Hakan! GET HY- Wait... Why are we excited about him?

Um, who is Hakan, and what game is he from? Why is everyone rooting for him?

He’s new.

People love oily men.

Javits says that Justin Wong tried the game, saw Hakan, and said he was a gimmick (like El Fuerte). He stacks oil on his body at random intervals. The game keeps track of how much oil is on his body and makes him slide along the ground for some of his moves if he has a lot on. He also seems to have a very high voice. If that’s your thing, get pumped.

“Game keeps track of how much oil”

^^^ WTF? You seem serious so I’m like WTF?!!?

If Hakan doesn’t shoot oil from his nipples as his super I will be very disappointed

I lol’d

Yeah I was wondering this too. I’ve never heard of Hakan and people see the end of the new trailer and go: "Turkish oil wrestler!!! GIT HYPE!!!
Is he related to Darun Mister or something?

Yeah it’s weird. I think there should be some hype because he’s an entirely new character but I don’t know if they picked the right character to develop. I know turkish oil wrestling has been around forever (There’s an annual tournament that started back in the 14th century, it’s the oldest annual sporting event in the world) but that alone doesn’t make it cool. Big, ugly hairy men getting oiled up and wrestling while slippery… No thanks. Ya?l? gre? may be old but it’s far from cool :stuck_out_tongue:

That mane prolly is gonna look just like Urien and have grabs and shit… I’m thinking a mix between Uriens looks, Able’s stance and some bootleg turkish grappling type shit…

yeah… But soo many people act like he’s an old character form some game past… how long has he been around?? Is he a fan myth like Sheng Long-Whose concept has evolved into two characters in sf4: Gouken and Seth. Way to go Game Informer!

I don’t think Seth has anything to do with Sheng Long.

And he was just a rumour so people kinda knew about him for a few months.


Hakan has been the least interesting secret of any video game ever for me… he could surprise me but for now my expectations are at rock bottom, he just sounds far too gay to be a fun character.

Yeah. Hakan has moves that add oil to his body and the more oil he pours on himself the more range his moves have…

I am not Hype.

What is the opposite of Hype?

QFT for all of these.

Also, doesn’t he sound kind of like a gay Mario?

WTF was Capcom thinking? He should have been the first one revealed, or right after Juri, because I doubt there’s gonna be any reason to give two shits about him.

I would have rather had Karin in the game.

QFT again.

QFT very much.

In the original Sheng long myth, he could do all the sf2ers’ moves, hence seth. (although he cannot do ALL of them in sf4.) Akuma was inspired by the myth a bit yes, so you are partially right.
Linkage: (it’s under april fools’ joke 1992.)

Original document from GI: