Haggar Resets and Tricks



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Corner Resets
Ground Bounce, :l: , :dp::h: , into another Ground Bounce as seen here using :m: , but :l: is more reliable .

( thanks to ArmandoXIIII )

3 hits or less Ground Bounce , :qcf::h: , kara FPD / FHB - This will lose to a forward tech , but the tech window is really small here . If you call Doom’s hidden misslies right before the FPD THEY WILL OTG allowing you to launch , ground bounce and reset .

3 hits or less Ground Bounce , :qcf::h: , :dp::m:

With an OTG assist like Wesker’s , you can get a full corner combo , OTG :m: :dp::h:

Mid Screen Resets

Ground Bounce off of 5 hits or less : :m: :qcf::m: :dp::h: This will beat Back tech and pressing buttons . To beat front tech , follow with j.Pipe instead of :dp::h:. Ground Bounce, :m: :dp::h: will beat front tech , but loses to back tech .

Tick FPD’s

cr.:l: , :h: xx :hcb::h: - I found that using :hcb::m: was more consistent . The trick here is delaying the :h: then canceling it before it hits . Works with FHB as well .

Final Haggar Buster Set-ups
It should first be note that all of the setups will fail to an opponent holding jump before the flash , but in some setup ( i.e. Lariat whiff ) it would be very counter intuitive for your opponent to do so .

Blocked :qcf::h: , cancel into FHB before the last hit .

On a crouching opponent , whiff a Lariat xx FHB . If you catch an opponent attacking low , they can not escape this .

On hit - cr.:l:, :m: , :f::h: xx :qcf::m: ( before the last hit ) xx FHB . It helps to delay the :qcf::m: and FHB as much as possible .

You can cancel a :dp::l: into FHB . This works very well after a cr.:l: has been pushed blocked , or from about 3/4 zoomed screen or less .

Thanks and Credits
Thanks to everyone posting . Keep up the good work , and keep the info coming . I’ll add yer guys names in as soon as I get a chance . :tup:


Alright , so in the corner you do you cool combos into launch / relaunch . Instead of :dp::l: , end with :m: , :s: , then do a jumping :l: as fast as possible and wait for the air tech then :hcb::h:

Got close to 900k with this one .


This is a neat trick, but it’s probably not inescapable for many characters. I tested on Captain America, Sentinel, Joe, Haggar, and Doom. Captain America can beat it pretty consistently by holding back and mashing :m:. Sentinel can j.:l: or double jump out. Joe can double jump or airdash forward and punish. Haggar seems pretty much screwed by his own reset. Doom can airdash forward and punish. Also, anyone can call an assist to try to help escape. Doom’s missiles work, for instance.


If you mix it up with the pipe they have to guess . And calling an assist is very risky in the corner versus Haggar . But with really precise timing on the Hoodlum Launcher , its difficult to escape , even with MU knowledge .

But I do believe it loops on some of the cast . Thanks for the knowledge.


What I like to do with this is start a long combo and where the second relaunch would normally be (in the corner using DP + L for this example), I do the DP+L, wait a sec, DP+H, continue comboing. If you only do this once and throw a super/DHC in there’s a dead character in like “1” combo with only a meter or two.


Anyone explain the timing for the original setup to beat no air tech? I have it set to random air tech/recovery and front/back always gets tagged but no recovery never gets tagged (characters drops before I can get him). Am I just doing it too slow?


hmmm very interesting stuff. ill try this out when i get home


You need to time it so it’s not a cancel from the M . It needs to be more like a link .


They can front tech out , IIRC .


A neat trick to land his lev 3:

While standing L, M, F+H, HCF+M (first hit wiffs) xxx lev 3 (just before 2nd hit lands)

I’m sure it can be avoided if anticipated just by jumping. Don’t think he can be hit out of it, because the pipe has them in stun for so long.


A block string ending in light FPD:
c.A, s.C, cancel animation to FPD
Cancel the C early in the animation, right before it hits. If done late enough, you’ll have a grab. If done too early, you’ll have a whiffed grab and 50% less health.

The fun thing about this is:
s.C can be cancelled into grab which can be cancelled into lvl 3. FPD can also be canceled into lvl 3, which has a lot better range than even light FPD. This means it’s possible to do on block:
c.A, c.M, s.C, cancel animation to FPD, cancel into lvl 3.


Ah, good catch. Seems so obvious now that you pointed that out.

You’re correct, they can tech forward, but this tactic will still work if used sparingly. Well. Unless you’re playing with the same training partner over and over, I’m sure they’d get wise to that real fast.

edit: Oops sorry meant to quote BlueFungus.

since I’m editing, I’ll post something I posted in the main Haggar thread that got completely ignored, but may be relevant here.

"I don’t know if this has been brought up yet but I was screwing around in training mode and came up with something that I think might be kind of cool, but I’m not sure it is terribly useful in a real match.

With opponent in the corner, if you combo s.L, s.M, s.H, 236H, the last hit of the special appears to slam them on the ground and make them recover immediately. If you pause just a moment, you can level 3 super right as they stand up. Or, if they roll the opposite way to get out of the corner, you can lariat into the 100 hand slap. It’s a pretty cool little set-up if it actually works the way I hope it does.

I know if you’ve already made contact with a s.L there are endless possibilities especially in the corner, but I was trying to find a way to “safely” set up a level 3 super."

