Hakan's Option Select List



what are your option selects when you play with the turkish wrestler
tell us about it post here
option select moves
[]jump hk option select toward+ mp
]jump hk option select oil slide
[]jump hk option select oil dive
]jump hk OS u2
[]jump hk OS ex slide against certain invincible moves(like ex SBK)
]body press jump hk OS ex oil slide in face ex rocket in back
users option select
jump hk option select crouch HK (the lone dragon)
thx to nos99
a more consistent use of the lk OS oil dive with the awesome backdash OS cr mk->oil slide
Sounds like my video:
Not so much an option select tho… just convenient button press+release
nice setup btw

safe jumps setups
hakan has a few ones that any player must know.i will try to list as much as i can find(basically watching wildcat815:this guy is simply amazing)
safe against 4 frames special reversals anything except shoryus:
[]oil slide body press 2 steps back jump HK
Video4.mp4 video by koufdell - Photobucket
]forward + hk(oiled) slight pause neutral jump HK
[]hp oil rocket,hold forward until hakan moves,jump hk
]toward+mp xx lp slide FA backdash cancel jump late hk
[*]oil dive backdash jump late hk
note that if the opponent blocks you can go for an uncrouchable lk oil dive which can be nice :slight_smile:
safe jumps against shoryus
shoruys are kinda pain in the ass so here’s some setups against them
after body press:whiff mp,jump hk early
the next one is a setup i found watching the safe jump setup of guile against shoryus:when oiled
oil slide backdash jump very late mk (for lp shoryus)
if the oil slide hits after a certain distance (a half trainig stage square) the setup is completely safe against all kind of shoryus!!! yeah i will confirm with vids
Video24.mp4 video by koufdell - Photobucket
next unoiled ex oil rocket jump late mk
Video25.mp4 video by koufdell - Photobucket
next oiled mp oil rocket dash crouch jump jump late mk

The Hakan General Discussion Thread

I like safe jump j.hk option select crouch hk against Viper. With proper timing it takes care of reversal EX seismo, backdash, HP thunder knuckle, and EX burning kick. The only thing it loses to is EX seismo feint. She recovers in time to block and punish. But, that’s not exactly a safe option for her if hakan goes for Oil Rocket instead of crouch hk.

I go for it after a slide+press or a crouch hk. It’s like a crappy, psuedo vortex against her, because if she does anything but block, she’s gonna eat a hard knockdown -> another safe jump hk option select.


nice,crouch hk i will add it to the first post


safe jump (it’s really an option select in itself)
deep jump-in on wakeup, OS U2
deep jump-in on wakeup, uncombo LK-dive (natural OS vs wakeup backdash)

That’s it really. I almost prefer just reacting, especially against characters like Bison where you can’t cover all the options with an OS, but you can react and punish them (in theory). OSing seems incredibly character dependant anyway, hell, even meter dependant… for both you and your opponent.

I should use OS normals after a jump-in way more though, they seem really good and have the least risk.

I’m also trying to get the hang of option selecting attacks into my focus>backdash when oiled. I can’t seem to get it to punish jabs, but it seems to work against most higher strength moves… I have been able to use it in matches sometimes, to good effect, but I still find it difficult all the same.


nice Nos99
u r right about the reaction they are not true OS but that what we’ve got and so far we are doin good with it
anyway thx for u r post hope we can see a video about your FADOSNC stuff in action :slight_smile:
also i would like u r opinion about using the huge 360 window , i was able to use it in this situation:
lk+ oil rocket option select oil dive
or react to the opponent situation by pressing kick or punch
i saw a post suggesting to use it against a rushdown rufus in dive kick furious mode
thx again…


I’m not sure that’s even an option select, is it? I don’t think I understand the scenario exactly… ?


Sounds like my video:

Not so much an option select tho… just convenient button press+release.


Thats what I use for as an anti air heheh.

Just one question?! What is option select?! Sorry I just been going to this forum since i’ve been playing hakan…im a noob with all this lingo.


Check this thread.


yeah hello u r the guy i was talking about
thx bubafeast
exactly about lk+oil rocket OS oil dive i will do a video showing that
basicly i tried to explain
if opponent blocks your lk , you oil rocket
but if he jumps or backdash (best scenario) your oil dive comes out
my problem is actually finding a setup for this
one i found is safe jump but you have to time it right and to train u r opponent
another one is after slide FADNC when oiled
update: lk OS in action thx to bubafeast and reaper


^ ahhh… ok, I get it now. It is an option select. It’s basically just LK->OS-Dive (you could probably do this with any other normal as well, not just LK). The rocket isn’t really even part of it, you’re just sort of forced to do it…

If the c.LK whiffs, you will do a dive
If the c.LK is blocked, you just get a single light kick, and you’re pretty much forced to go for a (not guaranteed) 360/U1 afterward
If the c.LK hits, you again just get a single light kick, and again you’re pretty much forced to go for a (not guaranteed) 360/U1 afterward

It’s good against backdashes, but loses to reversals. I don’t like that I can’t do anything if the c.LK hits… Being forced into going for risky stuff afterward because of that huge 360 window is not my cup of tea, but hey, sometimes we gotta try to land those moves too, and if I can scout that backdash, the oil-dive is a great move to land.

However! I can see it getting waaaayyyy better when oiled!

If the c.LK whiffs, you get the dive.
If the c.LK is blocked, you get a blockstring (mash!) and can decided what to do at your leisure
If the c.LK hits, you get a combo!

Again, good against backdashes, loses to reversals, but now you get a combo on hit, it’s safer on block, and you can bypass the 360 window to get more freedom. It basically selects more options better. Nice.

