Haggar Mission Thread



Here you can post your troubles or comments on the 10 missions for Mike Haggar.

You can find Haggar’s missions completed on film [media=youtube]WprVTk140ZQ"[/media] (Thanks to Vesper Arcade)


ok I seriously cant connect the launcher in mission 8 after the assist+ c.H… whats the trick to this


8 is the only one im missing too.
Launcher part is random for me. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesnt. Cant figure out why it wont land always. And when it does, they fly up too much and the air S never comes out.


ok i think i figured it out… I got the launcher 90% of the time… you have to press down.M+assit at the same time like the focus attack in SSf4… then just do the launcher


Great, I’m stuck exactly there, I can’t get the assist to come out fast enough. I’ll try out your tip, thanks.


EDIT: Just finished #10! All clear! I’m hoping the title is spiffy!

Can anyone list which mission combos are actually practical in real combat?


Mission 7

Guys, I’m having some issues with finishing the air combo in mission 7.

The combo meter continues for all the hits, but the input list resets just before the last two commands.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong for the life of me :wonder: I’m landing all the correct commands in air and in the same combo… Any advice is appreciated.

Edit: It’s something like this: (Launch) S -> Air M -> Air M -(List Resets)> Air H -> Air S


You’re either not hitting H fast enough or you’re hitting M too many or too little times. Try doing just the air combo and then add on the cr. l cr. m Rapid Fire Fist


Thanks man, I just figured it out-- I was inputting an extra ‘up’ before the Heavy hit… weird though because it was definitely the same combo lol

I’m new to the genre though :slight_smile:


Glad to see I’m not the only one who had difficulties with mission 8. I’m going to try to time the Partner 1 at the same time as c.:m: and hopefully that’ll close out Haggar for me (all other 9 of his missions are done).


I’m still having trouble with mission 8. That damn launcher, I usually end up hitting it too early or too late. I was able to do it once but choked on the air combo.



I have problems to make connect Assist 1 Attack between Cr. M and Cr. H in Mission 07? Is there a specific timing to perform it?
Do I have to almost press down together Cr. M and Assist 1 buttons together ?

It’s all over !!


edit: nevermind, got it! just got to press M a bit quicker, and I finished off the combo