Hakan Match-Ups and Preferred Ultras (Opinions please!)

This long post is actually the result of finding a similar topic and getting a bit carried away with my opinions and preferred options. I’m not a Hakan professional by any means, and I don’t claim that all information provided is 100% rock solid.

However, I am more than happy to discuss, banter, or hear any opinions from anyone else.

  • Adon - U2: Ultra 2 seems like it was almost made to punish just about anything that Adon could do at a distance. Jaguar Kick is quick, though with the proper timing and read it is very do-able. HK and EX-Rising Jaguar are very liable targets if Hakan is able to dodge. However, most of the time you might find yourself begging for Adon to use HK or EX-Jaguar Tooth. Not only does it launch him from one side of the screen and directly toward you, but the timing on the HK is rather easy. The EX variation can throw off timing, and it is rather quick. Still, there is plenty of time for the input. (Expect the EX in the corners if Adon has Jaguar Avalanche as his selected Ultra.) What could really turn the tides is that both of his Ultras are punishable with Oil Combination Hold. Jaguar Revolver basically launches a flurry of Jaguar Kicks before the animation. Jaguar Avalanche on the other hand is preferably led into with a Rising Jaguar, FADC, and followed with the Ultra. Of course, Hakan’s Ultra 2 is there as a means to discourage a random. Fun little extra is that if you block most of Adon’s Super and he choose to follow up with Jaguar Assassin, he is prime for a punish.

  • Cammy - U2: Oil Combination Hold has proven to be a large factor in matches against Cammy. Though most of the time the concern stems from pokes leading into Spiral Arrow (I cannot stress enough to block low and LP Oil Rocket after the first hit. There is a window that leaves her open for a punish. Make distance and oil up!) other big hitters are of course Cannon Spike, Cannon Strike, and Razor’s Edge Sliver. (Usually works best on the EX attempt) Even oiled and prime, Cammy is a bit too fast and Hakan’s Oil Rocket along with Ultra 1 prove a bit too uncertain to recommend. The gold I’ve hit with Ultra 2 is that a missed/baited Cannon Spike launch her high into the air and straight back onto the ground, prime to land on Hakan. Cannon Strike if predicted sends her right toward you, and the EX-Razor’s Edge can help you set up from nearly full screen distance.

  • Dudley - U2: It was a hard choice when I did have to face off against Dudley. Both of the Ultras can have a hard time landing on him. His DP, Machine Gun Blow, and Short Swing Blow make Ultra 1 a bit dangerous in my opinion. That of course is not to mention his excellent recovery mixed with the constant threat of his FADC make the up-close and personal option even riskier. Though Dudley isn’t much of an airborne character, the potential to punish a jump with a jumping MP into Ultra 2 remains. If anything I’d actually recommend Hakan’s LK Super, since it provides immunity from strikes. (Fun way to punish an opponent who gets to friendly with MGB. Plus, its useful against the players who misread you with a Cross Counter attempt) Also, on the rare chance a Thunderbolt is used Ultra 2 is there as a counter. The Super

  • Fei Long - U1/U2: Both of the Ultra Combos can prove useful against Fei, however, I’d have to vote that Ultra 1 is slightly more useful since our Bruce Lee lookalike needs to be up close to inflict most of his damage. Of course, the reason I listed both is because Ultra 2 can prove just as useful. It works beautifully against the chicken-wing, his Shienkyaku (upon landing of course), and for you really speed yand sneaky types his overhead kick.

