Hakan Video Thread: Ready for Action!



Post em up!


Reveal Trailer:

Ign videos:

Gamespot Interview with Ono:

GDC videos:
Seth Demos Hakan:


Gametrailers demo, interesting reveal here, hakan can slide while focusing if he is oiled up: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/hakan-walkthrough-super-street/63426


srk front page video shows Hakan’s alt in action, as well as shows that double focus attack into Oil Combination Hold is possible



Intro Cinematic for Hakan:


Gametrailers has Hakan’s rival scene with Honda, as well as a gameplay montague for Hakan.

Rival Scene vs Honda: (apparently Honda and Hakan are friends, ironically I already main Honda)

Gameplay: (Jumping Fierce + Towards Fierce does HUGE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE ZOMG)


Hakan vs. Juri

Notice at 5:24 where Guard Position causes Juri’s divekick to whiff








Pink hakan ftw!!!


Jumping strong at 1:15 in the first video leaves Juri in juggle state

light oil shower is FAST :stuck_out_tongue:

nice read on the teleport in the last part of the last vid :slight_smile:


Apparently, Justin Wong is no fan of the character. :lol:



Another Hakan walkthrough. Only thing really notable is that Seth does jumping roundhouse > low forward > oil slide




So, Hakan will still get hit by Yoga Fire even after he slid under it? :wtf:


it looks like his feet got hit by the fire…wtf


These are some of the better Hakan matches I have seen up to date:

[media=youtube]-9RpX9_Hy7s"[/media] (lol @ 1:34 Hakan sliding himself into the corner with his normals)
[media=youtube]_fWpdGep1M8&feature=channel"[/media] (crappy quality)

There’s quite a bit of mistakes and bad decision making. Not quite yet high-level play but it’s all we got right now ;p


Thanks for the vids guys, i’m really looking forward to some tighter Hakan gameplay soon.

Anyway i like his move set so much that i’m looking forward to maining him instead of my first choice which was DJ (second now).


i realy hoop for some high level gameplay vids soon :stuck_out_tongue: anybody hafe seen one?


I am the Hakan player in that video so first let me say that I didn’t get the extra attack after the slide so I basically got hit because I was getting up from the ground. He is going to be a heavy poke character in my opinion and won’t be as low as people are saying at the moment. He’s the most unique character capcom has ever introduced so that’s why I think people are saying he’s terrible. I will be picking him up once the game comes out so keep a look out for Vigilante’s Hakan! The beast from the east!


Cody vs Hakan: [media=youtube]ZV1pXzGMTzg[/media]

Can’t tell whether this is an old video or not.

EDIT: Nevermind. Looks new.


Fasoll (Ibuki) vs HellTpm (Hakan)