Hail to the King, Baby!--aka The Bowser Thread

The powerhouse of destruction enters brawl with some new improvements to his person, making the king of koopas a force to be reckoned with now.

Now, I haven’t had much time to experiment with Brawl, but in general, Bowser is way better. Some of his moves got much needed improvements.

(Glossary of terms used in the thread thus far:

Tilt: Slightly tilting the control stick in the direction of the move.

Smash: Smashing(or rather, a firm push in the direction) the stick in the direction of the move.

L Canceling: A Melee tactic that involved reducing recovery on aerial moves by hitting one of the shoulder buttons(or Z) before hitting the ground after using an aerial move. But, that has since gone away in Brawl, so don’t take any heed.)

Neutral A Combo: Nice, quick damage. Nothing much changed.

Down Tilt: Seems harder to hit both swipes, but still fairly useful. Range has increased, and killing power has increased.

Up Tilt: Hard to hit against midgets like Olimar…actually, it seems hard to hit period if you’re face to face with an opponent. Otherwise, still a good quick launcher, and best used when your opponent is above you.

Foward Tilt: It seems to cover more ground now. More length, and more uh…girth. Not bad at all.

Down Smash: Also seems to cover more ground. Notice how Bowser’s shell moves from side to side during that spin.

Foward Smash: Did it always have the ability to hit twice? It can do some great damage if you can manage to have it hit twice. Otherwise, still slow, but powerful when used right.

Up Smash: It can still hit when he comes down, but otherwise, unchanged. You can apparently combo an aerial up+a after an up smash(Thanks, Orochizoolander!).

Foward B: The Koopa Klaw has now leveled up into the Final Atomic Bowser. Good damage, you can control where he moves(and so can your opponent, to an extent), it can KO(only at high percentages, though), and there’s the Final Atomic Bowsercide. Which is pretty self explanatory. It can also be used in the air, so strong body any pesky foes who try to keep you from the edge(if you can, anyway).

Neutral B: The flame breath can now track opponents. I’ve not experimented with it much, but the fact remains.

Down B: The Boswer Bomb now has an initial hit before Bowser comes crashing down. The initial hit only seems to be available on the ground. I don’t know how fast it is, but it may turn out to be a decent tool when used correctly.

Up B: The Fortress has been nerfed some, but it’s still a decent “get off me” move in some respects. It can still KO at decent percentages, too.

Aerial Neutral A: Still fairly useful. I haven’t found much of a use for it, though.

Aerial Foward A: It seems to have lost a lot of it’s killing potential, that or i’m using it so much the spamming nerf comes into effect. Still very useful when short hopping.

Aerial Back A: Without L Canceling, this moves suffers. Still powerful, but insane recovery.

Aerial Up A: It seems to be faster. It could just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but it just…feels faster. Still a great move to get star KOs with.

Aerial Down A: I never found too much of a use for this move. Decent damage, not really worth it.

Forward Throw: Bowser’s throws were nothing much to write home to. His forward throw is pretty basic for any forward throw. Not much combo potential that I know of.

Back Throw: Basic back throw. Use when you need to switch up your positioning when you think it’ll give you an advantage.

Up Throw: Not much combo-ability that I know of with this throw. Maybe at low percentages, but at higher percentages there’s much ado about nothing after a successful up throw.

Down Throw: Probably Bowser’s best throw, since you can set up some mix-ups. Not that i’ve ever done any of these mix ups, but you can try and set up some aerial f+a/u+as, from what I understand. This is probably the best one to use after any successful shield grab.

Final Smash: Giga Bowser. Nuff said. A lot of his moves receive the changes such as explosive effects, icy effects, ect…also, SUPAH ARMOR!

Uh…that’s about it. Anybody else want to chime anything in, go right ahead!

Bowser! Numbah one!

He seems ALOT faster now but he still a HUGE fucking target =/

True. It does seem like Bowser bulked up a LOT since Melee. He was hittin’ the weight rooms with gusto. He was benching fifty banzai bills for his workout.

That does make him a much easier target. But, the improved size does him justice, at least.

Bowser has uber lag on every single one of his moves but he can KO at very early %'s we’re talking under 50%:badboy:

He has a very hard time against projectile spammers otherwise he is so much fun to play as he is my secondary main and i’l be glad to up smash into uair any of you on wifi:rofl:

Flame breathe is gdlke for racking up damage usually it can do 30-50% sometimes more before the opponent can roll out of it:tup:

side B has surprising range and does good damage i use it as a KO move and not for the bowsercide aspect of it.

Down B is really really good once you learn to time it right it’s a great KO move, damage racker, n shield breaker all in one. I spam this move alot so when the opponent expects it they just shield when i’m on top of them and i can land and follow up with a throw:rofl:

His neutal A combo followed by forward smash is really easy to spam and does great knockback.

Up B is kinda useless offensivle but i use it once i na while to give myself some space from the opponent.

Yeah Fire Breath is a zillion times better now as it’s actually a stream of flames rather than the puffs in Melee. F+A is still a good move as is U+A the latter of which KO’s frequently…well from what I’ve experienced.

True like I said up smash into uair is GDLKE!

