Hakan on Notice

I am going to get flak for this, but for some reason I took it personal. Mike Ross on the recent Excellent adventures noted Infiltrators Hakan and said how great Hakan can be now and how he bodied players. I am not arguing Infiltrators Hakan is terrible. I been maining Hakan since Super and I am still at 8k on PSN (though I saw nothing new or flashy by Infiltrators Hakan that we all don’t do) I am however a little ‘madbro’ that Hakan has gotten put on notice not by an original Hakan player. All of you who posted prior to AE and did lab work, shared information, taught us our favorite gimmick wake-up and someone who just now is picking him up is the talk. There’s nothing that can be done. Its how the game is played, people get buffed, characters get dropped, new ones picked up. It just kinda seemed unfair. (I don’t think I had a point to this just wanted to get it off my chest.) Anyway um thats that.

Well, apparently Infiltration had been playing Hakan on the low down for a year now. But yeah, it seems no one really cares unless you’re a famous tournament player. So I guess if any of the lab work Hakans wanted to get noticed, they’d have to get offline and do well in multiple tourneys

I personally think Samurai drew is better than Infiltrators’s hakan…But from reading opponents ability and mind games, Infiltrators has another level. This comes with experience.
I think Infiltrator has no chance against bad match ups such as Uryo(sakura), Poongko(seth), sako ( ibuki ), gamerbee( a don ), T-sraI (blank), Tokido (akuma)

no disrespect infiltrator. I personally believe anyone picks up hakan takes time to learn his combos his oil dive setups and how to properly utilize his parry deserve so props. I think I I was more insulted that they just kind of brushed it off has oh well this guy is not a tournament player and hakan isn’t good in anyones hands but the tournament player. even gootecks said he would never pick up hakans because he wasn’t cool. Heck he didn’t even care he lost lol. funny thing is most hakans in on that show have beat them, myself included and I can’t even parry on my pad.

@OP: I can understand your frustration for sure. However, like Koko said; if we wanna get noticed, we have to get out there and start winning. I’ll be at Winter Brawl next month and you know I’ll be representing Hakan as hard as possible. I can’t guarantee that I’m going to do well, but I’m going to bring my A-game.

Furthermore, the great Hakans that we all know of are relatively unknown to the FGC by and large. Samurai Drew recently won a tournament as Hakan, but it was in Scotland. I’m a fan of the guy and I don’t even know anything else about the tournament beyond that. Citizen CIA always gets people hyped in our local tournaments, but that’s just in MA. On the flip side of that coin sits Infiltration; a player that people have known of previously who has experienced some pretty big successes.

When someone in the public eye picks up Hakan, people are going to take notice, and that’s just the unfortunate truth. Until we can show up to a tourney and pull in decent rankings and get noticed, people aren’t going to pay us any mind.

well Im starting to just play offline to focus more on tournaments. Also banana ken wants to learn Hakan. he asked me about the Hakan / dhalsim MU. He’s coming over next weekend (my birthday party) and want to learn hakan. Im not making this sh… up. personally I think he’s freaking trolling me, but we’ll see.

Who the hell is Infiltrator?

I feel like I had a big chance to help Hakan get noticed but I just let it slip through my hands. I used to live in California (the tourney hot spot) for 2 years, and never went to any SF event. I remember one time there was a Bar Fights that Gootecks was attending in Pasadena, which was literally 5 minutes away from where I lived but I turned it down because I didn’t want to call out of work lol

I’m no Wildcat but I’d say I’m a pretty strong Hakan player, not the best but I can stand my ground among some top players. If I had gone to a lot of the events around me, maybe I could’ve got Hakan a little notice. But now I’m back living in Texas where almost nothing happens near me, so I’m stuck as an online warrior lol

Don’t beat yourself up man, keep grinding it out. I live in MA so I can sympathize a little bit (though I think MA’s got it a bit better than TX). Am I crazy for considering moving to be close to a better FG scene? =X

I will look forward to seeing that Dagon bring oil! Also where would be a good place to start looking for small tourneys and such on the eastcoast MD?

As far as small tournaments go, check your regional matchmaking section (not sure if MD would count as Atlantic North or Atlantic South). Find your local scene and start hanging out at offline meetups.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Ok. You wont believe the arguement Im having right now on Facebook. Okay a close friend of mine, Antwan ortiz (you may know him, he came in 3rd at the Gamestop SFIV tourney back in 08) put up a FB stat;

So he comes to me PM and ask me to vote, I do because I say you know where I stand on this. At first I was like go with kan, then I was like no go with Cody, but after thinking about his playstyle, he fits Hakan perfectly. He plays Hugo and Dudley on 3S so hes very familiar with Grapplers and since he loves to parry, I was like Hakan would fit you but you really gonna have to try him out seriously. Dont like him, then pick up Cody. Now. Its the other people that is getting on my nerves. Hes a joke character, pick a REAL character like Cody, blah blah blah. Even Floe, Sanford and several oterh pros are voting. of course most of them had said Cody over Hakan. It’s a mess and its making me want to really get fucking good with Hakan to prove naysayers wrong. I really need to step my shit up. period.

It’s just characters with solid combos are more considered than grapplers. I mean Hakan doesn’t really have that many combos. Cody would obviously be the easier choice to make for an alt. Hakan takes a lot of patience against some bad match ups

I personally believe it takes more skill to use a quote unquote bad character than just pick a combo heavy mash out jabs string trap rinse repeat character. Tell yours friend if he wants to win take cody if he wants a win and wants to feel every match he deserved take hakan. Besides he will have a slight advantage. I love beating a rank who use the excuse I didn’t know the match up.

Hakan is for the dedicated.

And for those who want to have fun.

and for those that hate using the same damn characters that was used when MTV actually showed Videos and not reality TV shows.

This is the simplest and best way to put it.

Just making a point here, I’ve been setting up some 4 player endless lobbies the last few days. Today I got a 21 win streak in endless, going about 35-6, yesterday I got a 12 win streak, and another good score the day before. I played some good players, and some not so good ones. The point is though, IF you put the time in to refining your skills with Hakan, you can beat anyone consistently (excusing the likes of Daigo/Tokido of course) and it’s not like I’m some godlike player. Of course in saying that, I’m sure some Grandmaster Hakan player, who doesn’t exist, only in our dreams, could certainly give them some trouble. Anyway, It’s nothing to do with matchup knowledge, Hakan has so much shit that he can cause pain with, regardless if you know that his slide is unsafe or you can mash cr.jab to escape Oil Dives. Big woop.

Of course I’m stupidly aggressive, but I don’t think that’s the difference, I think just getting everything in your game up to a good level, will see some results. IMO, I don’t think there is a more rewarding character to use than ol’ Hakan.

I agree whole heartedly. Every time I play at our local, regional ranbats and casuals. Everybody agrees that my Hakan is and has improved. I think I have but I gotta get stronger. my winning percent online, weather it be Endless or ranked is 56%. I need to have that up to 80% before EVO. Meaning that out of every ten matches, Im only losing 2 of them. I have a lot of work to do. I also realized what my problem is, I was trying to hard to emulate youtube combos or other people playstyles, instead of finding my own niche with Hakan. Once I realized that, I noticed my wins go up gradually.