Hahaha My MegaMan X badguy crations from 8 years ago

LoL I was looking through some old stuff and I found these old scans of MegaMan X badguy creations that myself and my at the time best friend created. Ah memories.

hopefully they’ll give you guys a laugh also :lol: :lol:

http://tinypic.com/8zmr1d.jpg - Lighning Lemur
http://tinypic.com/8zmrkm.jpg - Sub Shark
http://tinypic.com/8zmrle.jpg - Firey Fox
http://tinypic.com/8zmrnr.jpg - Metallic Mole
http://tinypic.com/8zmrra.jpg - Slice Spider
http://tinypic.com/8zmrs2.jpg - Suction Squid
http://tinypic.com/8zmruq.jpg - Vega Vulture
http://tinypic.com/8zmt6a.jpg - Charging Cheetah
http://tinypic.com/8zmt7q.jpg - Polar Panda
http://tinypic.com/8zmrtf.jpg - Final Boss: Ninja Sigma

:lol: :lol: :lol:

It’s better than the bosses they have now.

Dude where is your new stuff? cool character designs though bro. Might wanna clean those up man.

sho nuff.

good sketches man!

…I enjoyed viewing the sketches. Good/Great stuff…

LoL I don’t have much new stuff. Mostly just little doodles here and there.

But thanks for the comments guys. I was actually expecting a bit more ridicule. I think they’re gay as hell :lol:

nice work :rofl: but, there was already a mole wasn’t there in the first megaman x game?