Hakan 2012 Bugs

Crouching Blanka can’t be combod with s.lp :frowning:
Is it a bug or matchup fix?

apparently that was in AE before 2012… I know, I missed that too

I’m starting to think the Close HP slide through a charecter is a bug now too. I mean, it has very odd priorities once after you slide under and to the other side. Because at any point after the slide through can you cancel and stop in mid track. It just dosn’t look right. I’m betting if Capcom finds this, it will be taken out.

GooN I didn’t test that one out yet. But full screen meaty hp slide, didnt switch sides against Blanka yesterday. Are there any other AE bugs, which I missed?

Yeah meaty HP Slide will not go through, it’s pretty much when your almost kissing the other guy will it do that. While it’s in there, I guess it can be used it screw people over while Hkan moving all over the place.
I haven’t countered any other bugs yet. But it looks like this update is a buggy mess. Other charecters have been going through odd stuff as well.