Hakan wakeup options? Are there any valid ones?

I know these varies depending on who you’re facing, but overall it just seems like he doesn’t have any good wakeup options? EX-Slide is the worst invul move in the game since it basically doesn’t have any and it’s grabable so it’s like once you knockdown Hakan you can pretty much just option-select any move with a grab and shut him down. Even U1 can be stuffed with normals.

I’m afraid this is one of his weaker sides. However dont let it get to you.
Hes not the only one with a poor wakeup game. Dhalsim for example is helpless on wake up especially if hes cornered apart from mid screen back teleport which can ealisy be baited and option selected by the majority of the cast
EX rocket on wakeup is a good option especially if your oiled, but like any reversal it can be baited … with a jump or an airbourne normal. so… be careful and dont be too predictable.
backdash into coward crouch when oiled is good, especially if the opponent plans safejump into special, super or ultra. this is quite an underused tactic that can be very effective. however watch out for sweep OS.
but most of the time … the best option is to just block… and wait for your opening like a gap in a string you can EX rocket or use FADNC with LP to punish (parry) …
I know this doesnt seem like much but I hope it helps …
just dont get knocked down … lol but I guess the same can be said about all the cast …

You know, I just read in another thread about CC, and I have to admit that I really don’t use it as much as I should be. How good is it, could you give me some examples where it’s really good on wakeup? I do use it against Vega, Balrog and such, Viper can be trolled pretty hard with it as well. I guess I should give it a try at wakeup!

again its not a safe option … like if someones in your face and spamming normals i wouldnt recommend it
but its great for eliminating option selects … drew posted a video a while back showing some examples on this … it might give you an idea on how it works … (its either in the 2012 changes thread or the setup one im not sure anymore)