  • Ibuki - U1/U2: Matching up with Ibuki means your focus is to punish and keep oiled up like it was going out of fashion. Both Ultras can prove useful, though landing them is what truly becomes the issue. Ibuki is fast. Very fast. Hakan on the other hand… Is as you all know a bit along the lines of movement impaired. His Oil Slide should turn into your tool to maintain a close distance (and it beats out her Neckbreaker.) And prevent her from hitting you with an onslaught of kunai. Both Oil Dive and his Super should be avoided at all costs, since you’ll find yourself launch directly into a waiting target combo and the potential dreaded vortex. Ultra 1 should be used either after a Focus Attack or to punish a wiffed target combo or link attempt. (Heck, I’ve caught a few Ibuki after they dashed behind me.) Two of the best chances to land the Oil Coaster are on a blocked Neckbreaker attempt or if you block her command throw. (She makes a noticable squeak-ish sound upon the failed attempt, though it might be too late at that point.) Ultra 2 on the other hand has a major challenge that hinders its usefulness. Kunai. Ibuki mistakening jumps toward a waiting Hakan? One Kunai prolongs the time she’s in the air and sends a protectile shooting right toward you. In a worse case scenerio she can even punish Hakan with extreme prejudice if her Super is full and waiting to be used. Its outside of the obvious means where the second Ultra keeps in this match up. It makes a nice counter to Tsuijigoe (the flashy overhead flip), Hien (the double or triple-kick to your face, or the HK and EX-Kazegirl with the latter being the better chance at catching her. In truth though, this is a hard match-up for Hakan. The largest strengths being both the Oil Showers and Oil Slide; use them and give her less breathing room. It only takes one wiffed Oil Rocket attempt to leave you wide open to a Yoroitoshi, so be cautious.

  • Ken - U2: There are those players who prove time and time again that if you’d stand anywhere near them while down, you can expect a DP attempt. Easily punished with Ultra 2, though there are some other bells and whistles to go along with that. His Tatsu, Super, and Ultra 1 can lead to a quick demise. The icing on the cake is Ken’s second Ultra paired with Oil Combination Hold. Since he is by all means in the air, its an easy counter or punish. What makes it better is the fact that he launches himself toward you make timing rather minimal.

  • M. Bison/Dictator - U1/U2: Bison if anything presents a tough battle. If the other player knows to charge with Down + Back, then be prepapred for a multitude of different outcomes. Save the big Oil Shower and keep yourself slick with the LK and MK variations. Do whatever you can to avoid jumping in to prevent yourself from becoming a big shiny red target. His Knee Press hits fast and Psycho Crusher’s different ranges make landing on it a real hazard. (The tail of the attack can see hit you as well.) But those are only two options he has. His Head Press can easily stomp you right out of the air, the EX version includes a nice chunk of your health and a fair amount of stun, not to mention the attack’s generous hit box. (If it even connects with your foot midair, it counts as the attack landing.) Ultra 1 will come into play to punish one of three moves. The most basic is his crouching HK, his trademark slide leaves him vunerable and allows you to sink in Ultra 1 or a Oil Rocket to create space. Psycho Crusher can be blocked, and in all but the EX version usually set-up a chance to punish him. With the EX-Psycho Crusher, be aware of the distance. If Bison is far enough that he lands in front of you, the recovery is brief and you could be victim to a throw attempt. If he ends up on the other side of you, it would be in Hakan’s best interest to avoid the urge to try and command throw him and instead aim for a low HK or a standard throw. Ultra 2 once more can become the element of change in this battle. Upon becoming an option, Bison can become much more hesitant to throw out any of his specials attacks. The Head Press, Psyco Crusher, and Double Knee Press are all punishable with the Oil Combination Hold. Of course, don’t be surprised to find Bison attempting to bait it out of you only to watch as he retreats with Devil’s Reverse. The real bonus is how Ultra 2 can limit his Ultra game if not completely eliminate it. Both the Nightmare Booster and Psycho Punisher send one Dictator straight toward Hakan (The Psycho Punisher is the trickier of the two. If you activate Ultra 2 too early Bison can shift his landing to make it safe.)

  • Ryu - U2: Many Ryu players online can be baited into using a fierce Shoryuken, which is easily blocked and countered with Ultra 2. The first Ultra seems to a bit to much of a nuisance to land on a Ryu, especially if your oil runs out and you’re left without many other choices. Of course, the EX-Tatsu midair can save him from a mistimed empty jump.