EDIT: I just went in training and played around with it, and it works! If they didn’t block the jump0in, I land the c.LKs combo, if they backdashed out of the LK, I landed the dive. It couldn’t divegrab the girlies though (chun/rose/cammy/vega), which is too bad, as they’re some of the characters I’d like to punish the most for backdashing. :confused: I learned a bunch of new stuff too (well, new to me anyway).

Hakan seems to be an backdash-killing OS machine with just plain normal attacks. You know the jab-jab-jab-whatever combo we use upclose? I can OS normal attacks into each of those jabs… be it sweep, f+RH, whatever. The jabs will combo on hit, if they try to poke/jump they get frame-trapped and combo’d anyway, and if they try to backdash to avoid a jab they eat the OS normal. Now, this shit ain’t easy. I’m an OS newb as is, so doing this precisely to get ALL the jabs to combo seems wicked tight to me… but there’s definitely a rhythm there, so perhaps it’s something that can maybe be drilled into muscle memory? I really want to get into the habit of using these now. (maybe I’ll try it on my jab-plinkable stick? :rofl:)

I also found another neato oily OS that I find really hard to do, and it’s related to the oily dive one above. Same premise, using chaining rules to prevent your specials from coming out, but much harder sequence to perform (imo). I guess it would look like this facing right (I always hold :db: instead of :d: out of habit)


If it hits/blocked, it’s repeated oiled c.LKs.
If they backdash the c.LK, they eat low MK into slide+press. :rock:

I found a super easy one too, if any of you want to try to get the timing for these oily c.LK OS chains down:


Do them slowly… fast enough to still combo on hit, but slowly. (does that make sense? lol)

If they get hit/block, it’s 3 c.LKs in a row.
If they backdash out, they eat a sweep.

I’m learning new stuff about oil every day. lol


u got the general idea , but as you said it the OS being lk -> oil dive and due to the huge 360 window , you are not forced to do the oil rocket(just don t press punch or kick until the 360 window is gone) and just block or backdash if your opponent is a mash reversal type and then free punish

video plz so i can see that
anyway thx for your feedback,i will try your stuff after work(yeah,shit,we need to work :slight_smile: ) and see how it goes…


So I got the OS to work, and it appears to be a true OS. Cool! Only, it doesn’t work (as far as I can tell) with dry c.lk; it only works with oiled. That makes sense:

If you press lk prior to the animation of the previous light kick being done (while oiled), the next lk will interrupt it to make a chain combo. But the oil dive is not able to interrupt the animation of a lk. That’s why it’s an OS. Of course, if you whiff the lk, it waits for the lk animation to complete and the oil dive comes out.

By the way, I also got it to work for c.lk whiff–>EX oil dive and c.lk whiff–>spinning oil rocket. Now that would be something to catch someone with an OS spinning oil rocket. That said, because we’re slowing down the c.lk would-be-link, this is too slow to be useful (I think…).

So we might try the following: oiled toward+hk connect, jump, 1+c.lk, 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1+c.lk+mk. If they back dash, EX oil dive comes out. If they don’t, continue to tap c.lk and the links connect. Of course, the timing must be pretty precise; like Nos said, slow but fast enough to keep the combo going. Otherwise, it will read the oil dive input too early and will reject it, because the c.lk animation is too far from over.

Anyway, here’s another OS (although it’s kinda ghetto; possibly useless): If an opponent jump attacks, you may have time to block and then do 2,3,6,2,3,6, 1+lk. If they try to get a block string, you just defend. However, if they try to jump vertically, you can hold down the button and get them on the way down.


Here’s a [media=youtube]w8nxNf46Y9g[/media] of a couple oily option selects.

Sorry about the quality, it’s just an old camera I have.


Hey guys, I’ve taken a bit of a break from Hakan to learn Seth, but today I figured out a pretty nice OS crouch tech for him:

HP+LP+LK. The application of this aside from tech is for if the other player jumps.

-If they neutral jump, you’ll end up right behind them; in Adon’s case (only character I’ve tested so far) as soon as he lands. You can buffer 720 during the c.HP animation which makes this a great thing to consider.

-If they jump forward to cross-up, you still move forward, thus thwarting the attempt and nullifying their pressure.

-If they jump backward (Like Akuma or Ibuki would do from time to time) then they can’t get you out of their space to zone you, and you could setup some surprise attacks or be ready to block or possibly GP.

So yeah, the only thing this won’t work against is DP, but you could just be ready to bait it out if you notice they have the meter.

I can’t get on SSF4 atm to see who else this could be good against, so if anybody wants to experiment, have at it. Cheers.


It also doesn’t work against…blocking. Crouch HP is -5 on block. Ouch.

It also doesn’t work against throw tech baiting, since it has 14 frame start-up. He’ll get counter hit all day long.

I dunno, it sounds like the benefits don’t compare to the risks.


About being forced to go for 360 after OS a dive… you may not be able to go for a normal attack, but you can go for a throw.

c.LK, OS LK dive, throw
s.MK, OS U1, throw

Stuff like that.


Wow you’ve had players bait throw tech against your Hakan?

And trust me, I’m not advocating constant use of this. I haven’t even used it once in a match. Just something to consider against people looking to bait 360/720.


People bait throw techs in general. Especially shotos. Walk forward like they’re about to throw, then crouch jab/short -> combo/string. Or simply delay their grab attempts by a couple frames and catch you during that massive 14 frame start-up. Baiting techs isn’t exactly a rare thing.

The entire purpose of crouch teching with cr.lk is that cr.lk is fast, recovers quickly, and is hard to punish in case you get baited into expecting a throw attempt. It loses it’s purpose if you replace crouch lk with a slow, punishable move like crouch HP.


hi guys my internet connection was down
and when i came back i really enjoyed you guys working on that option select list
pretty pleased i might say
thx everyone making playing hakan a bit easier each day
thx nos99 for the vid pretty awesome