Half interest check/half sale: Third Strike and Tekken 5 cabs for sale

I know, I know… I hate “interest check” threads, but I have to before I sell one and not the other. I am looking into buying a Simpsons Pinball Party pinball machine, and my wife really doesn’t like the fighting games in my collection (our son’s still being a little douche, even says “fight” and starts hitting things now… ugh). So, I was debating selling these two machines. Both are in really nice ass shape. You can see vids of both of these running in this thread, here:


I was hoping to sell both machines to fund my new pinball habit (which is way more expensive, I’m sorry to say)… I’m looking at getting 850 each. I would POSSIBLY part these out, but I’d rather keep them whole.

Tekken 5 has a monitor that’s about 2 years old. Wells Gardner 9200 high res 27 incher in it. Of course this is system 256 with everything in it. So, for those two things alone, that is more than what I’m asking for the whole cab.

As with SF Third Strike, this is version A US. It’s not that god damned Asian thing that’s been floating around. The monitor is “only” a 25 incher, but it’s the last model 25 inch Wells that they sold before going to that gay 24.8 inch version that doesn’t fit any monitor bezel worth a damn. This monitor is maybe 3 years old, now… maybe not even.

Both pictures are mint. I’m talking the pics are nice as hell, as they are HUO monitors that only see play about 3-4 hours a week, at best. They look brand new. The games both have Happ competition sticks and buttons.

I’m only seeing if people are interested, as I want to sell these to fund my pinball habit. Let me know if interested. Again, sorry about the gay ass interest check. Hey, at least I’m not saying “tell me what you would pay for these”… that’s even worse.

One final note. If I DID part these out, which I don’t want to, I would rather not sell the Third Strike kit and mail it, as I’ve already gotten burned on here once before shipping a Third Strike kit, only to have it dead on arrival to a person’s house on this site. So, I may hold fast to a pick up only rule on that board.

Oh, one final note, the third strike battery is about a year and a half old. I just replaced this power supply with a brand new one that I still need to install on the inside of the machine (right now, it’s still on the outside, so that needs attending to). Thanks for looking.

I will say this: The machines have some scuffs and what not on the sides. Not bad, but not super nice. I’m just stating that they could use a little work. But again, they aren’t bad at all, and much better than most woodies you’ll see on e-Gay.

Located in Rockford, IL. Northern IL, in other words.

Pretty cool machines, price is out of my budget personally, but showing interest :).

I’m half tempted to make a surprise visit to my relatives in Chicago just so I happen to be in Illinois for this, but my fiance would shoot me when I got back.

If no one buys them from you here try listing them on the KLOV, and BYOA forums I don’t think you will have any trouble getting rid of them on either of them

That URL you posted doesn’t work for me. I have interest.


I may part these out, too. This is all for the pursuit of a super sweet ass Simpsons Pinball Party machine a guy is selling near me. I just checked it out today, and my god is it wonderful. So, I’m still looking to sell.

If I parted these out, the pcb games themselves inside the cabs would be 500 each. But, then I would have to sell the monitors/parts later, and that would just take longer.

I wouldn’t mind saving up the 3000 I would need for the game, but I imagine the pin would be gone by that time. :wasted:

fix the youtube link

Can you take pictures?


I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice that the link was all fucked up.

I can also take pics, too.


Prices are set at 850, but I would be interested in REASONABLE offers.

I’m definitely interested in both of them.

I won’t ship, sadly. What is your location? I’m looking for buyers sort of quick because I’m ONLY selling this to get a pinball machine that is in mint condition that is also cheap (well, cheapish)… for what it’s worth. Why am I selling quick? Because I’m sure THAT will sell quick and I don’t want to lose it.

Feel free to email me with more details if anyone likes.


Again, the monitors on these are nice as hell. You would think they were brand new. In a way, they sort of are since they’re only in my home and never been on a location. Anyone is free to stop by and take a look at these machines if you like. I have powered speakers in the Third Strike cab for stereo, but can put in normal arcade cab speakers in there… but it will be mono that way, which I think is stupid.

I love both these games, but the desire for a Simpsons pinball is just too great.