Hahaha ....i just luv makoto players


scroll down and read

SUCKA !! … damn better practice how to fight makoto , or i’ll end up as him

edit : new topic …what are makoto’s major weakness ?? though she had major advantages …

how would yang player against makoto player

who cares

makoto’s greatest weakness is people with good lows that stop her dash ins

vs yang makoto is at advantage, but yang can keep her at bay. i have trouble w/ the matchup myself. so many slashes, they prohibit me from advancing…

in SBO …that makoto was like …everyone never fought makoto before …in their life …

1 lesson was not to abuse projectiles

makoto weakness

here’s what i think loses the match for many makoto users :

-parried fierce.hayates that were used as the first move of the round

-repeated hayate-karakusas. karakusa has good range and priority, just cr.jab out of it. don’t try to block =P

-when you use makoto’s SA3 you take full dmg even when u block (this one is kinda obvious… but people sorta turtle away from my SA3 makoto)

makoto makes people guess a lot… high/low, poke/grab etc
a good offensive is the best defence against makoto imho

makoto weakness

Actually, trying to jab out of it is just as bad as blocking unless the makoto player executes the throw command too late. Any throw will override any normal so long as you’re within range. In fact, the only defense against this is to either jump or do a well-timed dragon punch move if your character has one. Or super, but that’s even riskier. Though it is a bad idea for them to do that pattern all the time.


i think the cr.jab/short overrides the rh/forward karakusas
maybe the short karakusas are fast enough?

Works if you have a super-fast move like Chun’s C.Jab.

or hugo’s

karakusa’s short version gets u in two frames
forward and rh is three frames

most cr.jabs hits at about three…
chun’s s.jab hits in one frame @_@