Hakan's DNC

I recently started playing Hakan, and all I can say is that I am in love with his DNC. It practically turns Hakan into some weird Parry/Counter attack character when combined with his focus attack. I believe that Hakan’s play style is centered around absorbing and immediately attacking the enemy to the point where they have to block, and that’s when he can come in with his command grab. I used to main ibuki and her vortex is what got her known to be so dangerous. And I think that Hakan’s DNC is what people are gonna fear once they realize he can do this.

So many of his normals are just focused for Hakan to utilize focus attack/DNC. I’ve always wondered why his attacks were designed in a way so that practically each normal corresponds to a limb on his body, with the normals that require you to push forward reaches out more than his regular ones. And you notice that when he is oiled, those push-forward normals slide forward as well. Especially the T+RH, where it auto tech’s any grab, useful for people who react to focus attacks by throwing. It’s also great as an AA option too and useful against characters with long pokes (Dhalsim, Vega, and Chun Li are a few i can think of)

I just love Hakan. His playstyle is just so different than other characters. I hope I get to see more Hakan players utilize this tool.

Hey Pete, glad to see a new Hakan player here. You’re right about the DNC, it’s an extremely useful, but possibly under-utilised tool. If you’re able to fit dnc seamlessly into your game, your opponents will definitely have something to think about. Oiled Hakan is a tank. He’ll absorb all these hits and keep coming at ya. Hope you’re working on these skills in training, you should post some matches up in the video thread, show us how you’re getting on :slight_smile: