Hakan vs Jumpers/Backjumpers

It seems I am stuck in a road block with Hakan. Just got done playing a couple rounds with my friend, and every attempt to tick throw him resulted in a harsh punishment, all because of his tendency to neutral jump/backjump at every attempt of me trying to tick throw him. It kills me everytime i try to do a toward+HK or a cr.HP and he neutral jumps and punishes after I confirm the hit, making me wiff the command grab everytime ( I am oiled whenever i attempt this). I’m sure i can handle the neutral jump with an air grab, but does anyone have any ideas as to getting someone that backjumps? it seems that any oil dive does not come out quick enough or does not have enough range. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

then don’t ALWAYS command grab. Its your fault for being predictable. It he jumps all the time set up the same situation then anti air the shet out of him.

I totally agree with that, but I’m trying to use this predictability as an advantage, to set up mind games. Just thinking about it, I suppose an opponent can eat an Ultra 2 if they neutral jump after they see a possible tick throw setup. And it would probably work very well in the corner too. But as for backjumping, I suppose a well timed oil dive could catch an opponent, assuming they don’t hit you out of it in the air. Then again, if you can bait them into attacking in the air, you can either cancel the oil dive with a coward crouch or try to do an oil slide… I can’t see the use of any of his normals being useful against people backjumping. But these can’t be the only ways to punish backjumpers…

I just labbed this up against a guile.

So Hakan does have some answers to back jumpers. After the opponent takes a blocked toward+HK, you can immediately input a HK oil dive and it should catch him. However, Hakan can get hit out of this, so the answer to that is to bait him into jumping+attacking and doing an MP or LP slide, or cancel the oil dive into a coward crouch and lose momentum. And it looks like if you do the oil slide and they end up blocking that too, you can FADC out of there to get yourself out of danger or set up more shenanigans. I hope this helps someone.

or, don’t be afraid to try to hit them with your -> MP if they happen to jump back into the corner and you’re within range to hit him from under on their way down. Outcomes are: they dont expect your active hitbox will hit them yet - so they hold block, trade, or hit clean.

Oh my god, really?

Stop them from jumping with blockstrings with lights and stop doing obvious tickthrows from laggy ass normals when you know they jump.

Oil dive after they block your f.rh? Really? You’re gonna take all that risk for little reward? ESPECIALLY after they’ve made it clear to you that they are jumping?

Lights. Are. Your. Friend. Stop idiots from holding up back, this ain’t Marvel, that’s not the go-to option in this game.

Thanks for all the info guys, this actually helped me unlock the real potential of Hakan’s corner game. I played a couple more rounds and labbed it up some more, and it seems like the best way for Hakan to set up tick throws is to get them in the corner first. This would explain why Hakan’s oil dive shoots the opponent right in the corner.

As for what I’ve discovered in his corner game, It seems that if you can “train” your opponent to jump after seeing a potential tick throw setup, the best thing to do is to Focus attack any incoming attack on their landing. It is pure genius. your opponent will either eat the focus attack if they do a HK (like most shotos). if they block on landing, you can DNC right after a level 1 focus attack hit to keep the pressure going, and if they try to throw you out of it on landing, you can DNC before completing the focus attack and continue to pressure from there, Backdash DNC to take advantage of the invincibility frames and hit them with a light attack, or FADNC into a Forward+HK since it techs throws. F+MP is also very good in the corner, and it seems Forward+HP (no FADNC needed) is a very good answer to backjumpers that are not in the corner, as it either hits them or trades with the right timing. Oil dive is too risky and impractical to use it seems, unless you are going against a total scrub. I love this character.

Also if they are constantly jumping on block to avoid the tick throw just jump and air throw them.