Hair loss problems

I’m thinning out in the front, albeit kind of slowly. I starting thinning out once my job got more stressful and when I got married. :rofl: Go figure. Anyways, I’ve advised my barber to let me know when it’s no longer cool to rock my thinning low cut with waves. I have a good grade of hair, and mostly everyone says I don’t look my age anyways, so I figure soon I’ll probably shave it all off anyways. Life is too short to be worried about losing hair. Someone will find you attractive anyways if that’s what you’re worried about. Rogaine doesn’t work, Propecia has side effects, and the only thing I’ve heard that really works is hair transplant surgeries. Who has money for all that? Save the money and spend it on something else. Go bald.

Out of curiousity, is there anyone here that wears wigs and will admit to that?

I wear a bald cap, I’m ashamed of my thick luscious locks :frowning:

caps and hats are the wigs of the 90’s and the 00’s. been going grey since more than 10 years ago, though slowly. hair isnt as thick as it used to be, but i still got a full head of hair (thankfully). shit basically stopped getting thinner when i stopped wearing capd and shit. never had a problem since, though my long full afro isnt as full anymore, at least its remaining the same.

so for all the dumbASSES who still wanna keep on wearing caps ( i wore a cap everyday for hours a day, had it on like10 to 12 hours a day), go bald faster and easier this way.

for all the peeps who cant let that metro gay ass shit go, gell and shit will only break your hair down and bolden you. though not aywhere as bad as caps, but caps + gel is instant hairloss. too bad shit doesnt work like that on pubes or armpits… shit always grows back (damn).

I’ve got a bunch of gray hair and I’m not even 30 yet. Smoking increases the likelihood of going gray early. Stress too, which I have a lot of.

Man my hair is thinning and I have and the back of my head is completely fat. I never understood why some people fear going bald when they have perfectly shaped heads. Once I go bald it’s over for me.

Great Av!

I’m noticing that it’s taking a significantly longer time for my hair to grow back after a shave and it’s not quite as thick anymore. My dad’s chrome dome serves as a grim reminder of what is in store for me in the future. Fortunately he said he didn’t start going bald until his mid 40s, so I still have some time to enjoy my hair’s company.

When or if that time comes, I can say my hair lived a long and happy life, but I really feel bad about guys who go bald before they graduate from high school. I knew a guy who had a widow’s peak as a freshman and by the time senior year rolled around, he had a full Costanza. That must be so devastating at that age.

Most bald dudes have excellent facial hair. Not a bad trade off.

I know what you mean. I started getting grey hair since I was 15. I am now 21 and things are not getting any better.

A bald father doesn’t always mean a bald future for his son. My father was completely bald by the age of 16. (Now that’s harsh.)

I always worry about it, but my hair’s been holding on. I have red hair, though, so I’m only kind of lucky.