HaikuWars Rufus 2013 Update List



Okay So I think I know what changes need to be done to Rufus and what does NOT need to be done. Not Gonna list Exactly Nerfs or Buffs Just what I Feel needs to be Done.

> EX MESSIAH, Forces Standing On Opponents when Hit or change the First initial Hits into and Overhead. This Should Eliminate the Possibility of Us Going Over Finally.

> Far Medium Kick, Increase from 1 Active Frame to 3 Active Frames.

> Crouching Fierce Punch ( Reach For the popcorn ) Lower Blockstun from -14 to -8, Increase Hitstun from -10 to -3, POSSIBLE Special Cancel, Probably Not safe on Block but still a New tool to give him footsies.

> ULTRA 2 Startup Decreased from 11 to 9, Causes a Wall bounces at the last hit ( so when you Anti Air with it your opponent has a little bit more recovery )


> DF+MK Hitstun Inscrease from 3 to 5

> Ex Snake Strike Damage from 30x7 to 45x7

> Far Heavy Kick Is now a Command Normal by Pressing F+HK



Agree with Messiah ofc, far mk I doubt they’d consider as it’d be a pretty godlike poke then, maybe 2 frame active but still I doubt it. Crouch fierce is fine as it is for me but making U2 wall bounce is a very good idea, it would eliminate the possibility of your opponent recovering sooner than you and could maybe give you time for a setup depending on where you landed it.

As for the other stuff it’d be nice but unless everyone else gets buffed it’s not going to happen :wink: I created a discussion thread so if you’d like to comment on mine and other peoples ideas then check that out.


Kk sorry I didn’t see it when I posted this ill post there.