  • T.Hawk - U1/U2: The strategy when dealing with a grappler should be pretty straight-forward. Stay out of his grab range and do whatever possible to avoid being caught in his Super or either Ultra. They will HURT, and they will hurt you badly. If you are looking to play Hakan offensively in this match-up you absolutely need to make sure he is oiled at all times while you’re in close. Not only is the range of his Oil Rocket extended, but his backdash takes him much farther out, and of course don’t forget that even though 10 percent reduced damage may sound meager, it can still be the difference between a win and a loss. Oil Slide should be used if Hawk leaves himself vunerable after a failed grab attempt or if you see him charging a Focus. Be careful! If it is blocked you are extremely vunerably during Hakan’s recovery. Pokes should lend to finding an opening while crouching HK results in a knockdown and a decent bit of damage. Make use of the Focus Attack’s slide while oiled to keep out of range of a throw and to set Hawk up for Ultra 1. In most of the fight though, you want to use this as a punish and not as a means of offense. One of the greatest chances to execute it is to wait until you see Hawk take to the air. If he comes at you with a Condor Dive backdash and buffer the two 360 motions while Hakan is in his animation. I do warn that it is somewhat risky with the uncertain landing potential of Ultra 1 at times. It can very easily leave you victim to one of his devastating throws. Ultra 2 will simply be meant as a means to make Hawk re-think Tomahawk Buster, Condor Spire, and Condor Dive. The latter of which should prove to be the more frequent means for setting the move up since it usually plays the role as Hawk’s means of closing distance.

why would you ever pick u2 on dudley when he has every reason in the world to NOT jump at you

the same goes for bison honestly, but not as much

Well, when I wrote this little would-be guide I was attempting to lend a bit more toward the XBL/PSN online than actual tournament or serious play.

In about 80% of the Dudley encounters I’ve dealt with, most attempt to abuse the downward elbow and attempt to figure out into either his target combo or LP Jet Upper > (More than a few things he can combo that into).

The reason I chose Ultra 2 is that beside that point though is that Dudley has fast recovery, his Short Swing Blow always a factor, his attacks can make it exceedingly hard for Hakan to Oil Shower which in turn means his grab range is dramatically reduced. And that’s after the punishment Hakan could suffer. Full-screen distance doesn’t offer much security since he can simply EX-Machine Gun Blow and travel over to you in a very short time with the added benefit of launching you into the air which leaves your vulnerable to more a couple of damaging outcome.

His EX-Jet Upper CAN periodically break a command throw (scary fact is that it broke my Zangief’s Ultra.) It does hold a bit of immunity on start-up, so if a grappler is able to get inside than Dudley has one find ace in his sleeve.

Plus, if you look at what I typed I suggest his Super as a preferred alternative. Using LK to activate the Super gives Hakan that immunity to strikes. Dudley’s entire arsenal falls onto those. Super bar shouldn’t be a commodity in that fight anyways. Dudley lacks projectiles (minus the rose if you want to count it) so there shouldn’t be a single reason to be EX-Oil Showering, EX-Oil Slide, ect. The damage buff isn’t enough to waste the bar.

Onto Bison, because everyone of his special moves aside from teleport can activate the Oil Combination Hold. Even his Ultra’s present that chance. The only really occasion where I can see Ultra 1 coming into play is after a blocked crouching HK or Psycho Crusher (The EX variation being the excluded one because of the much quicker recovery time and the chance of his land behind Hakan.) Most Bison players will hit with a Head Press and land out of range, or will attempt to fake their opponent out with Devil’s Reverse. The cr. HK and standing HK make excellent means of keeping distance, and he has the mentioned teleport if all else fails.

ok, but, the thing is is that vs dudley youre ex is going to ex oil rockets more than likely, nullifying your super.

if he gets in your face you got to get him the fuck off you with with ex rocket or ultra 1. as said a good dudley will never jump at you for no reason.

you arent supposed to oil up without a KD vs dudley anyway, and thus the reduced grab range isnt much of a factor to begin with (we aren’t gief, we dont need it)

ssb is more or less useless for dudley, and he will not use it. he has plenty of other options to utilize (i.e. duck mixup, lp mgb, etc)

of course ex dp has invincibility, if it didnt dudley would have no reversal at all. all you have to do is bait it out, which is easy to do. especially if you do the safe j.rh setup after slide and he whiffs it outright. dudley’s wakeup is bad as it is, so if you have u1 youre making it even harder for him.

also, u1 punishes everything dudley has on block.

as for bison, just because u2 catches his specials does not mean its the go to ultra, that requires extreme prediction or gdlk reflexes. u1 is much preferred, as with dudley, to pressure him even harder on his wakeup (and punish bad blockstrings).

