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I’ll get the ball rolling, why do some people do f.mp into oil dive? does f.mp force standing? even if it does it seems like a weird tactic that works.


Good idea, you should maybe change the thread title to Hakan Q and A or something similar.

Yeah it’s a reset that can’t be crouched, though you can mash crouching normal, reversal, and backdash to get out, but it’s hard to see coming. The reason people use it is because it’s good damage with a great payoff. Builds decent meter, takes the opponent straight to the corner in most circumstances, and gives you an oil up at the end or a setup if you like. You’ll now be able to do f.mp into HK Oil Dive in 2012, judging by what they’ve said, so you’ll get even more damage (if the damage is kept the same as AE)


thats the name i was looking for, i really couldn’t think of a proper one.

i know the up side to hitting the oil dive, but i didnt no the force standing and the ways to stop it.

thats wicked, im adding it to my game.

I was also wondering what the EX propertys of his oil dive were, and why does NO one use it. (at least what i see)


I had a look at the page after this, there has been a Q and A thread already. But, thats from a LONG time ago, when Hakan was a baby, so this should be good, lets make sure it doesn’t fade into obscurity.

Yeah, I think the rewards outway the risks, but it’s never guaranteed damage ofc. Oh yeah, just to add, at the moment it doesn’t work on everyone. Cammy, Honda, Blanka, and Dhalsim are all exceptions. Now, in 2012, I assume this will work. Now I say assume, because you never know, but with Oil Dives becoming universal then you would think so right? It’s gonna be weird Oil Diving Blanka, but man will it feel good.

EX properties of his dive are that it’s immune to grabs when oiled, but only when oiled. It’s range is also the best of all the dives, it can grab you from incredible distances…it’s crazy to think they’re increasing the grab range for this in 2012.


ok cool, thanx for the info. I’m good for now, other people best start asking questions or else they make me da fool.


Haha, that made me laugh. People around here are quite shy it seems…


Well I do have a few things:

  1. What do most of you consider Hakan’s best link-based combos? I need to develop links as a whole since they are my least developed aspect of my game.
  2. How do I set up sweet spot dives? Was it after a certain type of SPD or can do it after a normal throw?
  3. Does anyone remember something about using the Slide as a meaty or setup against a knocked down/ waking up opponent? I swear there was info, but I forgot the right term for it…


i could be wrong about things, if i am im sure people will be more then happy to correct me.


Just adding to what Yes said:

  1. Start off with the easiest and most important ones. St.jab x 2/3 > f.lk slide, or st.lk x 2/3 f.lk slide. It will take you some practice. Also st.lk doesn’t hit low ^. If you’re dashing up to someone when oiled you’re better off using st.jab as it’s range is that bit better.
  2. Sweet spot dives, well you should ask mordie, they’re a little tricky to do. That video that I made shows general oil dives, and I think there is some SS dives in there, I remember catching SRK in a match with a couple of them. Try learning some of the ones in the video first.
  3. Yeah, you’ll find a good number of safe slides in that video, enough to get you started anyway!

By the way, speaking of that video, remember I said I was going to make a video based on the Hakan vortex? Well I had a play around with it today in endless, and perfected my opponent first time, haha!


good shit, and i can’t beleave s.lk doesn’t hit low… well now i have a question, whats the point of doing s.lk s.lk f.lk instead of always doing s.lp s.lp f.lk?

maybe s.lk keeps the opponent closer?


Yeah, that’s exactly it. It’s kind of weird but from in close you can link about 4 s.lk’s into f.lk slide > on ryu, and probably more characters. I don’t think the same can be done with st.jab.

Also st.lk is a cooler move. If you’re oiled and mash st.lk while holding back, Hakan does a wee moonwalk lol


yea thats mainly why i used standing lk, i like the weird look to it lol


Needs more questions…


Alright here’s some more:

  1. What are the uses for f.mk? Out of all the command normals Hakan has, this is the one I don’t use as much, so I’m curious on what y’all do with f.mk…
  2. I’m just wondering, but who do you consider as Hakan’s worst/best matchups? I have my opinions, but I’m not entirely positive on what everyone else on the board thinks.
  3. I’m having trouble landing the crossup j.hk. Any tips?

