The only time I ever post in video gallery nowadays is to show Koreans doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Ah, the joys of being Korean.



oh man ha ha eppie did you have to? ouch that guy creates a deep blow to us asians we never felt before. im gunna try to hide this from my ppl. esp the the last 30 secs of all that …mess.



Oh god, there’s more


see if he was gay, i’d think oh ok its cuz he’s gay makes sense. but deep down you know he’s not gay and is just really making a huge fool of himself. he should just plead gay


epp1e, you’re vids of embarrassing Korean acts always crack me up man (as well as make me cringe and wonder how these people can do this). Keep up the good work man lol


Now with subtitles.


LoL. Imma rip that first track and blast it out my ride.

For reals. Just for the reactions.


dear god that was so homo


Is it just me, or is there someone under the mic playing the sack pipes?