|| Hakumen || "Doushita!?"


I figured I’d just start this thread for Hakumen. Discuss the strats, combos, and glitches you find for the lovable lug.

edit: Move listing added, taken from: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5442
(credit goes to Veteru or whoever helped compile this move list)

The numbers state how many magtama it uses. The magtama are the 8 stars that surround his super meter. Magatama fills on it’s own, and it also builds like a regular super meter via hits.


Guren: :qcf: :snka:(1) Lunges forward and thrusts with the hilt of his sword. Wallbounces opponents if they were airborn or knocked down. Doesn’t launch standing opponents.

Renka: :qcb: :snkb: (2): Does a double kick combo which launches the opponent on either hit. The first hit is a low attack.

Zantetsu: :hcf: :snkc: (3): Massive overhead slash for the first hit (must be blocked high), followed by a sweeping slash (must be blocked low). Is NOT SAFE.

Kishuu: :dp: :snka:(1): A command dash of sorts. Reportedly has upper body invincibility. Covers more distance than his normal dash, and can be cancelled into as a combo extender.

Enma: After Kishuu, press :snka:(1): Cancels the command dash into an uppercut. Launches opponents on hit, and can be jump cancelled on hit or block.

Hotaru: jump :qcb: :snkb:(2): A shoryuken of sorts (read: invincible special), with the restriction that it can only be performed in the air. He does a single upward kick that launches the opponent on hit. Appears to be safe on block if
tigerknee’d (:qcb::ub::snkb:). Resets his jump options(On hit apparently, not 100 percent sure, must test) (but does not give you an additional airdash). 11F startup, invincible from frame 1-14.

Tsubaki: jump :qcb::snkc:(3): Downward sword slash which knocks down opponents on hit. Can be used as an air combo ender, to knock down the opponent, or tigerkneed (:qcb::ub::snkc:) as a quick overhead. (Body is invincible during move)

Shippuu: :hcb::r::snkc:(4): Huge downward sword slash which releases a projectile wave. You can charge this move and it becomes unblockable – however, you aren’t invincible while charging, and the opponent can just jump over it. If you predict their jump, you could try releasing it at the exact moment their jump startup occurs, but that’s a guess that isn’t in your favor. This move can still be cancelled into other specials, as long as it hits/is blocked. The projectile wave deals signifigantly less damage than the initial hit of the super, but luckily the sword slash has great range so typically it’s the part that connects. I haven’t been able to get both hits to connect, I think the sword slash hitting might prevent the projectile wave from doing so.

Yukikaze: :qcf::qcf::snkd:(4): Counter super, doesn’t work against low attacks

Mugen: :qcb::qcb::snkb:(8) – Puts you into a special mode, your bar drains rapidly, but during this time you can perform unlimited specials/supers, until your bar runs out. Gives you a 20% damage bonus on all moves. Possibly increases the damage of Shippu by more than 20%. Disables roman cancel until the super ends. Meter drain does not stop during your superflash or the opponents.

(All info taken from the later pages in this thread, thus, directly from the posters themselves, to ensure accuracy and practicality) (As of now, the info is not organized correctly, on a later date I shall reorganize to make it easier to read through)


Hakumen’s sword can slash through projectiles. You gain 1 star for every hit

The drive counters give you a chunk of meter, BUT only when the followup attack connects. Whiffing drive counters don’t give you any meter. Half a meter for connecting with all the counters, but 6D which gives no meter. Killing projectiles with your C attacks give you 1 star for every hit.

j.214C only gives followups on low altitude counter hits. You get stuff like 214B and 6B. Normal hit guarantees nothing.

Jin, most will try to throw a 5D out, which is your chance to block and do whatever after. Don’t forget that they can dash cancel after the ice if it connects or not. If you see it coming, poke him out. Otherwise, I don’t know what else to tell you outside of not getting stuck in the corner so that Jin can pressure you for no reason. Most of his attacks can be stopped with his D counter.

7 stars = slash super off any hit (with 214B (1) -> 236P -> 6C).

  • Throws lead to very efficient damage. B+C->236A->6C does some 3kish damage for one star and combos easily into Super. Back-throw seems a little worse, but combos easily into 214B and whatever else you want to link on the back of that.

6A and 6B have no invincibility at all. They are both anti-attribute attacks. Anti-head and anti-foot specificly. They’ll beat out any attacks that possess the attribute that they are anti to, as long as you time it correctly, no matter how deep the attack. This is different from traditional invincibility, like what 623A has.


