Hall of Injustice tournament features Injustice & Soul Calibur 5

Injustice take the headliner this week as we try to build up the fighting community. Join us for a cash tournament with top 3 splitting the pot 60/30/10
Saturday, June 22, 2013

Havenshine Game Center
30A Martin St. Cumberland, RI
Venue: $5

Come early for friendlies and registration

Main Events
(Best of 5 per set, best of 5 matches, Double elimination)
5pm Injustice ($10 entry fee)
7pm Soul Calibur ($10 entry fee)

Setups are always needed

Other Events
12pm Darts 301 ($3 entry fee)
2pm Mario Strikers ($3 entry fee)
3pm Darts Cricket ($3 entry fee)