Hair loss problems

Anyone going bald? I have thinning hair on the front of my head. I dont think i am bald anyplace on my head, it is just thinning. Has anyone had any success with rogaine or any other hairloss products. Any help would be appreciated… this is rather depressing.

Just shave it off bro…it was such a relief for me once i grew some balls and went along with it. I tried rogaine and stuff for a bit, but i’m warning you, it’s costly. And the results are mediocre at best. I had it alittle worse though. I’m thinning in the back. But who gives a fuck now, cause i just take it all off every few days.

Girlfriend loves it.

Just embrace the baldness and shave your head. I’ve heard mixed opinions on Rogaine, and hair transplantation can cost several thousands of dollars.

And trust me…that rogaine smell will haunt you throughout the day. Using it will only depress you more. It makes you aware of it, and therefore it’ll be on your mind. Back when mine started it literally controlled my life. I was always check my head in a mirror, almost obsessively. It annoyed me, but only made me hate myself. Then i shaved it, and like i said, it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

A lot of hair loss is usually worsened by stress. Keep that in mind. I noticed that my head of hair used to be quite fuller than it is now; now I’ve got that receding hairline and what not. It’s not too terribly noticeable on my end but, eh, you get the picture.

If you really want stuff to try and keep it going, the best I can recommend is Nioxin. I’ve been using it, and it’s worked to slow down the process. As well, in terms of hair products, if you’re going for styling, use Crew. It works well and isn’t harsh on your hair.

Or, yeah, just shave it all off. Unless you’re one of those guys who really doesn’t look good with a shaved head.

I am bald. LOL at you if it bums you out. Bald men get more head…

Confidence Bro. Confidence!!!

Rogaine is so 1980s.

Try propecia.

lucky, i’m turning 22 this year and i already count over 20 gray hairs. (my dad was pretty much fully gray at 30).

Aren’t there some possible side effects to using Propecia though? I don’t think having a full head of hair is worth it if you have to run the risk of becoming impotent or getting erectile dysfunction just to get it, especially when there are plenty of women who actually don’t mind, or even prefer, bald or shaved heads.

I knew it would happen, as my dad is bald. When I joined the military, it seem to accelerate the process. When I got to my first duty station, I just started shaving and haven’t looked back ever since (about 2002).

I’ve gotten used to it, and so I don’t think I’d try any of the solutions out there.

i found a gray hair on my chin and arm. it sucks when you have dark hair, the gray is very visible. i just turned 23.

anyways, if i was going bald i’d probably shave too, even if i dont have the most ideal shaped head. you can make it work somehow with the facial hair assist. btw, for those that shave their heads, what do u use to keep it from drying up/itching? back when i use to get a zero (0) fade with my haircut, i always got little bumps/itchiness along with it.

I started thinning at 20 years old. I just use a pair of barber clippers and buzz it all off once a week. Razor is too much work.

But now I got some gray showing up in my beard. I’m gonna look like a granddad at 30.

im thinning at my sides. Once I get a shape up tho, you can barely tell

receding hairline but still thick. Might go on propecia if it doesn’t stop soon. My dad’s receded a bit in his late teens, early twenties but now has basically stopped (he’s in his fifties). I also have my dad’s fivehead which combined with a receded hairline looks even bigger.

I have long beautiful hair and I let it get as long as god can grow.

I got a pretty sweet receding hairline. IDGAF what people think, I like it.

  1. Buy an eyepatch.
  2. Start ownin.


missed a step. chicks won’t dig you unless you’re legit.

I was on it for years with no problems at all. I’d still be on it now, but I’m having a hard time finding it in China.

dad is bald, and 1 year YOUNGER brother went that way at 18. Thats like 7 years ago. So, I’m on fucking borrowed time.

I still have mine. But I can see the very front going very slightly thin. I also have gray coming at the front. It’s all stress, I hate my job, hate my location, get mad at games, and I cant get over this girl I was dating last year that I let go.

I’ll take any of those meds if need be, I’m not going to succumb. Lose my nuts, grow tits, whatever. I can hide that stuff. I cant hide a reverse fade. LOL.