Hakan's anti-air?

I’m starting to learn Hakan, and loving it too. But there’s one issue that I have with the oily guy, i can’t seem to defend against people who jump in on me.

So aside from meeting him with j.mp, how do you defend jump-ins? Thanks.

Hakan’s got a few decent options concerning anti air.

Hakan Smash (Forward+LP)
Hakan Tackle (Forward+MP)
Jab Oil Slide
EX SPD (Good on wake up against safe jumps, especially oiled)
Ultra II

Just about all of these attacks though are situational so you have to get used to using which move versus which jump in. A few of his neutral jump attacks may serve you well.

If you’re oiled up you can oil parry any jump in for a combo punish. You can do this on wake up as well just be careful of armor breakers.

Isn’t some of his neutral jump attacks good too? Or at least they’ll be better in AE with extended frames? I mean this could potentially open up some 50/50 when people reset onto oiled up SPD range.

Yeah but if you can anticipate a jump in that you can neutral jump you can probably j.MP as well and it’s better to get the guaranteed slide knockdown. If you are oiled and have your opponent boxed in though it’s not a bad option to neutral jump 50/50.

i tried them all, and oddly enough none of them worked. of course u2 will work though.

is my timing just terrible or are these anti-airs listed position-specific?

He said they were situational, which means they will only work verse certain types fo jump ins (each one is different) and against certain attacks of certain characters.

For instance on a normal jump in where you attack at a 45 degree angle, Gouken can use c.hp verse shoto attacks, unless they do j.lk, then he needs to do c.mk.

Those normals are situational because of the attack, but he also needs to switch to st.cl.hk if they jump right on top of his head sort of like an ambiguous crossup style jump.

Hakan’s biggest advantage against anti air are being oiled, and his wonky hitbox. In air-to-air, Hakan typically has the advantage, as he has three sets of options to work with (his AA throw, MP air reset, and HP). When you’re being jumped into, things can be a bit dicey. If the jump in is shallow, or they spaced the jump, punish with a short oil slide, as you can catch them most of the time with this. Oiled backdashes and jabs work well against dives and jumps.

The best advice? Learn to block on wake up and to anticipate the high and low hits. Being able to block and respond with a throw is a great reminder to opponent’s that they REALLY don’t want to be in on Hakan.

You shouldn’t be jumping at Hakan when he’s oiled. When he’s not oiled, you have to be on point with your anti-airs, the guys here have given some top advice.

You’re best off starting with st.hp, it isn’t an EZmode anti-air, but it’s pretty good if you can time it right. From there you can work on st.jab and f.lp which will come with practice. You probably think why anti-air with jab? It’s quick, and gives you more time and space to plan your next move than you would think.

Also, don’t forget focus attacks > hit, focus attack > backdash to deal with jump ins, depending on their height.

And, preemptive air grab.

And, a well timed coward crouch.

Of course, as with his other options, these are situational. Hakan’s defense is and will always be his weakest point. Everyone who plays Hakan must simply accept this at some point.

But, depending on how dash > coward crouch works in AE 2012, that might be a nice anti-air, too.

I’m still relatively inexperienced with Hakan (I have been using him on and off since Super.) I’m used to easy AA characters so Hakan is hard. All of Hakans non-jump AA (except U2) require hitting the lab and working out timing.

f.lp is great and the best at beating well timed jump ins although hardest to time.
s.hp is good (for me) when they are further away… it hits close too but i noticed at least for me… close hits are mostly trades or worse. I occasionally throw in extra s.hp’s for spacing also… but its sorta slow so be careful.

f.mp is nice timed right. u go under them and then usually have a free grab although i dunno how good this is dry/oily… i’ve only used it by accident a few times.

dont forget u have a gdlk air grab. It really frustrates people who think Hakan is defenseless dry to get slammed to the ground out of the air.

Ultimately it just takes a lot of match play to get used to it… since some ppl that are prone to jump in rush down will go ballistic (pushing up forward the entire match) on Hakans believing he cant defend himself. Probably because they play new Hakans (like me) that either cant/ or barely can. You knock them down and they just jump in again figuring u just got lucky. Its easy to get flustered and forget everything u know about AA under that pressure when u dont have one catch all . U2 is only good once maybe twice a match. and they usually stop until u spend U2.

Anyways… good luck and be patient.

ok, i’ve tried it again and i’ve had the most success using f.lp, s.hp being second

ill be oiling up in no time thanks to you guys :wink:

If you’re using f.lp remember you can sometimes sneak a dash under off it!

Good luck on your anti-air journey!