  1. What are the uses for f.mk? Out of all the command normals Hakan has, this is the one I don’t use as much, so I’m curious on what y’all do with f.mk…

F.mk is a great far reaching poke, it can be a suprise tick into an Oiled command grab too. It’s good just for playing footsies with your opponent and you can use it to frustrate them into jumping. You can also pressure people in the corner with this, when you’re oiled up, it’s actually pretty amusing to watch doing f.mk over and over.

  1. I’m just wondering, but who do you consider as Hakan’s worst/best matchups? I have my opinions, but I’m not entirely positive on what everyone else on the board thinks.

It’s a personal thing for sure, but I hate Honda, really does my head in. He gets a life lead and he can sit and turtle full screen and then it becomes incredibly difficult to win. Blanka, I don’t like either…I find it difficult against characters who I can’t really mix up that well, and where Oil Dives don’t work. Obviously Yun and Yang are pretty bad, and Fei Long once he inevitably gets you into the corner. Best matchups, well apparently Fuerte and Makoto are meant to be favorable. Personally I think Hakan does well against Cody, characters with not so great wakeups…I think he does well vs general shotos, if your gameplan is good. In a Hakan match though, anything can happen, lol.

  1. I’m having trouble landing the crossup j.hk. Any tips?

**The crossup J.Hk really only consistently works in the corner. The setups are usually forward throw/lp oil rocket > dash x 2 > jumping HK. You can also crossup after HP Oil Rocket in the corner, but the timing is a bit trickier. Whiff st.lk > jump hk works for me. Otherwise you’re best going for the general safe jump. **



Really? We have advantage on Cody? Never thought that… I understand that his wakeup game isn’t too great, but cr.lk and cr.lp are way too good, especially against Dry Hakan. Got any tips to deal with both of Cody’s light attacks?

Oddly enough, I think Hakan does pretty well against Honda. Even Dry, Hakan can punish Honda’s full screen headbutt with HP slide and can anti-air with LP slide on plenty of Honda’s jump-ins. Sure there’s the fact that there is threat of EX headbutt and buttslam, but LK super and U2 (and good reactions) can easily neutralize them. Ok, since I haven’t faced many great Hondas online, maybe I shouldn’t lecture you of all people, but as I’m someone who mained Honda since SF4, the matchup looks like it’s in Hakan’s favor.

  1. I’m just wondering, but who do you consider as Hakan’s worst/best matchups? I have my opinions, but I’m not entirely positive on what everyone else on the board thinks.

imo these are ‘hard’ match-ups (meaning you are at least at a 4:6 ratio) :
-top 3: yun yang fei
-the bitchs: chun-li / ibuki / sakura
-Hawk & Honda

obviously i m talking about dedicated players that uses these characters… :slight_smile:


Honestly, I had never found that much difficulty fighting twins and fei. Then again, it may be because I always play with my friend who uses twins and fei is my alt. Punish dive kicks with st.hp or st.mp or f.lp. Beats them clean. Stop sign f.hp is a really good move to stuff predicted lunge punches (non ex). Fei is definitely harder, but still manageable if they get impatient. Bait rekkas and stuff them, I use st.mk and cr.lp. Punish second rekka on block with an oil rocket if you’re oily. It is important to recognise the range of your oil rockets when oily. Hakan has the largest grab range in the entire roster. A little more than Zangief still. Hakan lp oil spd beats Zangief lp spd but Hakan’s mp, hp and ex loses out (but barely). An easy way to remember his grab range is that Hakan’s oily lp spd has about exactly the same range as his st.hp. If you think you can even touch him with the tip of your standing fierce, go for the grab instead. Make them respect it. Fei’s rekka are easily punishable with oily spd.

Now for my questions: Given that f.mp is -5 on block, if we were to hit them at the tip during the last active frames. Is it still safe? I mean he sticks his shoulder out on startup and actives and kinda moves back a little to his standing postion on recovery.


Oh and for my harder matchups, I would say Abel, Seth, Chun, a teleport happy sim and maybe …Dudley and Boxer? Good pressuring pokes and machine gun blow/dash punch really makes you think twice about daring to oil up longer than you should.