Hakan newb looking for local sparring partners

I just switched from Dan after realizing he wasn’t going to be competitive, and I like Hakan’s matchups. He’s average against people I usually stomp, and he’s great against characters I usually suck fighting. Plus the grappling style is something that suits me well, so I think I’ll get along just fine. I just need a sparring partner, and maybe a coach to help me build up my knowledge and skills. I live in the Las Vegas area, ironically where Evo is taking place, and by August or September will be moving to Temecula, California. Would anyone out there like to teach me the ropes? Much thanks!

Welcome to the sexy and exciting world of no homo oil wrestling!

Dunno about local trainers but if you hit the video thread it is a gold mine of information. Also worth finding are the Low Tier Entertainment Hakan guide videos, which do a really great job of covering the basics.

Oh and about the competitive thing…

It’s a shame so many online players are spread out, not only by geographical location, but also by console.

like i have said before talzer my man, you shouldnt be so eager to switch mains. if you like their design and there moves and you can use em, try em out. so, i would reccomend giving dan another chance, cause everyone in this game has competitive potential, including dan. so if you were good with dan before, stick with em. in fact talzar my man, do me a favor and never listen to tier lists and people saying dan sucks. everyone is good in arcade edition. everyone is balanced.