Half Vewlix Panel - Sold!


Hello! Selling a Vewlix Panel that was cut in half. Got it from a seller here who was getting rid of stock years ago. Great for a custom stick. It has 6 working and in good condition Sanwa buttons. Also have some controllers for sale. Will only ship to continental US. Offers are welcome!

Sealed Madcatz Ryu Fightpad (Xbox 360) - Sold - Note this is sealed and never opened and thus hasn’t been tested.

PS2 Dualshock 2 in Fantastic Condition - Sold

Vewlix Panel - Sold!

WTB Single player Vewlix control panel

hi could you post the underside of the panel? thank you


Updated with picture. Other than finger prints, no rust or anything


Price drop


How exactly do you mount a stick on this type of panel? Looks like an interesting item indeed.


You need a certain mounting plate though I havent modded a stick in awhile so I dont really remember to be honest. Feel free to PM me with any questions


Final price drop


Price drop and new items added


Price drop as I just realized I still had this