Hakan FADNC training room game



Hey thought you guys might find this kinda fun.

Next time ill do HHS FADNC Training game haha xD


Lol, Super Parrying Hakan Platformer, I love it. This actually seems super helpful for Hakans working on their anti-fireball game. Then we can add in DDT feints to avoid and build meter, and purposely getting hit after a LK oil (and using just that LK oil to get in.) Almost like little challenges.


Awesome, great way to practise. When I practised parrying, i just recorded the cpu jumping in, walking back, jumping in, until I got it down, but this is a pretty cool method. And like Swoops mentioned, good for the fireball game aswell.

You should practise the backdash parry, into jab, or any light attack, as this gives you the most instant parry possible. Good stuff