Watch out using Final Atomic Bowser.

If you have more damage than the enemy, THEY have more control over where you go.

Also, Bowser-ciding should ONLY be used if you’re a stock/point ahead of your oppenant cause they can flip you the fuck around and you’ll have to Sudden Death dat shit. Hardcore.

Someone posted in another thread that SSBB seems to be skewed towards good and bad matchups. Well, when it comes to Bowser, I have to agree. :bluu:

A few bad matchups I’ve run into are:

Sonic - He’s just too fast, nearly at the 180-degree mark of the speed spectrum (compared to Bowser). Before I can even think about my next plan of attack or defense, Sonic’s in my face and doing combos. Sonic’s overall damage output isn’t that great. But it doesn’t have to be; he’s fast enough to get in my face and annoy me with his attacks.

Ike - I don’t know what it is about him, but he seems to have insane priority over nearly all of Bowser’s attacks. This is a problem because I have to stay close to keep the offense up, and Ike has great range.

Lucario - Fireball attacks + he gets stronger as he takes more damage. It’s hard to mount any kind of offense with Bowser unless you’re already in his face, and even that can be a problem because of the fireballs.

Now, the game’s still somewhat new, Smash really isn’t my game, maybe it’s just me, blah blah etc. I’ve always liked Bowser, and I’m not gonna give up on him. But man, fighting any of the three listed above is almost frustrating, especially since they’re a few of the most popular characters.

^^Sonic is a bitch to play against but shield grabbing is really helpful in this match and up B beats out all his attacks it’s a good defensive move to give yourself some space but even so he’s still a bitch to play against.

The biggest problem for bowser is projectile spammers especially diddy he can throw banana peels on the floor to prevent you from getting anywhere near him and while he keeps you away he throws those damn peanuts and can rack up as much as 100% very quickly. There’s not a whole lot you can do about this the best bet is to bite the bullet and charge though with forward smash or down B they have enough priority to get by projectiles SOMETIMES.

I heard that Game and Watch gives Bowser problems, but then again I’m not the greatest G and W player. :wgrin:

Snake is a pain for Bowser too since he can just run around and set up mines and nades safley due to Bowser’s speed.

You were a pretty decent GnW and judging by our matches I think bowser has an advantage here because GnW is so easily KO’ed but doesn’t have the speed of most other lightweights.

Good point. GnW can be KO’d at around the 70% range with Bowser. He’s not as fast as the other lightweights but he makes up for it with good mobility and recovery. GnW has to rack up damage as fast as possible and try to KO him. Bowser crappy recovery can still be used against him. Believe it or not I think Olimar could possibly be a bad match up for Bowser. Olimar could play keep away and spam pikmin while his red pikmin soak up Bowser’s flame.

This is gonna sound retarded, but since I never played any of the other smash brothers I will ask. How do I do that throw that can grab someone and take them off the edge with me?

I know it’s stupid, but I guess I am just getting old I can’t figure it out. :frowning:

With Bowser you can use the Side B grab move and you can do a suicide kill.

I updated the first post with some info on his throws. Like VSlash said in the D3 topic, take my insight with a grain of salt.

To make this post more meaningful, i’ll post some Bowser vids. Some are repeats from the previous Brawl topics. These aren’t the best Bowser exhibitions, but these’ll do for the moment.

Bowser vs Mario:

Bowser vs Peach:

Bowser vs King Dedede:

Bowser vs Wolf:

Bowser vs Ike:

I’ll check out those vids later today i’m in class now and need to get sleep when I get home (insomniac+nocturnal AKA sleeps in the day lol).

I didn’t know this until last night but forward smash launches opponents in the air almost directly above him so it can combo into uair just like up smash. Then you can follow up uair with up B to rack up more damage and look flashy but that’s a bit risky since it leaves you vulnerable on the way down.

Whenever I use firebreath it seems the closer they are to it the harder it is for them to get out of it racks up a fuckton of damage! Not sure if it’s because we’re all still new to the game or if it’s just that beastly.

Anyone else finding themselves spamming neutral A alot? It’s surprisingly fast and has decent knockback. IMO bowser bomb is his best move because when you jump over opponents they almost always expect the bomb and shield, gving you a free throw on them. The hitting frame when used on ground is great because it ensures the bomb will hit which usually means instant KO after 100% so later today i’ll test out to see if I can combo any move into the first hitting frame.

Dair and bair are useless, they have too much startup and lag to be worth it but his uair is so good I don’t care lol.

In case any of you missed it on my sticky I posted the link to character discussion threads from smashboards which has alotta helpful tips on how to utilize bowsers throws I suggest yall take a look at it if you haven’t already.

His A,A combo did get slightly moar range and better knockback on that second hit.

Bowserciding like my #1 favorite thing ever. But I now have moar fear in using it. On stocks of 1/1 mainly, Gotten WAAAAY to many SDs and failed them cause usually the other character was quicker. But it was my bad, NOT ENOUGH F, AIR! ARF ARF!(side taunt)

I like bair for air to air
if you’re high enough when you use it you won’t lag when you land unlike dair
it’s good for kills and has nice range

uair>any move in the air.