Half negative edge

just out of interest, can you do moves that require two or button inputs with one button up and one button down?

i.e Yoga teleport, SRK + P(button down) + P(button up)

I couldn’t get it to work but then my stick is unreliable as hell at the moment

I’m pretty sure you can’t. I’m not even sure you can regular negative edge some moves like Lariat or Hawk Dive.

Dive and lariat can be used with only button up. I’m not sure if you can depress one punch (or kick) and release the other two and get a special command like the dive, teleport, or lariat.

I think this is possible, I believe I’ve accidentally gotten j.jab xx Dive with Hawk with this before.

Only possible with boxer TAP ! you have to negative edge all 3 buttons for lariat, Dive and teleport move. Are you sure you didn’t press the buttons twice.