I do find the notes on Dudley very interesting, I do need to look into that more so as you described.

On the Bison note, I think one reason I prefer Ultra 2 to Ultra 1 in that situation is that I used to main as Bison, so I have an easier time reading into what is most likely coming next.

Bison isn’t much of an air dependent character. You say you wrote this guide for casual online play, but then you say U2 is better for you since you know what’s most likely coming. Can you tell us what that is? Because I’ve faced serious Bisons who know to basically switch to footsie mode/safe scissors, and avoid jumping at all costs if I get U2.

In the long run it can work out for me, because I’ve removed one relatively safe option for Bison, and can possibly make a comeback - not from landing an ultra, but by working with the limitations I’ve placed on Bison.

I can’t say I have a preference in that match really because I haven’t had enough practice in it as Hakan, but Guard Position is quite handy when you don’t want people jumping all over you, and you don’t want to get all spastic trying to counter jump-ins and air specials that could be bait…

Also refer to this thread I made awhile back that is about the same topic:


So, time has passed and I’ve been improving with our beloved Hakan. More time online has also offered a few more match-up strategies, one that I feel comfortable enough to share right now. I’m also going to add a couple of edits to some of my earlier suggestions.

  • Balrog/Boxer - U1/U2: This fight was a bit tricky for myself at first. Because Boxer is a charge, it meant that Oil Slide had to be used conservatively. Getting close to Oil Rocket is a large risk, since Boxer’s cr. LP lead into some pretty harsh attacks. To make it a bit more dangerous, choosing when and how to oil is critical since he can cover full screen distance at a quick rate. However, with some work I’ve come up with a few strategies. First and foremost, attempt to work Boxer into an Oil Rocket even whilst oiled is a chore that can lead to punishment. Oil Slide should only be used as a counter to his specials. Plus a simple but often forgotten fact; stay out of the air. Now… The real trick is to break distance and get closer to Boxer. Make sure you’re at distance to avoid his cr. MK and cr. HK. f. MP should be your means of punishing an attempted pokes in your direction, plus it can also be followed with an Oil Slide if timed right. Try to apply as much pressure as possible, and if Boxer becomes too predictable than throw a f. HP for a little extra damage. If you are staying crouched, Buffalo Head should go overhead if used, and hopefully leave some room to punish. If you are able to find a chance to Oil Shower, then use Hakan’s Focus Attack and slide in to score an Oil Rocket or Ultra 1. Ultra 2 only is useful in your have a jumpy Boxer. (That and to catch him after a whiffed Buffalo Head, but since he doesn’t go too far in the air its not practical to try to catch.) Flying Oil Spin in the LK variation will keep you safe from his strikes, although, its key to catch him near the end of the animation since he will almost certain start to charge immediately afterward. Keep the fight slow paced and don’t use ANY attacks without purpose. If you’re able to get a decent lead in life, keep distance and make him come to your. He can’t charge while moving forward and his specials lead him open to Oil Slide.

