Hakan Option selects?

Does Hakan have any usefull option selects ? Im trying to learn more about OS but its hard to figure
it out all by myselfe.

Anyway i would be greatful if you guys could share some Hakan OS with me

Yeah he does, I’ve just been working on some new ones, which surely must equate to the highest damage option selects in the game without using ultra…

So simple one’s you can do is cr.lk OS cr.hk, this is only really useful while oiled though, because cr.lk only chains while oiled.
So you go cr.lk, cr.lk + cr.hk, cr.lk, cr.lk…

A more damaging one is cr.lk/st.lk/st.lp OS f.mp (better whenoiled) which is great but doesn’t work against all characters such as Rose, but it’s good and does good damage if you can confirm into slide. Unfortunately it’s difficult to confirm into a combo from here from the st.lp/lk, not impossible though, but will take some practice, so your best bet is normal throw, or just another jab to keep the opponent in place

You can OS slide as well, but the new ones i’ve been working on involve the oil dives. St.lk/st.lp OS HK/EX dive is reaaally easy, works on every character, and does massive damage to punish backdashes. If you do st.lk > OS dive > st.lk/lp really quickly you can even time a combo, but will require some training time. Or you can go for normal throw.

Oh and of course off jumps in you can do similar things, OS HK/EX dive or OS super to catch backdashes.

For me it’s the dive is best one and isn’t even difficult, hope this helps :slight_smile:

Are you sure HK/EX dive works? In the past when I tried them they’re too slow. 6-9 frames of recovery + 1 for the active frame if done as meaty as possible + 22 frames of startup. Most people’s backdash fully complete in 20. I couldn’t even get mk dive to work. lk dive works but distance didn’t cover most backdashes.

The only one I found that works reasonable well is lp slide or a normal.

the lp/lk OS hk.dive is not hard to do but i find it whiffs on characters rather easy.
maybe character depended but i say the strength of the dives may work better situational.

It whiffs because it’s not a true OS.

The HK dive OS has a little catch, a lot of the times it’s catching the opponent as they’re going into their crouching animation.

The best time to use this OS is after oiled f.hk > empty jump

It’s a lot harder to time it perfectly just by trying to time it yourself off a knockdown, unless you know the specific timing. i.e - cr.hk > dash x 2 > st.lp > OS dive

Also remember to base it on your opponents character, against Ryu you can use any dive, but against characters like rose or Chun, you have to use HK dive.

If you’re still having problems, use lp slide lol

its a ‘true OS’ because of the inputs, but it just dont catch some of the characters fast enough i feel.
not so much of j.hk/c.hk setups, i was purely using it between my s.lp frametrap pressure.
i was basically doing [ slide-press > f.j.hk OS dive > s.lp > s.lp OS dive ].
Opponent b.dash after blocking the first s.lp and was able to duck without my dive catching them.

Thats why i feel that if tried a different strength of dive might work out.

At the end of the day i think its situational depended, so we need to work out what works with what character and what else.

Any light attack or meaty s.mp is to slide.