Hakan Frame Data from Prima Guide

:rock: http://levelup-series.com/cicada/SSF4_HakanFrames.pdf :rock:

thanks to Protokoll for hte guide, and Skerj for compiling it :slight_smile:

What moves are Hakan Throw , Hakan reverse and Hakan stomp?I’m guessing 2 of theese are his normal throws, but what’s the third?

Thanks man!

third has got to be airthrow. Also it looks to me as if hakan should be able to 1 frame link mp from st.lp… not that it matters i guess but interesting. doesn’t look like he can do much with ch’s either. CH cr.mp will get you another mp I guess… hmmm…

CH st.mp ~ sweep.

AA ultra 1+1, thats rape lol

Whats up with his crouching MK and HK having the same frames?

wow… aa ultra is beast…

Thanks, is there any difference between oiled and unoiled?

A lot more of a difference, your attacks/grabs have more range… also i think it’s his F+HK that knocks you down if you get oiled.

i know about that stuff, i’m refering to frames

I believe they are the same frames but since you slide, you can time it better so that the last part of the active frames hit your opponent to give you the maximum amount of time to be safe or combo. Kinda like meaties.

The cr. lk can chain when oiled

i assume the c.LK is at least 3 frames oiled but maybe two ?? its one of the best c.LK i know (oiled!) Sadly there is only Tickthrow potential in it and no Slidecombo … WELL maybe with Focus Level1

i did a little XLS addet information taken from me and i gues everybody will be happy with it so here it is

Hakan Framedata and Damage