Hakan Mix up



Ive been working on something as of late. I got the idea from watching one of Kalam’s videos and what IFC Zangief / AquaSilk do with Zangief.

I’ll make a video on it later (@ work ATM), but Ive been trying to get a handle on a mix up. The mix up is when you air reset your opponent after a FA crumble and then go under them and grab them. Ive seen AquaSilk crumble his opponent > jump over and do a Jumping Down+L.Kick (Knee press) into the air reset (where they dash under them) and either grab, B.Flat or Lariet. Hakan has that, but his is easier due to Oil.

  1. Focus Attack
  2. jump over (I notice Kalam does an Air grab to stop the forward motion of his jump)
  3. land (at this time they should be on their knees) and hit C.Light Kick (this put them in an air reset).
  4. immediately do a F.MP (this has you go under them why they’re flipping out the air reset)
  5. your on the opposite side so you can either go for Hakan’s BnB (C.MK XX slide ) or Oil Rocket.

So far I’ve been going with the oil rocket. NOTE: YOU HAVE TO BE OILY FOR THIS TO WORK! I havent tested this out against a live opponent yet but its great and I am going to do some more looking into it. I’ll put a video later tonight or tomorrow, to give the visual. I do know that this a great mix up, especially against charge characters (due to them loosing the charge).

Hakan Video Thread: Ready for Action!

Hey, i see no one’s replied to this. I’m not too sure about the validity of this one though, I know f.mp can go under them, but to me it never looked like he had much advantage afterwards, okay it would be a cute reset to Oil coaster, but for cr.mk slide, surely it’s not quick enough to warrant it?

There’s a proper one though using dash, it works in the corner. It’s something like, while oiled, focus crumple, standing light kick, dash under, cr.mk slide/whatever. Pretty ambiguous; infact Hakan actually goes outside of the screen in some instances, haha. However, there’s always a negative with resets; you’re losing corner momentum, unless you do oil kick followup, which loses you damage, but the dash under does work and you’re at an advantage being oiled. You can also do this midscreen, but only if you crumble your opponent crouching, kinda weird. Works on Ryu anyways.

Now it looks like im condoning resets for the good, ha, but i’m just elaborating on the theme :stuck_out_tongue:



This is what I am talking about.


thats pretty sweet dude


Good stuff Synkiller. You got me inspired to try some off this stuff out! And with some experimenting, i managed to find a normal midscreen reset using dash! Here’s some quick examples of what you can do, just off the top of my head. The cool thing is, because Hakan can cancel his dash, you can choose what side you want to end up on. Hope people can come up with some creative stuff out of this.

It’s not guaranteed damage of course, so take that into consideration while watching these:





OHHHHHHH that 3rd one is niiicce. Im stealin’ it!! 3 hours till I can go home and do some of these!


Speaking resets, here’s a few i’m not sure anyones aware of, using Hakans fastest air normal. Just a note, these only work when oiled, except for the first one, the walk under:


Meaty Hakan spear is win. You can do it a lot earlier than that, so they basically land right on it. It’s quite ridiculous actually. Also, you can do the dash under cr.mk even later than that, and make it really ambiguous and hard to block.


pure gold synkyller. is it necessary to jump against non charge characters? just wondering if you need it for timeing


In that last video, what normal did you use to reset into Ultra 1? Is it standing medium punch? It’s kinda hard to see for me.


Yeah, I know what you mean, it’s standing medium punch.

You can also use the second one using hakan spear, and then ultra 1, for some repulsive range and nasty damage.


Wait a minute, you can meaty Spear into Ultra 1??? Oh f-- wow… man I need proof of that.


Yeah you can, although in this instance, it pushes them back a bit so you have to wait just a a second before you do the ultra.

Spear into ultra works really well, only problem is it’s such a strong, powerful priority move, people usually jump if you hit them with it because they don’t want to deal with it, and the threat of the throw is there, so sometimes it’s kinda risky. Might be good to test the waters with it and find your opponents tendencies first. Reward for it is there though for sure.

Got a couple more mix ups I want to post later.


Okay back with some new oily mixups, this time with ‘slightly’ better video quality, just slightly though. Alright, so remember these are only possible when oiled. The first one may be possible without oil in some cases.

  • So the first one is a reset you definitely could add into your game, neutral jump is something you’re always going to have to deal with when playing Hakan, this is a great way to turn the tide against the opponent. F.lp is really good against neutral jumps.You can delay the dash Mk if you want to stay on the same side.
  • The second one is just a fun midscreen reset. Good for style points. It’s not something I’ll probably be trying in matches, but it looks cool. You can also end into ultra after the slide. Use mp slide to just briefly connect with the opponent and keep them grounded, or use lp to fake them out and end in SPD/ultra. Works off any crumple, just make sure the second focus is lvl2.
    -The third one is a pretty sick looking reset that I found today, only works in the corner. Does good damage if you pull it off. You can use lp to reset, but medium punch does slightly more damage. It’s ambiguous, hard to react to, and you can cancel your dash quickly if you want to stay on the same side as the opponent. Again just make sure the second focus is lvl2.






Don’t see myself using 2 or 3 too often but will definitely be making use of the first. Good shit Drew.

Also this reminds me of a situation I encountered recently where I landed an anti-air level 2 or 3 focus(juggle state) xx dnc xx f.lp(reset). Perhaps a similar mix up could be applied there?


Yeah the first ones really good. Also, I forgot to add that it works off normal jumps aswell, so that’s cool, f.lp is a decent anti air anyway, so if you see it connect you can dash under.

It also works against crossups, it’s easy to get autocorrect lp if someone jumps over you, free dash under, even off a trade!

Oh yeahhh, I know what you’re saying, usually I go for f.hk, but yeah in the corner I think it could definitely work. Though im not sure what my anti air focus timing is like, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey drew in ‘reset 3’ are you buffering the ultra during a whiffed s.lp? My eyesight isn’t too hot and I can’t quite make it out.


Hey, in that one I’m buffering the ultra during st.mp, not lp. You can use lp, but it’s a lot harder to do.


This is a random question, but can Hakan hit U2 from the air reset caused by F.LP? My logic was that if he could dash under them in that time then the Ultra might work (at work, otherwise I’d shaddap and test it myself lol).


lol nah, U2 only work’s from juggle situations, not reset situations, since you’re just resetting them in the air, where as j.mp gives you that falling juggle state


Darn, twas too good to hope for. shrug.

Back to this dash under (because I previously was not aware of this trick at all), are there any other situations where you can use F.lp to air reset them, or the FA the only one? I guess I ask because hitting a focus attack at times seems impossible unless you make it a priority, and even then isn’t always suggested (though Hakan’s odds of hitting one are higher since he can slide his around the board).