Hailstorm damage...when/how does it vary?



Sometimes Hailstorm does lots of damage at sj height, but then at other times it does more at midscreen height…any theory behind this?


Could it have something to do with the way the character’s positioned? More / less of the hitbox being exposed to the rocks?

On a side note, why does the 2nd LA in Storm’s combo sometimes send them flying off to Neverland?


well for the most part… it hits randomly. and also think of the pyhsics. it is a bunch of little tiny pellets, not a beam that is set to hit X amount of times per second over the duration of the super. the hailstorm releases just a random amount of hail. also the bigger the characher is the more pieces are going to hit them. as for the hieght. if your at the opening of something that shoots out at an agnle and spreads, it is going to hit more there then it will when it hits a target after it has spread out. because of the density of the hail inside the storm. sounds like it’s all scientific but really it isn’t all tht complicated.

mashing will add a lot of damage to hail very fast, and very painfully.


Um try this to get good damage from hailstorm

Well first of all you need someone who can connect an air super like say magneto or doom and pick either juggs or cable and do this

Say you have magneto you do launch /\ lp,lk,lp,lk,magnetic tempest note dont do hyper grab xxx to hailstorm and mash you should get very good damage from hailstorm probably because the character is at the top and he/she is getting hit by most of the rocks.

Same thing goes for doom but you can add the fk if you want or do launch /\ lp,lk,lp,lk,fly up,lk,lp,fk,spirt fingers thingys.


The 2nd LA never sends 'em flying off, you are most likely mashing the LAs so instead of getting the first and 2nd LA, you are getting the 1st and 3rd one…3rd one’s the one that sends 'em flying off.

Just press lk+hp once for every LA you wanna do, don’t mash.


From what I’ve notice, if you do the hail storm standing right next to the person, it does more damage than to do it across the screen. How useful is this, I’m not sure. But often times I would have Storm paired with Cable AA or Capcom AA and do c.lk , c.mp, call AA and rh xx hail storm… it does a lot of damage but basically the same as a normal air combo into LA XX LS.


What i know about the hail storm is you can roll out of it and if you are in the air it does more damage because you are closer to the area in the screen where there is a lot of hail. I think the hail splits open after a while i’m not sure though. Blocking also reduces the damage:)


im sure everyone here would like to know how you roll out of the GD hail…if you can tell us i think you’d be the first player ever to know how to roll out of the hail at will (or at all)


Hey I really don’t know how to do it but actually you can roll out of it sometimes, not all the time. I wish that I can know when to do it but it can be done. But is not a 100% roll out thing.