 50

Hmm, it appears that this kind of scoring wasn’t used. Now, if the original 20-player scoring scheme was applied to 14 players… let us do some math:

2000/20 = x/14   ; x=1st =1400
1900/19 = x/13   ; x=2nd =1300
1800/18 = x/12   ; x=3rd =1200
1700/17 = x/11   ; x=4th =1100
1600/16 = x/10   ; x=5th =1000
1500/15 = x/9    ; x=6th = 900
1400/14 = x/8    ; x=7th = 800
1300/13 = x/7    ; x=8th = 700
1200/12 = x/6    ; x=9th = 600
1100/11 = x/5    ; x=10th= 500
1000/10 = x/4    ; x=11th= 400
900/9 = x/3      ; x=12th= 300
800/8 = x/2      ; x=13th= 200
700/7 = x/1      ; x=14th= 100

In fact, you could have stuck to the original plan, only with the last place player getting 700 points and the first place still getting 2000, since the inflation of the points is not necessary due to less players.
Or, another way to have kept it even would be to stick to the 20-player point scheme, but remove the top and bottom 3 rankings (6 players who did not show up, as 20-6=14) from the scheme:

1 - 2000
2 - 1900
3 - 1800 ______
4 - 1700   1st
5 - 1600   2nd
6 - 1500   3rd
7 - 1400   4th 
8 - 1300   5th
9 - 1200   6th
10 - 1100  7th
11 - 1000  8th
12 - 900   9th
13 - 800   10th
14 - 700   11th
15 - 600   12th
16 - 500   13th
17 - 400 __14th_
18 - 300
19 - 200
20 - 100

Then, since the scores of 2000, 1900, 1800, 300, 200, and 100 are not given to people, an addition 450 points would be given to all players (2000+1900+1800+300+200+100 = 6300/14 = 450), thus keeping the scoring system a 21000-point system like it was originally planned to be, fully redistributing the points for the 6 missing players.

It doesn’t appear that you scored in a method which was equal nor proportional to the original plan.

Well, I’ve wasted enough time discovering the mathematical[size=3] flaws in your tournament :lol: :rolleyes:

addition: so to make it simple: LOOKS LIKE ALLA YALL FUCKED UP

This post was brought to you by 2 calculator windows, notepad.exe, 1 piece of paper, and a TI-89



I will single Hand pimp slap the shit out of all you bitches!!!
why don’t you hillbilly muhfuckers come to nec3.

and to you miss necro player, good job for beating me in 3rd strike ask anyone who knows how I play that game so much.
damm champ you are on your way:rolleyes: ohh shit did you really beat Will Martin at 3rd strike…i play that game as much as i play ggx =never…you are soooooo skilled

now about this a3 bullshit he won the first set 2-1 then i won 2-0 2-0 and i don’t recall him taking me past half life. but i guess in hillbilly terms thats just edging it out

listen to this try having a tourney with out giving away sticks see how many people show up:D

and the truth is im not really mad you pussies
but if I see you again don’t take the ass whooping personal

ps. i know where you live



I’m glad I didn’t make it

Bitch that’s how country muhfuckers get fucked up.
I will be at the next tourney… uninvited, just to fuck you up