Hail Exodus NOW!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

somebody rep him !

Rep him for a laggy ass online fight against a Cali scrub? No匈ll just wait till Saturday and give him some negative rep at the tournament in Virginia. Shinobi style:nunchuck:

This thread needs to be closed real soon. Unless Exodus can turn this into a topic worth discussing. Like discussing about free Red Bull at the tourney or how Yun owns everything around you or some other randomness.

Keep the Xbox Live stuff on the ONLINE forums.

Hail Exo, but close this thread asap. SFAC for XBL has a nice thread on this anyways.

Stop being such a meanie Deviljin. kuso gaki!

point of this thread? the REAL 3s community could give 2 shits about the live scene. like mentioned above, keep it in the live thread