Hahano Sticks and Modifications. Back in Action

Holy Dual Modification, Batman! Dual Modification now available. The order form will reflect this as well as updated pricing for this. Stick shown is a modification (I pimped his stick) with a single wire Dual PCB setup, light up start/select/home(guide) and Neutrik USB-B cable port on the back. Stick was also repainted, including the inside, and plexiglass put on the bottom. ** Original stick made by Souji as well as the original wiring.**

My Latest Work:

Now taking orders.


If you want a custom stick, send me an email at hahanosticks@gmail.com or post on here or PM me, doesn’t matter! You will also need to fill out an order form so I can keep track of exactly what you want.

Pricing has increased because the price of everything has increased. It will tentatively be 200$ for a PS2 stick, more for anything special (octagonal restictor, really small stick, etc.) and **225$ for an Xbox360 or PS3 stick **(the PCBs are 10-20$ more per and you need extra buttons and wiring). Due to the availability of parts and how much I might have to pay to get them (SF4’s going nuts on the stick economy) I might have to increase or decrease this. Dual Modification sticks are starting at $300 currently.

To clarify for right now: I don’t do wireless YET. I’m in the process of teaching myself, so for now I’m doing PS2, wired XBox360 or PS3 stick and XBox360/PS3 Dual Modification. If you want wireless, you can still contact me and I’ll mark down what you’d like and contact you in the future.

My turnaround will be approximately 3 weeks. I originally had this as a shorter time, however due to parts not being readily available, this number has been increased.

Current Orders:

-Matticus (Completed)
-EmoPrinny (Completed, Shipped)
-Tuffin (Setting Triggers to Nuetral)
-Wordplay (Completed, awaiting shipping)
-gbahnahealy (Completed, shipped)
-Qancer (Modification) - Completed
-W C Gerard (Modification) - Awaiting Response
-Kevin (pmsingchicken) - Completed
-Caudill - Completed
-Eric Tzeng - Completed
-Blake - In Progress - Wiring
-Ed - In Progress - Woodwork
-Kuei - In Progress - Wiring

Current Queue (Let me know if you should be on this or off this):

-Dennis (Awaiting Payment)
-Korikai (bountyhunterkori) (Contacted)
-Rob Castro
-Everett (lonewolf)

About Hahano Sticks:

-Site: www.HahanoSticks.com
-Pictures of my work: Picasa, some albums have multiple sticks.
-AIM: Hahano9 (IM me even if I’m away, I lurk on my own sn)
-Email: Hahanosticks@gmail.com
-PMs and posts are welcome too.

-I can replicate box styles (MAS, TE, you name it) given dimensions and enough time.

that’s a great price. good luck! :tup:

I love work in progress pictures, good luck with the stick selling!

Geez, dislexia strikes. You might want to pick a different name, because at first I read that as Hanaho.

You know, the guys that do the Hot Rod Joystick. Eep.

i met you at evo east last year with that odd stick… now ur a stick builder? good shit

Oh I see you finally put yourself up on here. :lovin:

Nice…well I highly recommend him. He made two cases for me so far, and he’s a pleasure to do business with. If you live on the east coast hit him up.

Just saw the new pics…beautiful…I even get to see my two favorite flash’s (Jay Garrick and Wally West) On my left side.

Orochi, your stick was sent UPS Priority this morning, should be there tomorrow :bgrin:

Shodo, I made that stick, it was my start. It attracts a lot of attention because I play with a retarded layout that dumbfounds people.

These sticks are top fucking tier, and that’s all that can really be said.

Welcome to the Family :wink:

your sticks look great especially the white adon one.

would you take UK customers?

Q: why do your sticks look like they had their arcade layout butchered?

no offense ment.

One slot is remaining for orders. Those who contacted me I have gotten back to.

LittleEgg: I will certainly take a UK customer, or anywhere, you just have to be willing to pay shipping on it, which, honestly, sucks ass. Drop me a line and I’ll see if I can help you with it.

Shodo: The “arcade layouts” are, in fact, arcade perfect. To the point that I stole the layout directly from a HRAP 1. It may just seem so, but the only one with a butchered layout is my own. Note: OrochiSeven’s first box did have the buttons 2mm too close to each other, so that might be “butchered”.

Sent an Email.

well us dollars are about half a uk pound, so its no biggy really. what it costs in shipping doesnt add too much, maybe 20 pounds in all.

hmmm i was hoping to buy a new stick in about 4 weeks time. what do you think?

I think I can definately handle that, LittleEgg.

Currently full to orders, people, sorry. I didn’t expect 4+ orders within 24 hours. Those who have contacted me prior to this post are already in queue and I’ll definitely be in touch.

Hahano makes good sticks, I can confirm this! He knows his shit and saved me a buttload of effort with his knowledge~

Well fuck, if I hadn’t reserved with somebody, I would have gone with you and saved a good deal of $$$.


Good luck regardless.

Kid Flash is very sad…curse you post office villain

Sadly, the post office is gay so i gotta wait another day to see my case. More like two since i aint gonna be able to see my mail til after school and work.

Geez was looking forward to painting it this morning.

I wonder who this “somebody” is? lawl. And i’m giving you a discount too, mang, that’s harsh man. Why you gotta hurt mah feelings like that? :frowning: