HalfEmptys East Coast KoF Thread

I’m a huuuge fan of KoF. '98 was the first SNK fighter I checked out after CvS1 dropped, and from there on out I played every one of them I could get my hands on. Of course, that was all wayyy before I got into competetive play. now that XIII is gonna drop, and I’m out in the scene, I GOTTA get back at it.

I’m startin this up now to give shouts to anybody East Coast who wants to play this game. I’m gonna main it for a year and I wanna face everybody I can in the area so in short, If you wanna play KoF this year, get at me.

most weekends I’m at GU, some tuesdays I’ll be out there too. the other weekly fight night I CAN get to is Souper Bowl, though that’s gonna be once in a great while now, since I work wednesday nights. if I know there’s a tournament in advance I can get to those though, just get sunday off;

GU - GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

Souper Bowl - Souper Bowl Fight Nights in Lowell, MA - Restaurant Close until further notice

other ones I CAN feasibly make it to or PLAN to at some point include;

Ultimate Gaming Spot; Ultimate Gaming Spot Dedham MA

Fall River Fights - Fall River Fights - GameKing (MA/RI) | Tue/Sat

P.W.A. - New Hampshire: The Sessions...Return of Salt Mines Starts 1/15/13

GameDUX - Boston MA: gAMEdUX Marvel vs Capcom3/SSF4 FREE FIGHT NIGHT Every Sunday and Wednesday

Str8 up BeastMode @ Straight Shooters - [Mar 24, 2012] Str8 Up Beast-Mode Round 6: (SSFIVAE/UMvC3/SFxT) (Fall River, MA)

I’m also generally available to get to most any tourney on the weekend as I have friday night off and saturday all off all day. as far as Majors go, I plan to get to every one of the Philly tourneys I can this year, planning on being at EVO again, and might hit ECT when it comes around again.

** find me @ GU or Souper Bowl, or I’ll try to get to you @ one of the other above venues. LET’S PLAY SOME FUCKIN KOF.**

I play kof. bring 98 or 98UM sometime. fuck even bring XI and I’d play it. ive never tried to play any of the other ones

I’m at GU most Tuesdays and Fridays. I’m normally there just playing MK but when KOF 13 comes out I’ll give it a shot.

I really gotta get at 98 a bit. I tried it on GGPO in the day it kinda blew me away. I’ve got '02 UM on my setup so I’ll probably grab 98 UM and start bringing that out until november. immediately I could get XI out there though… that’s probably the closest KoF ever got to Maahvel

I plan on playing a LOT of kof13. I’ve basically been eating up every video I can find and I’m very intrigued with the changes made to the console version. It’s really looking like almost every character has a chance against any other and can do so with a variety of playstyles (unless you running those hot dropkicks). I’m excited for November.

thanks to those who played it last night at Game Underground, and to those playing it out in CT and Fall River today!

keep it rollin guys!

I recently brought KOF 13 up to Brain Box (gamedux) Friday night, and I was surprised at the amount of people interested in the title. Think I’ll start doing a Wednesday/Friday gathering every week to see where it goes.

We in there:

we got kof13 there

good shit dudes. Gill, I plan to swing by this saturday finally, my car’ll be back in legally-driveable-order and I’m comin by even if I’m comin by my damn self. good shit to all who have played me so far @ GU, I plan to bring it when Hayato runs it in Fall River on February as well. LET’S SPREAD IT AROUND GUYS WE IN THERE!

sup dudes, we got a tournament in fall river this saturday and I am TRYING LIKE HELL to get people out there for KoF. I’m outta Braintree, I’ll be bringing 8088 up at least, and if you’re relatively near me and play KoF, LOOK ME THE HELL UP.
as it stands, KoF isn’t on the bill. lets change that. look me up and give shouts on the thread and the facebook event. lets get KoF in there.

hosting a legit tourney in VA for KOF

there aren’t a lot of tourneys out there that make KOF a priority. i hope everyone can make it to this. it will be a good chance to meet fellow KOF players. i have been pushing KOF XIII since it was announced for console release. we have a solid foundation for our scene down here. if you guys have any questions, we will address them in the thread.

