Halloween Combo Breaker! SF4,BB,MvC2, & Tekken 6: Oct. 31st, 2pm to 6am : Duluth, GA

2pm to 6am : Halloween Combo Breaker : Saturday Oct 31st
COMBO BREAKER : Last Saturday of Every Month!(Oct.31st, Nov.28th, Dec.26th, Jan.30th, Feb.27th, etc…)

Waba Game / Waba Tournament Center
3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096

2pm October 31st, 2009 to 6am November 1st, 2009:wow:

CONTACT: (678)417-9222
WEBSITE: www.wabagame.com

Door Fee: $10 w/ Waba’s Fight Club Membership
$15 w/o membership

If you bring a Tekken6 full set-up, your door fee is waived.
Full set up = Tekken6 game, PS3 syetem, and a T.V. that is 25inch or bigger.
Please let me know if you can bring a Full Tekken6 Set Up, Tekken6mania this Halloween! I can’t wait!

Besides the scheduled events, attendees will be able to play casuals in fighting games like Tekken6 all day ‘n’ night, play ping pong, shoot pool, score on foosball, dance, relax on some PC games, and more. This will be an Epic FUN Event for ALL!

If people need rides from Doraville station, let us know to schedule pick up.


Schedule of Events:

2pm: Doors Open and Registration Starts

4pm: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament begins

4pm: BlazBlue Tournament begins

6pm: Street Fighter 4 Tournament begins

6pm: Beatmania Tournament begins

8pm: Hip Hop Performance Featuring BBoying, Popping, and Freestyle Rap

10pm: Costume Contest begins

11pm: Tekken6 Tournament begins

2am: Movie Time on 200inch HD

6am: Event Ends

Fighting Game Tournaments:

Tekken6 : PS3 : $5

Street Fighter IV : PS3 : $10

Blazblue : PS3 : $10

Marvel vs Capcom 2 : Dreamcast : $5

Pot Split: 70/20/10

Music Game Tournament:

Music Mania BEATMANIA IIDX Tournament

Cost: $15 door fee, $10 door fee with Music Mania membership, $10 tournament pot fee

Style Used: Beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS

Format: Modified Top Ranker Style
~ Two Rounds of Elimination
~ Four songs per round. In the first round, songs are randomly selected. Second round, songs are selected by players
~ For each song, player’s EX score (Just Great x2 + Great) is calculated. Players are awarded points for each song based on EX score (1st place = 10 points, 2nd = 8 points, 3rd = 6 points, 4th = 5 points, … 7th = 2 points, 8th = 1 point)
~ After first round, top 4 players continue to final round. Points from previous round are wiped for the final round
~ In final round, 1st place player from first round picks first song, and so on.
~ Allowable mods: HI-SPEED, RANDOM, SUDDEN+

1st: 70% of tourney pot
2nd: 20% of tourney pot
3rd: 10% of tourney pot

Movie Time on the 200inch HD:

PM me suggestions and I?ll put them up. Then we can VOTE on the movie. Please don?t get mad if I don?t put up your suggestion, because it was probably stupid.:xeye:

*Rob Zombie Movies (Halloween, House of 1,000 Corpses, Devil?s Rejects)

*Tony Jaa Movies (Ong Bak, Tom Yom Goong aka Protector, Ong Bak 2)

*Suggestions will be taken

Costume Contest:

It?s Halloween, come dressed up in your best costumes! PRIZE for Best Costume TBA.

Performances By:

Hip Hop Performance Featuring BBoying, Popping, and Freestyle Rap.
30 minute Hip Hop Performance by Remote Kontrol and their talented friends. Enjoy a preview of their show before they take it on tour in Germany starting November 21st, 2009. More info to come.

(Will Edit with Details as More Info or Changes Occur)**

Just curious, but why run SF4 at 6 pm? Wouldn’t it be better to start that with the other tournies at 4 pm since SF4 takes so long?

Just a thought :tup:

A IIDX tournament too? Interesting. I’ll definitely be at this event :tup:

I guess we could do that. I just wanna have enough PS3 set ups for the BB, SF4, and Tekken 6(casuals). If you bring a Tekken 6 full set-up, your door fee is waived.
Full set up = Tekken 6 game, PS3 syetem, and a T.V. that is 25inch or bigger. Would be great to have a lot of tekken 6 stations.

Starting SF4 at 4pm will be no problem, as long as we have enough stations.


I will be attending and more than likely you can expect a full setup from me with Tekken 6 and I would like to play in the Tekken 6 tournament. Ah silly me, I need to pre-register in the proper fashion.

Tekken 6 (Possibly Street Fighter IV)
Atlanta, GA

This will be the first Tekken tournament in Atlanta so guys make sure you show. If any of you need rides I’ll be more than willing to pick up a few people from the train station.

Thanks Haywood!:tup:I appreciate the T6 set up. I’ll be playing T6 as well, let’s get a few matches at Combo Breaker.:badboy:

Did I hear a Magnicious vs. Min FT5 main event for Combo Breaker? :nunchuck: Now that would be interesting. :rock:

I’m Down…Tekken6 FT5.

To make this a little more interesting, $20 MM FT5 in Tekken6 before the tournament starts at 4pm.:angel:

If somebody could spot me and give me a lift, I’d gladly attend this :rofl:
I really do wanna participate in T6 :china:

Absolutely, now you are talking my language. Maybe even a 2 on 2 with you and Eric versus myself and Ricky, ha ha ha. But we are definitely on that FT5 for $20.

fukdat! ricky is too good at tekken…if you are as good as him, i’m toast. but, i’ll still play.

I don’t know about this costume buisness, but I’ll be there.

Also, I’ve the 23" HD Monitor they used at Evo, can that still get my door fee waived?

As long as it doesn’t lag and you have Tekken6, System to play it on, along with the TV (Full Set Up):smokin:door fee waived and time to party:party:

Thanks Forte…see at Combo Breaker, or maybe this Saturday for the Weeklies!:chat:

Coming to this after 11:00 pm because of work. Would it be cool if I brought a station just for SF4 casuals? I just want to make sure that we get to play some SF4 after 11:00, as I assume that T6 is all we will see across all of the stations.

No problem with that Iggy…bring a set up just in case, but we should have at least one or two SF4 casuals running, but Tekken6 will most likely rule the night.:pleased:

Damn. Looks like there’s going to be 2 tournaments on Oct.31. GameStop is having a Tekken 6 tournament on Saturday too… :frowning:


Wow, I didn’t know that! The Pleasant Hill one is having a tournament as well according to the list. I suppose that’s the closest one to Waba that’s having one, right? I will definitely be there. If you want to win I guess you should go to the one farthest away from the Southside, lol.

That can only last so long, Combo Breaker is going on all night

I’ll probably be entering Tekken 6, but I’ll be doing it without ever getting a chance to play the game. I assuming it plays like 5DR (characters moves)? I know it has a couple of new things, but hopefully it’s still the same more or less as 5DR.