  • Dudley - U1/U2: For better or worse I am sticking to my suggested strategy whilst facing Dudley. (Doesn’t mean Ultra usage, I’ll touch on that in a bit.) To state the obvious, he’s a BEAST when there is little distance between you and him. His short recovery, ability to juggle you into his Super and Corkscrew Cross make it exceedingly important to limit mistakes when close. Machine Gun Blow is a fast and excellent means to close distance and potentially cause a bit of damage. However, the real concern is the EX version. Not only is it the fastest, but it can leave you airborne and open to some serious hurt. In truth, being a bit defensive in this fight has yielded the better results. (Personally.) Hakan has a few advantages in this fight. Dudley’s lack of a projectile (other than the Victory Rose) means that the only way to inflict damage is to get close and stay on you. If your dry then it can become a bit harder to maintain control of the fight, however, once you have a chance to Oil Shower things become a tad easier. Be ready to Oil Rocket whenever a chance presents itself. Machine Gun Blow can make things harder since it does push you back and out of throw range. However! If you sense or catch the start-up of Machine Gun Blow that is the time to answer with Oil Slide followed by a quick LK Oil Shower. Back dash immediately to avoid a nasty uppercut and be ready with an Oil Slide if he does take said route. Because of the recent LK Oil Shower, you’d be just out of grab range and with Dudley’s recovery time it could cost you if you become too throw happy. f. MP once more shoulder be your tool to counter his pokes and close distance, with f. HP used to dish out a little more damage at an added risk. f. HK results in a nice knockdown and can be followed with an Oil Rocket if blocked. One devious strategy is to make ample use of Hakan’s Focus Attack while oiled as a wake-up game. Learn the distance of Jet-Upper, and use the added benefit of being mobile to make last moment adjustments. If it lands, dash forward and answer with LP Oil Rocket for distance and time to use Oil Shower, the HP variation for damage, and EX Oil Rocket if you need that damage boost. All can be followed with a LK Oil Shower safety with the LP Oil Rocket giving you the option to oil up with either MK or HK. While both Ultra Combos can be landed after a Focus Attack, Ultra 1 will be more flexible for use while Ultra 2 is a punish to those who jump in to start a combo. (Or to catch Dudley on a wiffed HP or EX Jet Upper.) However, if there is one tool that I recommend the most it would be to avoid EX-specials and build up a Super. Dudley doesn’t have projectiles, so both EX-Oil Shower and EX-Oil Slide aren’t too practical. The damage that the EX adds to Oil Rocket doesn’t justify the wasted bar either. Once a Super is built, your half-circles followed by LK will leave you immune to all strike damage UNTIL you dive forward. Its an excellent counter to Dudley’s Super, Ultras, and just about anything else he could throw at you. (He could grab, but if he started to close in than you should dive right at him.) The best occasions to answer with your Flying Oil Spin are against any variation of the Machine Gun Blow, both Ultra Combos, or for a baited Jet Upper. In closing… Maintain a distance until you can oil, even Hakan’s normal throws do an excellent job of creating distance, remember that Dudley has to come to you to do damage, while both Ultras are useful in this fight the Flying Oil Spin seems to be the most practical to use, and finally… Learn the range of Jet Upper and punish wake-up attempts with an oiled Focus Attack.