TK 214C -> C -> 236A ->6C 3 stars

TK 214C -> C -> 214B (1 hit) -> 236A -> 6C 6 stars

66214+C > 2C > j.C/j.2C

(Corner) 66214+C > 2C > j.2C > falling j.C > 2C > j.2C > air-dash > j.2C x3

66214+B > 2C > j.2C > air-dash > j.2C

(Corner) 66214+C > 2C > j.2C x2 > air-dash > j.2C x3

623A~A -> jump -> falling j.C, land 2C, sj.2C -> j.2C -> airdash j.2C -> [j.2C x n*] (optional 214C knockdown).
*Can do up to 3 in the corner.


^ constant wip. i’m going to get to updating it when the console version comes out.


game needs more Hakumen players lol.

This guy is one of the reasons why I can’t wait for the console. Can’t learn Hakumen in the arcade when I never see the others while i’m around.


Can we drop the Sephiroth sword comment from the title? It brings the level of class down :confused:



Hakumen alone has had me hype as hell for this game, more specifically matches of Suzume’s. Here’s hoping i can get a copy on Tuesday.


how about something based on his speech in arcade mode?

there’s more to it than that, but you get the idea


That’s not a Sephiroth sword, let alone a sword! It’s a billiard stick!
Anyways I plan to main Hakumen so looking forward to learning the tricks of this guy.


Mashing Hakumen

Ived learned that people usualy rush me when im playing hakumen and this game is pretty easy to mash plus the damage just takes way to much they should really make the damage more like guilty gear i think that was a little better but thats not saying much hakumen dishes out serious damage

hard player to learn but i cant wait to get crazy with him

hit me up to go over combo variations XxKIDD FLASHxX gamertag

i dont care about rank so player match practice is cool with me


Use Hakumen’s counters, or Fautless Defense it. His counters are comboable(forgot which one) but you have to be exact with your counters. Really just keep them away from you within the first few seconds and start mounting your own offense, you’ll build magtama automatically but doing more hits raise it faster and such.

But keep in mind, you have to manage your combos because of the magtama, so you have to make it count.


Thanks captain obvious :smiley:


Are his counters completely projectile immune?

Also, second maining just for the voice. Badass.

Also, how does barrier blocking affect him? As in, does it consume stars or drain the bar?


they’re invincible to everything (throws, projectiles, physical strikes) for the duration of the activated counter animation

Barrier blocking drains from the barrier guage. This is diffrent from Guilty Gear, where it drained your super meter.


Wait, is barrier guage the one above the guard libra?

And does active frames count the startup? I’ve seen him use counter for the entire v-13 sword spam super.


the barrier gauge is below your life bar.

Sorry, I wasn’t talking about active frames. Hakumen’s counters are made of two parts. The startup (and whiff) animation and the ‘connect’ animation. When Hakumen successfully lands a counter, he’ll do that counter’s ‘connect’ animation, and it’s this animation that is completely invincible, for the animation’s entire duration. As you saw when Hakumen counters through v13’s spam super.


Well, as for the thing with V-13, I haven’t played her yet, honestly, I only touched Hakumen when we were playing at Dibbz, my friend on the other hand had an undefeated streak I believe with Hakumen. So, being captain oblivious here, meter management, I can not stress that enough. When I was playing, I felt that doing either super was pretty worthless since I need that precious meter for his combos. Speaking of which, I was going to pull some combos from other sites and post them up here.


Hey KrsJin, are you planing to main Haku men?

If so, it’s very strange that the fighting games we play we always main the same character. :looney:


Zantetsu: is absolutely NOT safe, even between hits. Especially if they IB.

Hotaru: Only resets jump options on hit (I forget if block counts too)

Tsubaki: Is Hakumen’s only air attack with the body attribute. This is significant since many of this game’s anti-air normals are anti-head, but NOT anti-body.

becareful what you copy from that thread. Some of it is hella old.


I know. I’m only posting here for reference to SRK, we can update it, I’ll take your info and edit it in. Thank you for contributing.


Playing Hakumen

I have been playing him for about a week now there is a few thing i wanted to point out to the players who dont not have the game yet

  1. **Rush Rush Rush **this is your best bet of defeating who ever you are playing you would think he is more defensive person since the one button counter but no you can aford to wait with him always be on the attack because of all those button mashing Jin players

  2. Yes you do need to manage your metter but dont let it dictate the fight when you are playing with him you will find out your specials will be there when you need them

  3. To me personally he have the best distance in the game with his hard slash can also be use as an anti air and connects to support automaticly does 40% damage everytime

  4. His down C move in the air beats most moves in the air

PS i have killed some body in 10 seconds with him he is awesome so if you need help learning him dont give up post here we can do player match practice mode



i like your avatar the way it is