Hajime No Ippo Mugen Project

There’s a guy working on a mugen project for HnI, and he’s posted a vid of an early build.

Just Sendo seems to be available now, but the sprites look beautiful imo, definitely give the vid a look even if you don’t like Ippo.

Too crazy! I have to get this. Dude needs to get this right.

Wow, this looks great! Love to see mugen used for what it was programmed for and not random crap like Homer versus Peter.


Those are original sprites? That’s crazy!

that looks promising… I hope it comes out good

New vids and info :smiley:


wow, this is coming along nicely. Dudley Fighter 3! :slight_smile:

looks really good

enjoying the music aswell

i miss the ippo soundtrack…

damn this looks better than any of the HnI games out there,and what’s more impressive is that he did this all by himself, true talent at its best

I think the 2d view fits perfectly for this game

Really really great sprite work and animation! Much props to the guy…dude got talent seriously. :smiley: :smiley:


the manliest anime is series is finally having a game that lives up to the manga/anime. like all the other games are 3d and just never look right.

dude is on point…id love to see his concept art.

fuck. i never liked mugen till now. the speed of sendo and his fighting style is on fucking point.

HnK is the manliest, but that’s besides the point. This looks really good and promising. Japan should be taking notes.

This looks so incredibly good. I just finished the anime series. Now reading the manga. A good game would be very welcome and this looks exactly how I think an Ippo fighter should. Too bad it’s just one guy, it’s going to take forever to be done.

Random bumps are fun.
Those sprites and that system look awesome though. Go squeaking boots!

How’s JoJo’s on the manliness scale?

About a .95 Tiger Woods winning the US Open on one leg in terms of manliness.

Definitely Manlier then Steven Regal squeezing his own orange juice.

for manga’s the manliest on my list go


manliest anime
1.ippo…it just convey’s sooo much better in the anime and movie. i would say the new hnk ova’s can tie it but only the ova’s.
2.hnk…its only 2 because i have a big issue with all the disporportional bodies…its the art student in me.
3.jojo…hasnt had a real anime series/movie that convey it like it should.

the manga of ippo does not compare to the anime and movie…shit the opening in the movie alone shits on a good portion of the manga.

This is the exact order of my favorite mangas.

I thought I saw this mentioned on Dynamite Glove but never looked into it. Looks amazing!