Hakan has a FADC Combo and a attack cancel into his oil up

Hakan is not my main, lol…I was just messing around with him and I probably am gonna make him a secondary, but enjoy the video…and I discovered this just yesterday…enjoy

Known stuff for quite a while. The reason you might not see it much is because most Hakans probably won’t spend two bars to add another cr.:mk:/f.:mp: unless it’ll kill them. You’re usually better off using your meter to make slides safe or for ex oils/slides/spds.

However, you can also FADC f.:mp: into a st.:mp:, and you can create some nice pressure or link into slide for some nice damage. That makes it so you don’t have to DNC (dash normal cancel, makes these combos possible) into tackle or cr.:mk:, which are both wildly unsafe on block.

The kick follow up was a major addition to the character that was listed in all the changes. Appreciate the video though, there hasn’t been much love shown for oily guy in a while.

Personally, I’ve been using f.mp, FADC s.lp, s.lp, f.lk xx slide. That way, if they block the first s.lp, you can throw them instead.

Yeah, that’s a really good one. And like Swoops was saying, the ability to link into slide now using cancels without taking pretty big risks, and not even that, giving you options of mixups/pressure, like the guys were saying, is huge.

damn i suck…someone just say it…im always messing this stuff up…sigh

No harm, no foul, mate. It’s always good information to put up, and the Hakan board is always in need of more posts. =P