Does this work the way it does in training mode? I know you’re supposed to be able to record like 10 second clips and then play them back to try to counter the strategy or whatever but somehow I’ve been unable to locate this feature.


To record stuff in training mode, you need to go to the button config and assign buttons to record dummy and playback. Then use record to do what you want with the cpu and then use playback to activate what you did.

Anyways yeah I think that was brought up before. After you use up your ground bounce, H and violent axe H both make them get back up really quickly from the floor.

Instead of using standing C for tick piledrivers, use crouching C. It is harder to do but gives you more range. If you want to tick into the hyper piledriver, you can use hooligan or violent axe to get closer. I don’t really like going for piledrivers because they don’t lead into anything without tons of meter. Hooligan M is much better imo, especially when they start pushblocking all day.


Confusingly, you have to set record and playback buttons in the controller settings menu to do this. Took me ages to figure it out.

Edit: ninja’d


Thanks for the recording info, I would’ve never thought of that :stuck_out_tongue:

But! This combo I’m talking about doesn’t actually use a ground bounce. The standing H I guess would normally bounce them but in the combo I am referring to the first time the character hits the ground is at the end of the string and they seem to just recover instantly. Maybe I’m just getting into semantics here but still, would this tactic work as I described it?

As far as the piledrivers go, the only time I ever really use the piledriver is at the start of the match for people who are somehow still not expecting a throw to open the round.


I believe you are mistaken. Even though it may look like they don’t hit the ground from the standing H in the combo, they do. It can be a good way to reset them though. I’m not sure if their assist would come in time to cover them and I’m not sure if you can punish a backwards roll without the corner. I’ll have to try it out some more to see if it works in the middle of a pipe bounce combo too (hitstun scaling may let them pop out before you smack them with the last hit).


Well whether or not the guy bounces, the bounce clearly gets used considering the hard knockdown at the end. So I’ll grant you that.

Also, maybe I’m just now discovering obvious things, but I didn’t realize that you could just level 3 grab things like HSF and Proton Cannon.

edit: You were totally right, Big O. Even though I’m sure you knew that already :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for doubting you. He definitely DOES bounce off the ground in the middle of the combo. Thank you for the correction.

Another question - I know you can do like, deep j. Pipe -> j. L-M-H -> launch, but is there any type of random mix-up game you could do here after the H? Like, choosing not to launch would just make them able to tech recover immediately, correct? I’ve been trying to land j. L-M-H -> hundred hand slap but I’m not thinking it’s going to work.

edit again: This probably doesn’t belong here but maybe it counts as a “trick.” I’m using the 360 control pad. Is it just impossible to get the red eye flash on the hundred hand slap with a controller or what. I’m sure it’s possible but it’s very very difficult, in fact I haven’t pulled it off once. But is that version of the super practical, or is it better to just use the blue eye flash version anyway because you can relaunch?


Okay guys , I updated the first post after testing all of your suggestions . Really good sruff here . I added some new things as well . Please test all the resets in the first post and if you find in improvements be sure to let me know .


If your opponent is blocking, c.L, c.M, M Hoodlum Toss. Pretty simple tick, and I’ve gotten everyone I tried it on the first time, at the very least. M Hoodlum seems to stuff the startup of many things, only options I’ve seen to prevent this from happening are push block the c.L or c.M (Most effective, but you’ll end up right next to the opponent again. If you’re in the corner, you still get the grab. Needs more testing though, imo), some characters can c.L before the M Hoodlum comes out (mix it up with the ground pipe for even more combo), or they can jump out. If you notice they tend to do this, however, you can always change it to H Hoodlum. Best part is that you can do a full combo after (sj.MH pipe, L Hoodlum, MH Headbutt Swing).

Another quirk I haven’t seen mentioned is that sometimes Violent Axe goes through people. I did it to Taskmaster, I believe it was L Violent Axe, if not then it was M. He was also crouching. I remember yesterday I kept doing them and ending up in weird places after I finished (twss).

Just a list of silly Haggar related shenanigans or fairly useless stuff
-j.L can chain to air pipe if you do a forward jump. Needs to hit pretty high up in the arc, though. Best vs. taller guys
-You can chain two j.L’s together
-H Hoodlum Toss vs. characters switching in from snapbacks or character KO’s. Only done it once or twice, other times I’ve gotten air thrown out of it, probably not terribly reliable
-After j.MMH pipe, you can do an S or Wild Swing on the way down, pretty low to the ground
-j.H can cross up fairly ambiguous still trying to make it more consistent
-j.H can hit very very low to the ground, almost when touching the ground
-Air HCB move can stall, up to three times in the air
-M Violent Axe might work as a crossup in the corner vs. a snapped opponent or a dead character switch, timed so second hit connects when they come in, needs testing


I must really suck. How tight is the timing on this? I’m barely getting the timing to beat no tech, but after the :dp::h: launch, I don’t know what the standard combo to go into is. I just end with Pipe, going back to st. m, :dp::h:. Though I cannot get the second launch for the life of me. I see the OP now says st. light. Will that make it easier or am I just messing up something else? I noticed that in the video Haggar dashes forward every single time. Do I need to do that or is spacing really not that important for this setup as long as I can hit them with the pipe each time into st. l/m?