Haku Crest Any1?


Hi all.
Sorry for creating a new thread for this but I haven’t found any other that’s related so far(yeah I’m new here :P) .I’ve been looking all over the net for the
Blazblue Hakumen Crest
You know… the emblem each characters has on the game?I’ve been able to find the image on both the jp site of BB and dustloop,etc… but it is so small 300x300 that I can’t even get to vectorize it correctly.
If any one knows where I can get a bigger sized img of the crest please let me know,I really need this to get the tatoo going.
Rock on
Cheers \m/


Haha, I would say this belongs in the Blazblue forum, but then I wouldn’t have seen that you’re getting a tattoo with the Hakumen crest. That’s rad.


Damn, you’re getting a BlazBlue tattoo? Don’t do anything you’ll regret, man…I mean, it’s just a game, you’ll probably be less and less enthusiastic about BB as time goes by.


Those crests would be awesome as tattoos even if you stop liking the game. I think so anyways. In any event, even in the official “content kit” you can download from the japanese BB website, they still have the 300x300 image. I checked it real quick. Sorry.


It’s not just about the game,his crest is awesome and for long I’ve ben fascinated with mythology hakumen’s crest is such a nice concept of a nine tail,It’s said that it took 80.000 man to stop the rampaging beast.I already have a phoenix and a sleeve,all crests look ubber,but hakumen’s very well done design,I work at a tattoo shop doing piercings btw so don’t worry x).
Still anyhelp is apreciated

yourmother:cheers m8,thanks anyway ??

Keep Pwning


When I am drunk, I always feel like I want to get a tatoo of Jam performing a ryuujin Kick on my cock, so I could shout “WHATACHAAAAAAAAH” when I am banging someone…

I forget the idea as soon as I sober up usually.

(Really hope I won’t end up doing it someday!.. like on my bachelor’s party or something…)


ROFL i have to say…do it!! xD cartoons r crap to put on tatt’s,go with geometry some well placed lines would actually make your cock look bigger = moar banging less Whathaa (chicks would just laugh on your ass man) lool.
Truly now BB crests are very well done,we got lot’s of flash on the store and still hard to get some really kickass design’s like that,props to the guy that made those.


I found that on google, but there’s also a zip file available from Aksys (on their site I think) that has all the character crests, the standing sprite of each character in all colors except DLC ones, and their character select screen art. I’ll edit if I can find it.


Those are still the small ones if I’m not mistaken. That’s what I was talking about before.


Oh, didn’t see that. I have them on my laptop (at work now) but you’re right, I might just have the small ones.


Yup seems really hard to find a bigger version.I’ve found a user on dustloop that found 3 crests with significant better detail though i can’t trace the origin of the site, seems a japanese site of some sort has them.

Here goes the only 3 i’ve found out if anyone is interested.