  • M. Bison/Dictator - U1/U2: After having some matches with some serious Dictator players along with some input from Liquigen and Metroxylon I’ve felt it better to do a bit of a revision on strategies. Truth be told this is a tough match-up for my Hakan at least. First matter to touch is the danger of using Oil Slide in this battle. Bison’s cr. RH can and will usually come out as victor in that clash. The only two occasion’s I can fully recommend the Oil Slide are when you are using it to break a Focus Attack attempt, or after an attempt Head Press (IF the follow-up isn’t used) and he attempts to create distance. Use ANY and EVERY chance to keep Hakan oiled in this fight. The added range to your Oil Rocket mean you don’t need to risk getting as close to Dictator as you would dry. However! Staying back at a distance is the last thing that I’d advise. His Head Press remains a constant threat, the EX version of that doing some pretty serious damage (heck, the chip damage can be pretty bad). Staying mid-range should allow you to put on some pressure, Hakan’s f. MP being a great means to counter poke a bit and close the distance. If Bison does happen to become a bit too poke happy than the f. HP delivers some nice damage and gets you a bit closer (it does leave you open longer if blocked, so be a little more conservative with that). The cr. LK is what you need to remain most cautious of. Often if those kicks connect, it’ll lead into a LK Knee Press. If Bison has a full Super meter, even more caution toward those cr. LKs need to be shown. Don’t be fooled into thinking he’s waiting for you to take the offensive, since it only takes one cr. RH to close a LOT of distance and catch you in an untechable knockdown. Jumping in can be quite the dangerous gamble against Bison. Not only is his Head Press an excellent anti-air, but a timed cr. HP (even a standing HP) can ruin your plan and inflict a fair amount of stun. Once more, I stress to Oil Shower whenever possible. The LK and MK variations usually are the safest bet to avoid a full screen punish (or a Psycho Punisher for that matter) and will make grabbing a hold of him MUCH easier. If you do become too predictable with your Oil Rocket attempts, don’t be shocked to see Bison teleport away to safety. His ability to control the distance between himself and Hakan is his largest advantage. An oiled Focus Attack can make an awesome fake-out, and lead into either of the Ultra Combos. And if Dictator becomes too liberal with his Head Press, it is easily avoided with a back dash. Of course, if it becomes clear that you can counter that, expect Devil’s Reverse to become much more frequent. Now… Onto the Ultra that is best suited for the situation… Ultra 1 seems to be the one that will land more often. Still, its going to be a difficult set-up best saved for after a Focus Attack or a back-dashed Head Press. Oil Combination Hold can either work for you or against you. Upon becoming usable, I have noticed that many Bison will attempt to bait it out of Hakan with Devil’s Reverse, and thus make it unsuitable as a punish. Any variation of the Knee Press usually are to fast to read, and in most cases the same is said for Psycho Crusher (except for situations where your opponent tries to land it at a full screen distance). The only moves that it really becomes a counter against are Bison’s Ultras. Against Nightmare Booster, if Hakan hasn’t fallen victim to a Focus Attack or air-to-air MP-MP than you can trigger Oil Combination Hold and wait for the Dictator to come home. Psycho Punisher is a bit trickier. From a distance, if Hakan lays himself out in anticipation for the attack too early its almost always a sure bet that Bison will manipulate himself in air and make the landing safe. Up close it becomes a bit harder for him to control his destination, and in most situations I score the Ultra. Other than that, U2 is only going to be landing after a level 2 or 3 Focus Attack.

Fun Facts You May Already Know

Oil Slide will break through Abel’s shield when he uses Breathless.

If a opponent mistimes a jump and falls into your Focus Attack, be on the look out. If they are sent flying close to corner you can dash forward and use Oil Combination Hold. Upon landing on you, they trigger the Ultra.

If your opponent likes to jump in to start a combo, learn to anticipate the jump and leap toward them immediately after they leave the grab. Hakan’s air-throw can really make a player scared to jump or is an excellent way to do continuous damage on a stubborn foe.

If angled correctly, j. HK works as a cross-up and can be followed with a cr. HK for a two hit combo that does a nice share of damage.

Remember the frames! There is a nice chunk of characters who Oil Dive will work on upon wake-up. The timing is a bit tricky and most players will wise up after the first or second time, though it is always an option (just be cautious of the wake-up DP)

Make them fear Hakan on the wake-up. If they close in on you while downed, wake-up with a LP Oil Rocket. Take the chance to Oil Shower.

Jumps escape throws. Your opponent will take to the air if they keep getting grabbed, even using the wake-up against you and punishing. Answer the counter with a counter of your own, Ultra 2 can make them regret leaping above you.

Oil Combination Hold is quite the devious tool. Against an Akuma who EX-Tatsu’s above you, you can trigger Ultra 2 as a wake-up. For the truly evil, bait out an EX-Spinning Bird Kick from a downed Chun-Li by standing above her while she is down. Right before wake-up, input Ultra 2.

Remember, that if they are even slightly in the air, they are prime to trigger Ultra 2. Guy’s running overhead kick being a prime example. Learn your opponent’s weaknesses.

U2 works against Scissor kick, psycho crusher, and both of his ultras. For the most part, it helps you more than it works against you in the scenario you get knocked down. It’s going to be pretty hard to get close enough on him to use U1 since all of his attacks pretty much beat yours and have much more range + come out faster. U2 is hit or miss, but it does limit some of their options on your wake up, which you will want even if you can’t land it on him.

On that note, I think U2 works best as an element rather than a means of offense/defensive against Dictator. His attacks usually are a bit fast to respond to unless he broadcasts them, and good Bison players will poke the daylight out of you before running instead an unsafe DKP or Psycho Crusher.