Hakan AE channel thread

I apologize in advance if there is a thread like this, but i was wondering if we can set this thread up and list most of the Hakan players so people can add their channels to thier favorites. Ive been playing AE for 5 days straight now and to level up my game more is to hit the lab and watch more videos. I want to see how other Hakan’s do well versus my three worse match-ups (gief, ElF & Cody). I got the idea of this thread from over in the Oni Forums. Again, if this is not a good idea or has been already done, close thread.

oh and I see you Samurai Drew and Eyepawd. you guys are tearing it up on rank.

[EDIT: Instead of putting up Hakan Channels. Lets put up player’s GT / PSNids so people can follow and check out their videos]

Xbox 360 Players

TFA SynKyller
Samurai Drew

Playstation 3 Players


Thanks for the notice, Sir. Sadly, I think I might be taking a Hakan break for a week or so, mostly because I hit these streaks where I lose matches that I really should have won but stupidity on my part occurred, like accidently oiling up when I have someone stunned instead of my super going off…

Sigh, this is what I get for using a Dual Shock, I guess.

I guess I should be happy with my rank thus far, considering I only get to play for a few hours every couple of days…oh, the pain of having a fulltime job, rent, and a pile of videogame shame that is ever growing.

I’ll be sure to add your channel on PSN. Thanks, Sir.

I’ll post up if I can get any matches recorded. I like this idea. Do you have any videos to kick the thing off (no pressure if not) .

i have a few AE ones but some good Super ones versus modinside, Pickachuakuma, Checkmate and Henry Cen

Do it do it.

I have some super/AE matches (some i won, most i lost)how exactly do I put them on my channel?

I haven’t played any ranked in a while, but iv started playing again, incase anyone wants to follow me and check out my matches. As for the channel thing, not sure how it will work, i set one up once and just put a ton of replays up to play, a few people joined, but it didnt help that it was about 2am in the morning at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of Channel let just put up Hakan players to follow.

Alright, if I had to give people on xbox to follow…there’s obviously ‘Wildcat 815’, but he seems to not like putting up his hakan wins anymore, who knows why, he just put up an oni one today, so I don’t know what the issue is…

Top of Europe is ‘GKwaka’, you can follow him if you want to see a simple but effective playstyle

Then there’s me, if you like, haha.

And we can’t forget Stercan, one of the first recognised Hakan players in Europe, he’s always pulling out some tricks

As for Japanese, at the top of the moment is DarrenHuang…but he’s not very good, supreme grinder if I’m honest

There’s a guy near the top, if you have a little look, called, um, Sasuraisoul? He’s not bad, got a few tricks, but nothing crazy

Aside from Wildcat, the japanese level isn’t so hot…there’s a guy called Inago, who’s okay…but you’re best off going for Datui, he’s probably the best aside from 'Cat

And in America you have Captain Rocket, and Swoops, tho im not sure how much swoops is playing ranked

Feel free to add some more if you know :slight_smile:

haha…you have forgotten me…Lately, I am playing mainly on PS3 with a BP of 8550.with ps3 pad…But i have stopped playing with pad and changing to my TE stick account with around 5000bp. Just bought a new hori stick for xbox and i have to train before I can go higher.

You can add me, Citizen CIA. though my play since AE has dropped as been complete garbage… :confused:

Ah, sorry andy, totally forgot. Yeah it’s probably because you’ve mainly been playing ps3. Good to hear you’re moving to stick.

So who’s everyone following anyway?

At the moment I have:

Wildcat815 (In the slight hope he ever uploads a Hakan replay again)
Captain Rocket
And the last one I’ve just been mixing up a bit between different people

I’d definitely recommend following drew if you want to learn how to use DNCs. He uses them far more effectively than any other hakan I’ve tried following.

Unfortunately I don’t think there are enough people playing hakan to build a decent list. Come back to us wildcat.