Haikuwars Rufus 2012 notes



So I’ve been playing Rufus at southtown arcade and here are a few notes for you guys.

1.U2 is so strong, in certain matchups it shuts characters down. I advice testing it out, a 230-270 Anti air and a 400+ with full hits.

2.The Ex galactic tornado buff is useless, its basically only going to be seen in combo videos. I do not advice using this unless its for the kill.

3.Target combo buff is amazing, I don’t think I’ve missed it once, I love it.

4.I feel like his Divekick got more priority also but this may be a placebo because of how well I was doing.

Feel free to ask me anything else, I will be testing/Playing Rufus a lot.

EXTRA I haven’t tested the Ex messiah wiffing yet but soon will. Give me a short list of characters you’d like me to test it on.

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AA u2 can’t be punish like AE? Test against cross ups, maybe now connect all hits


Only punishable on block. If it AA you usually get 10-14 Hits. It varys depending on where they are in the air. I will test on crossups soon also.

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So now it does 10 - 14 hits and 230 - 270 damage? Hmm, think I’m going to have some choices to make come the update…


Likewise. Possible U2 candidates:

  • Rose
  • Sagat
  • Ryu
  • Dhalsim
  • Ibuki
  • Akuma
  • Viper
  • El Fuerte
  • Gouken
  • Seth?
  • Yung
  • Yang
  • Cammy


u2 is not a good AA at all, it’s only 270 damage and the startup it’s not the best, against “jump” characters i prefer u1…

my english sucks >.>


U2 candidates:

  • Rose
  • Sagat
  • Dhalsim
  • Ibuki
  • Akuma
  • Viper
  • El Fuerte
  • Gouken

I used U2 against all of them back in Super but I’d be interested to know why you think it’s viable against the others?

Your english seems fine to me, don’t worry :slight_smile:


More like whole cast tbh, Its an amazingly good ultra, Everytime Ive used it Ive had great success in hindering my opponents playstyle, I made a yun c.viper and akuma turtle and run because I had U2 and I hit em with it every chance I could. Tell me thats not good

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I varys depending on the jump, like fuerte splashes or guys air jump and even claws wall dive have given me a decent amount of hits. Its all on the arch of the jump, the height and sometimes character size.

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270 max as AA and 400+ On a ground catch. 11 frame start up is decent with invincible frames like 1 to 13 and full on vacuum suction from 3/4 the screen. U1 is still better in most situations because target combo almost never wiffing.

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Try Cammy if you can.

Did you notice U1’s range being affected at all? For some reason, i think U1 is going to whiff a lot off of a max range target combo (outside corner). It happens to me sometimes when I’m playing AE. Might just be char specific. Try hitting a crouching Cammy with max range target combo to mid screen ultra. (sorry if this is common knowledge already).

People have been using U1 as an AA since DAY ONE. U2 for viper sounds nice but i need that damage.

EX GT FADC can be used for expensive resets/mindfucks too, he’s been so flowchart since vanilla i’m happy for anything. You’re right though, its not going to help that much. Thanks for trying shit out.


It whiffs on Evil Ryu, the hitbox on EX messiah looks unchanged.


Going to the arcade again today, any request?

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Any difference in overall damage?

Is cr.mp any different?

BnB combo same?


K going to play 2012 today for a bit, instead of me having to try and remember everything to post later or constantly log on here and all ima update everything I see via twitter. This is anything new or noteworthy I notice so not just rufus stuff. My twitter is @Hello_Vinnie and I will try to tweet a lot and maybe this weekend do a giant post about everything. Spread the word.

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Twitter wouldnt work today sorry… and southtown doesn’t have 2012 anymore but I have some noteworthy .info
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Any more info?


A little bit, may be placebo notices but his sweep feels faster, same with some normals. I feel like normals got changed a little

This is just memory from sunday btw.

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K forsure this wensday 2012 is at southtown, I get to test some theories I have, Like I feel like his normals got better somehow, maybe I just felt comfortable that one day with footsies.

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I can see cr. lp xx ex galactic tornado fadc > target combo > u1 being a viable punish in situations where you really need it if the target combo buff works as advertised.