TOURNAMENT ACTION THIS WEEK; FALL RIVER, MA http://www.facebook.com/​events/188973951211183/ DEDHAM, MA http://www.facebook.com/​events/394019803957690/ pick whichever one you’re closest to and hit it up. I guarantee that KoF will run at both, by my doing in fall river and by Greg Nicolas doing in Dedham. New England, unite and get some.

shoutouts to Necrotrophic and jaguar for posting it up in here. I’m a ways away from either of your venues, but I appreciate the feedback here and will plan to keep it all posted from here on out.

Whats up guys, I’m from NJ and I think its necessary to put the word out for a tournament that Local Battles and Drive Cancel are hosting.

Here’s a temporary rundown (until we set up the SRK thread and FB event)

Here’s the link to preregister (save 10 dollars on venue)

The entry for the tournament is 20 dollars so I’m expecting the best in the area to compete for that pot!

Hopefully I can chill with you guys soon!


TOURNAMENT THREAD: [May 19, 2012] S.U.B.M. #7 - $600 in Bonuses - (P.Feat. ChrisG, ...) SFxT, AE,... (Fall River, MA)

FACEBOOK EVENT: http://www.facebook.com/events/373869122633694/


this one’s gonna be a big one guys. we’ve got players comin in from MA, NJ, NYC, maybe PI, who knows where else, east coast is COMIN OUT for this one. there has been a $600 dollar pot bonus put up to be split between SFxT, UMVC3 and SSFIV; AE2012, and a -LOT- of competition has been attracted by this fact. so, let’s take this opportunity to get KoF in there for MA one more time!

I will be bringing one KoF setup with a HANNS-G monitor and full character roster. I need to get another one in there between today and saturday but that won’t be a problem. we plan to make the tournament 10 bucks a head, which I can set up brackets for on tonamento via laptop. the event will be streamed by bifuteki all day.

I’ve been bringing KoF out and about in MA since release and the tournament at Game Underground last weekend - link = Masshole Clash @ GameUnderground 5/12/2012 Framingham, MA Results - was the largest showing we’ve had yet. I was very pleased to get 15 people in on KoF that day and was glad to see some fierce competition in the final set on stream, but obviously, KoF13 deserves EVEN BETTER than that.

so let’s make this happen! get out to fall river on saturday and show the east coast that KoF is the truth and MA fucking plays it!

thanks to everybody who played at Fall River this past weekend, it went off pretty nice. results are here;



Friday May 25th
King of Fighters XIII (360)
Skullgirls (360)
Dead Or Alive 4 (360)
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
Super Smash Bros Melee (Wii)

Saturday May 26th
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)
Street Fighter 4 (360)
Soul Calibur V (360)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

5:00 PM TO 11:00 PM BOTH DAYS

-venue = $5
-entry = $5

I plan to run KOF on FRIDAY MAY 25TH, 6:00 PM, an hour after doors open. see the threads for further info and get the hell in there.

guys, please check these threads. WeHitButtons is hosting back-to-back tournaments for you 2D heads next week.



i tried hard to get these guys to host these specific games. they usually specialize in 3d fighters and MK. so please give us a chance and come check out our events!!

i also got some swag from ATLUS to hand out. tell your friends & any players you know to check it out.



12:00 PM - Skullgirls

1:00 PM - Street Fighter IV AE ver. 2012

3:30 PM - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

and I plan to run KoF at 4:00 PM, possibly with 3 setups if space and acommodations will work for. that’s a bit late to run KoF and I’d like to move it along well enough.

GIT SOME. more announcements to come about even greater endeavors


The Fenway Fight Series, $200 Pot Bonus, Fight Stick for 1st Place

team RPD is hosting a major event here in Boston, and MA invites anybody who wants some more action before EVO to come out and throw down! I will be running the KoF event and we will be trying to come up with 3 setups on XBOX 360. I have one, we’ll need 2 more.

Featured Games:
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 ($10)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ($10)
NBA 2K12

Side Tournaments:
Skullgirls ($10)
King of Fighters XIII ($10)

6 Tournament Setups (ASUS VH236H and PS3) and 6 Casual Stations to ensure everyone gets to warmup*
*Could change if we have a large turnout as tournament is priority

Start Times:
Singups are from 11AM to 1PM
KoF Starts at 5PM, start time 4PM

Venue Fee will be $10 at the door.

see the thread for all further details.

this tournament = the greater endeavors I was speaking of in the previous post. you DON’T wanna miss this shit