Hall Of Names: Good Players You Fought Online

I haven’t seen a thread like this in the AE forums so I figured why not if Third Strike gets one.
Name any players (recent or whatnot) you fought online. Chances are they’re on this site, so mix and match.

I played a full on player match with @masterrorouni the other night and played some impressive individuals. One was JaySab.
I also played a great Zangief who was called Flashuni. That match was so intense, one of the best I had for a while, but I lost just about. I also played a good A rank Guile called Wokoma I think and managed to win. Great games if you’re on here :slight_smile:

Wait a damn minute, you can have more than four lines in your signature now?

well can’t say that they were good matches (since I got owned xD) but I met WW/MCZ.Andreas online in the pc version.
really awesome rufus player and he gave me some tips to improve my gameplay. so props to him!


Erdem, jeez… 20-0 he took :frowning:

…that sounds like it was probably me.

Good players with good sportsmanship.

I approach every fight thinking my opponent is a retard, and it has been a successful approach. Offline I can name plenty but I just don’t take online seriously.

I can confirm pwnilee is good in that vid you posted havent played the others much (played Alioune once but it was back in april when i started the game and got wrecked to no surprise lol)

I can’t wait until you guys get to the part where you list someone and everyone else says “that dude sucks, he’s an online warrior” and then you argue about it for 10 pages, ending in money match challenges that end up going nowhere. then you’ll know you’ve made it and can join the illustrious 3S thread in all it’s glory.

It’s because they are in the online matchmaking sections already. Please use those.