Half Animal Half Man: Blanka Electricity Tutorial



Performed by theDUKE
Edited/Recorded by ReNiC



Nice. Thanks for this.


i found this a couple of days ago, and this is hands down the best video tutorial for jab elec.


hey guys need some advice on this 1.
i’m doing the piano style for jab xx hp elec ( lp, hp, mp, lp, hp )
it cant seem to work for blanka but it worked perfectly for honda’s jab xx hp HHS.
can someone tell me whats wrong?


probably because honda’s jab is slower so you have an extra frame to get the inputs for eletricity. Try doing blanks close standing LP into electrics. It is probably easier then far standing LP into ele.

edit: does it care about active frames as well? cuz i know honda has more active frames on his c.LP.


yea i think honda’s lp have more active frame…that’s y i could get them out perfectly…
guess i have to work on the speed on my piano lesson…


Nice was looking for a video to get better at Blanka’s electricity.


Everytime I piano electricity the Ex version comes out if I have meter. The method I am using is lp mp hp lp hp.I know its not the method shown in the video but i dont understand why it wouldn’t work just the same. Am i not hitting the buttons cleanly enough, or do I need to do it in the order shown in the video? Thanks.


you just aren’t hitting them cleanly. practice or try another method.


awesome stuff.

here’s a question: taking ryu as the stock training dummy, how many of these can combo with a mk crossover? i think none; maybe the ex version.


Shotos have weird reelback animations when they get hit by crossups, you can’t do extended combos on them(other than cr.lk, st.lp xx hp elec), or even hit cr.mk xx elec, but you can do any jab or short into elec as an easy cancel.

Ryu isn’t representative of the average character you will fight, and the way you beat him isn’t by crossing him up anyways.