Haggar: Anti-Wolverine/Sentinel Mixups?



Hi Guys,

I love the Mayor and am having particular difficulty fighting against a certain setup: Wolvie on point with Sent drones backing him up.

Here’s my team (no beam assists to tag Sent, unfortunately): Haggar (lariat)/Spencer (slant grap)/Doom (missiles)

Anyone have the best way to fight against this? I end up getting crossed up more than half the time, and when I tag Wolvie with a lariat, I get tagged with the drones for my troubles and Wolvie usually has time to get up and combo me for free afterwards, unless I burn bar on a RFF, which can’t always happen.

Thanks for any help you can spare!


honestly i would change doom to beam for this matchup. i don’t think missiles are helping haggar against wolvie very much anyway! not sure how helpful beam is to spencer though.


Thanks steeler, I was afraid of that…I really like Missiles in the long run for this team since they help extend Spencer’s unscaled verticle grapple combos nicely, and it’s just a damn good assist in general.

I may have to give beam a try.


I use that particular team with Doom on beam, and it’s way more effective for Haggar at least. Having Plasma Beam to clear a path for Haggar on the ground, as well as for combo extensions is a definite boon for him. As well, having missiles as the only assist backing Spencer isn’t very strong compared to having Plasma Beam. You can almost equal out your damage from losing UVG’s by simply investing more resources.


Thanks S…what’s a good combo for that team using Haggar on point and utilizing both assists in the combo?


Corner: c.L, c.M, f.H xx L Hooligan, j.MMH j.Pipe, S, j.MMH j.Pipe, j.S, call Doom, c.H, f.H xx L Hooligan, Wild Swing, call Spencer, c.H, kara cancel f.H to H Violent Axe cancel on first hit to Rapid Fire Fist.

Midscreen: c.L, c.M, f.H xx M Violent Axe, S, j.MMH j.Pipe, dash S, j.MM Headbutt j.S, call Doom, c.H, kara cancel f.H to L Hooligan, Wild Swing, call Spencer, c.H, kara cancel f.H to H Axe, cancel first hit to Rapid Fire Fist.

I may have missed something here, I’ll verify when I get to my PS3. On the midscreen combo, you should be in position to do Bionic Maneuvers and be able to OTG with air QCF+H for a followup. I’ll post up command throw combos when I get back to my PS3 as well.


Awesome! Thanks S!


If you dont mash on the RFF will you get the ground bounce at the end? If so my haggar/frank synergy just got a hell of a lot better. If I dont start a comb with my opponent grounded then I have to take a chance with a TAC to level up frank.

edit: No dice…


god i wish they’d patch RFF to be more reliable…but i think the reason they did that was so you couldn’t lariat to full combo without an assist or DHC…


honestly, if it were any more reliable Haggar/Frank would be out of control. If this combo had worked, I would have ended up with lvl 5 frank and a dead/close to dead character off of anything with haggar. Its like having Nova Dante or Skrull but you get Haggar damage and level 5 frank with 1 bar instead of 2. The lariat>RFF>full combo is child’s play in comparison


that’s certainly good, but when you have bullshit like zero+drones or morrigan+missiles, both of which seem to crush hagger and basic frank, i’m not too concerned…