Haha... I seemed to have Semi-Goofed in my MayFlash purchase!

I bought a Mayflash “3 in 1” expecting a relatively sensitive and responsive arcade stick experience…

I was horribly, horribly wrong. The buttons! *THE BUTTONS!!! *

Dear god! Never have I sucked so much as Order-Sol in GGXX:AC! The buttons didn’t always respond and the presence of Eight buttons has caused me to miss the simplest of combos.

There is Hope…

The Good thing which redeems the stick is that it has a versatile PCB that solves two of my problems with one stone(PS2/PC)! Also, It’s not a half bad case.

It just requires some work on my part. I hate work. Yet, The best way to get things done is to do them yourself.

…but herein lies the problem. Buttons seem like a simple deal, Snap some sanwa’s…solder some wires… and BAM! Back to Order-Sol beasting!

Joystick seems more difficult, It seems a bit more… touchy than the buttons.

Unfortunately, the last time I soldered something was back in … I don’t even remember! I still have my soldering iron and stuff though…

This inexperience leaves me with a few questions:

From what I can see… 30mm sanwa snap-ins should fit the case “unmodded” but the LS-32-01 that is on it’s way looks like it might need some modification. Is there anyone with experience with these buttons/joystick and the Mayflash board that can give me any heads-up before taking on the task at hand?

I want a 6 button setup… but alas, I seem to have 8 slots! What do I use to plug in those spare holes?

Solderless is an option… but is it a good option?

Do Green and Blue clash too much?!

Sorry for all the questions, and yes I did search the forums before making this post. Also, Yes I do have a weird sense of humor.

I just modded this exact stick for someone and from what I can tell, you need to file the button holes a little bit to fit a 30mm button. Not sure on the stick since I installed a JLF in his but someone in this thread mounted a LS-32 fine.


Oh yea, looks like you’re new but you probably could’ve found all this info if you used the search button like I did.

I must’ve overlooked the post that mentioned the Joystick innards… all 10… of them…

Oh boy I screwed up. Sorry about this. How many mess-ups can I manage within a 24 hour period?!

It’s okay, you’re not the first and probably won’t be the last to over look the search button. Anyways, hope you have what you need with your mod and good luck with that. Be sure to post so pictures of the finished product.

To mount LS-32 underneath remove the plastic wells and surrounding wall, sand it down flat, then tape the mounting plate down around the joystick hole on the top of the stick using a square ruler to make sure it’s straight.

Then drill holes through the top where the screws for the LS-32 go in. Make sure the drill bit is the same width as the screws. If you aren’t sure, go for slightly less rather than slightly more.

Then use a 7.5mm drill bit with depth ring attachment(to limit the amount of plastic removed) to trim out plastic so the screws will be flush with the case.

The drill ring I got with a dowel combo, so I don’t know if they sell them separately. Pic below.

What should I use to sand down the holes? I might still have a Die grinder from way back but I am unsure if it might be too much.

As for the Joystick mounting… The mounting plate I have is an S shaped one. I read through the other thread and it said to not bother with the mounting plate at all…

Nevermind! I fired the Die up… and on the lowest setting I can muster it eats through plastic like non-conformist termites on drugs…

I’l just sand them down with some standard sandpaper.

Yeah I am having problems figuring out how to correctly solder to the LS-32.

I solder the grounds together and give each individual switch a spot on the 5 pin quick connect… but when I test it it it always gives me the same diagonal output. What could have I done wrong?

When each individual switch is tested they work fine, but when two get in the mix they revert to the constant diagonal issue. D:

Damn I just realized it’s a double post… Sorry.

Just a wiring problem, I’m sure. But I’ve no way to go about solving it. Any suggestions on where to start?

A picture would help.

From your description you are using LS-32-01 which doesn’t require soldering for the grounds.

Check to see if solder from a ground point is overlapping a command point.

Sure. I’ll try to get the best quality available for the picture. Will post tomorrow, if possible.

Hi there, are you using the Mayflash PCB by any chance? This happened to me when I was doing one too. Turns out that the signal and ground orientation on the PCB are not always in the same direction. For example, lets say you the signal is the right side and the ground is the left, you would expect it to look like this on the PCB…

-+ -+ -+ -+

But for some stupid reason, mayflash kinda mixed it up to something like this(note that this is just an example to give you an idea what I mean, this is not the actual setup…)

-+ ± -+ -+

In this example, the orientation on the 2nd set is reversed. I don’t really remember how mayflash had it but you can look on the bottom of the pcb and follow the traces to figure it out. Hope this didn’t confuse you more, good luck!

Oh yea, don’t need to solder all 4 grounds on the pcb together to the ground on your joystick, you just need to solder 1 of the ground to the ground on your joystick. This pcb uses a common ground, at least the one I worked on did.

It makes perfect sense! I was pulling my hair out thinking that my soldering was so sub-par that it somehow managed to screw up every single configuration I tried out.

Right now I will just solder each point directly to the PCB on the Seimitsu, much like the original stick was soldered in. Hopefully I could locate the rogue ground and fix it once and for all.

Edit: THEY WERE ALL REVERSED!!! >:( I’m a gonna go sue Mayflash for all the hair I lost!! …

Now for the buttons! :smiley:

2nd Edit: It’s done! I don’t remember why I chose green and black for this setup, as it looks somewhat strange. Stick works like a dream! I can finally pull two specials successively!

Thank you all for your help!

Thanks for all your help! I now have a fully functional arcade stick with which to play fighting and shooting games! Now I just have one more question and I will be done…

How would I go about adding some artwork to my stick?

The current “neon green” and black set up isn’t working as well as I had hoped.

Laminated paper would be the easiest.